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cbmb12 Mon 23-Dec-13 19:18:54

I POAS this morning (clearblue digital with conception date) and it said not pregnant, but I am addicted to, this evening did an FRER and I had a very (barely visible) second pink line. Husband saw it too and confirmed that I wasn't mad about the second line.
AF due on 25th....
Does that sound like a positive and what are the chances of false positives??

cbmb12 Wed 25-Dec-13 12:54:01

Thanks feelingfatty!!!!!!

cbmb12 Wed 25-Dec-13 12:53:44

I know that 'chemical pregnancy' doesn't mean a false just means early miscarriage, but it seems to be what it is called by midwives etc.....(don't know why though)

zeeboo Wed 25-Dec-13 12:34:22

As someone up thread said, you don't "get a chemical pregnancy" you get pregnant. That pregnancy either proceeds to term or you suffer a mc or premature labour.

Feelingfatty Wed 25-Dec-13 12:10:24

Fabulous news op! Merry Christmas!!!

cbmb12 Wed 25-Dec-13 08:36:05

Took another frer today, and the line is stronger (although still faint), so I am definitely pregnant.
Keeping fingers and toes crossed that it is sticky and I don't get a chem pregnancy (af due today or tomorrow)

Writerwannabe83 Wed 25-Dec-13 00:54:01

Try not to worry cbmb - I got 3 BFPs one day (with mid afternoon and evening urine) but when I tested the next morning with another two brands they both came back as negative - not even a faint line. I also assumed I'd had a chemical pregnancy!! I tested again the next day though and got a 'Pregnant 2-3 weeks' on my CB Digi. As the CB Digi was reading 2-3 weeks then my HCG levels must have been pretty high so in idea why other tests had come back negative. But anyway, I'm just over 26 weeks so there's no disputing it now smile

MrsClauswearsspanx Wed 25-Dec-13 00:46:12

It could just be the different tests showing stronger and then fainter lines. FX.

cbmb12 Wed 25-Dec-13 00:34:43

Yeh, I am pretty sure I am (or at least was until V recently!), just scared that i will have a chemical because line was fainter.....
Scary business - didn't even know chemical pregnancies existed until yesterday!!!!!! FX!

MrsClauswearsspanx Wed 25-Dec-13 00:23:54

My tests were negative until a week AFTER AF was due. And I was very much pregnant! So the fact you're seeing a faint line now means to me you're def preg, just v v early days.

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 23:36:38

Thanks 3gorgeousgirlies - I appreciate that. Sorry to hear about your chemicals. Big hugs <3
It is one of the problems of early testing I guess - the lurking fear (and risk) of potential chemicals.
AF is due either tomorrow or day after for me...nervous as took test last night and another this morning and it was nor darker (possibly even slightly lighter)

3gorgeousgirlies Tue 24-Dec-13 20:12:11

Hi I've just had 2 chemicals in a row. Both times I got faint positives few days early then went negative as af was due then started bleeding few days later.

First chemical I had severe cramps the day after I tested positive. The second one I had no symptoms.

I'm sure your lines will get darker next few days. I was just unlucky. Most faint lines do turn out ok for most women.

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 19:43:47

Im only fretting because I am not due for a day or two and the line was fainter this morning than last night, although barely...if it was post due date I'd be less anxious, but it seems CPs are very common (i did not know about them until today!!)

Feelingfatty Tue 24-Dec-13 19:30:36

My friend had a 'chemical pregnancy' only signs we're did a pregnancy test before he period due (about a week so very early) and was positive then did another in the morning and then another in morning but negative. Everyone after negative doctors odd bloods and could see she had had one. I wouldn't worry! If you're tests are positive they're positive!

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 19:05:06

Has anyone here knowingly had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy? If so...what were the signs? (I haven't got any I don't think but want to keep any eye out)

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 16:25:28

It would be a great Xmas present!!!!

bugoven Tue 24-Dec-13 15:41:01

I see a line too. My line was that faint and blood test on the same day showed a level of 150hcg which is about 4 weeks (although it varies for everyone) so would make sense with you being due tomorrow.
Celebrate your little pink line and take whatever happens next a day at a time.
Goodluck X

Feelingfatty Tue 24-Dec-13 14:49:54

Hopefully you get your digital response tomorrow! Perfect Christmas present!!

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 12:04:36

Eeeeeeeek!!!!!! Thanks guys! I'm trying to stay calm until get digital positive

Feelingfatty Tue 24-Dec-13 11:51:51

Definitely a line congrats!!

cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 11:41:41

As it us before af due date am terrified it won't be sticky

weebleswillwobble Tue 24-Dec-13 11:15:57


cbmb12 Tue 24-Dec-13 11:10:18

I wish I knew whether or not to celebrate!

Casmama Tue 24-Dec-13 11:08:46

I think it's positive as well, congratulations!

Agree with the poster who says if there is a colour to the line it s positive. Also remember if you are comparing today's test after 5 mins with yesterday's from 24hrs ago then yesterday's is bound to be a little darker.

JingleMyBells Tue 24-Dec-13 11:00:30

Hey, that website is really fun almost tempted to get shagging so I can post on there grin

TinselinaBumSquash Tue 24-Dec-13 10:54:47

Sorry I kept looking at the same picture thinking it was many blush<Christmas brain frazzle!>

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