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AF due 31st Dec

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toots123 Mon 23-Dec-13 20:21:58

I already feel like im wishing Christmas away so I can poas!

Been having sensitive teeth and bleeind gums the last few days. Googled in and it seems to happen in the 2ww regardless of if you get af or bfp so might need to buy new toothpaste if this is going to happen every month!

Anyone else due around the same time?

When are you thinking of testing?
Im aiming for 28/29th if I can wait that long smile

Twizzletoes Mon 23-Dec-13 22:43:08

Me too, due on 31st.... I may use one of my cheapie tests on the 29th... Already bought clearblue digitals which are lurking in my drawer. This is our first month, if it's negative, I really need to get a grip and not get my hopes up so high...

toots123 Tue 24-Dec-13 09:45:12

I'm exactly the same, first month trying and already going mad. After af comes im not going to use opk's. Makes me worse and completely mad. This 2ww isnt great.

Report back when you have tested smile

biscuity13 Tue 24-Dec-13 10:44:53

AF is due for me 30th Dec and I'm going to wait til the 31st to test. This is my first month TTC after having a molar pregnancy earlier this year and I was determined to not get obsessed during the 2ww but I can't help it!

bumpbangbump Tue 24-Dec-13 15:10:34

AF due 2/1 but going to do a frer on 31st. Of it's negative then i'll test again on 2nd and then call it a day until next month... FX for you all!

ToffeeJungle Tue 24-Dec-13 18:59:49

First month ttc here too - AF due on 31st though am sure I'll be testing before then!!
What home pregnancy tests do you use / recommend?
Am so impatient and am not liking the 2ww - at least Christmas is a nice distraction!!
Good luck!!

toots123 Thu 26-Dec-13 06:47:11

Yeah its a good distraction! smile

Ive been using internet cheapies but not sure how good they are. First response ones are the best from what ive read!

I think I'll test at the weekend if no af! smile

noitsachicken Thu 26-Dec-13 06:52:21

I am due 31st!
Also had bleeding gums and had in my first pregnancy. Generally feeling sick and tired, but thats probably just Christmas !

toots123 Thu 26-Dec-13 07:57:11

Ive had bleeding gums and sensitive teeth the past week. Awful feeling isnt it! Google says its to do with hormone changes and doesnt always result in bfp

When is everyone testing?! smile

noitsachicken Thu 26-Dec-13 08:05:14

Its hard not to read into every little thing! But its not something I usually have any remember distinctly in my first pregnancy, but could be nothing.

I was planning to test on Jan 1st as that would be a good start to the year, but not sure if I can wait!

PinkHat1 Thu 26-Dec-13 08:46:00

I'm due on 30th and as AF is always so predictable I'll only test if I'm a day late on 31st. Fx to you all! smile

ToffeeJungle Thu 26-Dec-13 11:45:49

I had bough some First Response ones but was thinking they were the ones that can tell you 6 days before your missed period but I've bought the wrong ones and it says only to use them when you are late, doh! Means I have to wait even longer now!!!

I have been having period type pain but am guessing they could just be that? I've been feeling a bit nausea & tired too but think that's just over-eating and lack of sleep as it's Christmas!!!

Oh and tmi I know but is thick white mucus discharge a good or bad sign???!

(sorry I know Im getting obsessed - and possibly slightly deranged by this whole thing!!!)

pebble82 Thu 26-Dec-13 23:43:30

AF/bfp due 31st/1st for me. I've got Tesco tests in my drawer. In theory going to wait until 1st but in reality I think I'll cave on the 29th/30th.

Read that the Tesco ones are pretty sensitive but not sure. Not too hopeful really as only managed to DTD once in fertility 5 day window as OH was working away. Still... it only takes once and this is only month one for us too.

Fingers crossed for us all.

noitsachicken Fri 27-Dec-13 06:52:05

I have tescos ones, worked fine last time.
I hate this wait, my cycle is quite long so seems ages for me. Its only month one for us and in no rush, but its all consuming!!
So glad we have the distraction of Christmas!

pebble82 Fri 27-Dec-13 12:52:37

Found this site which might help

toots123 Fri 27-Dec-13 15:52:05

Im ready to cave in already!

Tmi alert... ive had lots of cm today. Not sure what it means though!
Might do an Internet cheapie tomorrow with fmu. If no af by Tues I might get the frer out!

noitsachicken Sat 28-Dec-13 07:30:15

Did you POAS toots?

toots123 Sat 28-Dec-13 07:57:56

No Im trying to wait as long as I can haha

tomorrow sounds like a good day as told dh I would wait till then. Not feeling pg though. But im not sure what that would feel like lol x

ToffeeJungle Sat 28-Dec-13 08:02:22

Well I caved and tested this morning! BFN.
So Im either not pregnant or just tested too early - hope it's the latter!!!!

noitsachicken Sat 28-Dec-13 12:49:25

Sorry Toffee; still a chance though.
I really want to wait until New Years Day, although thinking about it today 31st is based on average cycle (33) my last two cycles have been shorter (31) so maybe I could test before!
I have a few symptoms but trying not to read too much into it!

toots123 Sat 28-Dec-13 18:27:52

When do you think you will try again toffee?

If I can hold off till Monday I should get an accurate result as I will be 13dpo. Here's hoping!!

Twizzletoes Sat 28-Dec-13 22:16:06

Just done a first response and got the faintest of lines... Going to test in the morning! Trying not to get excited but aaaaaaargh!! shock

newforest Sat 28-Dec-13 23:10:40

I'm due on 2nd Jan but going to test on 31st. I have a 16 day LP so if I'm pregnant it should hopefully show up by 31st! We only managed to DTD once too, but on the day before I think I ovulated so I'm hoping. I have no symptoms apart from sensitive gums and have had period type cramps from 4 dpo - nearly two weeks now. I'm not getting my hopes up though. I know I should wait until 2nd to test but if it has worked this month it would be great to find out on New Year's Eve!

noitsachicken Sun 29-Dec-13 06:09:19

Good luck twizzle sounds promising!

Twizzletoes Sun 29-Dec-13 07:44:06

Thanks noitsachicken! Done first response with fmu and there's a definite line! My hands are shaking tapping this out on the tablet! Ladies due on the same day as me, get peeing on a stick and see what happens!! I've been awake. It's of the night waiting to poas!!

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