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Help, got a faint line with cheap tesco test!

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TidyJane Fri 21-Jul-06 13:13:31

Hi girls, please could you help.
I've been ttc since April and so far my cycles have been: 36d, 34d, and I was expecting af around the 15th of July.
Did a superdrug test on the 16th (stupid I know, should have waited) and BFN.
I've been having period pains (not severe) every day since tuesday, and at one point I was just convinced that af arrived until I went to the toilet to check.
Bought a Tesco test today (admitedly very cheap) and got nothing in the window to begin with and after a minute or 2 a very faint line. I wanted to keep it to show DH to see what he thought but there would have been no point as they tell you to discard it after 10 min as a line could appear without meaning you are pregnant (which is what happened today, the line went bright pink after about an hour but was definately not that colour to begin with.)
My question is: Is it possible that because the test is cheap (2 for about a fiver), a faint line would appear even if you are not pg because you have to read it within the minute? Thanks for your help girls.
Sorry if I'm being thick

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maretta Fri 21-Jul-06 13:15:45

I think it's very unusual to get a postive test and not be pregnant. I reckon you must be - just not very far gone. Have you been a bought another test yet?
Good luck

pinkranger Fri 21-Jul-06 13:17:51

i had a really faint line with a First response test , go and buy a clear blue digitail as there is no searching for lines and getting orked up - i did and i am now 7 weeks pg!!!

Good luck xx

pucca Fri 21-Jul-06 13:17:53

I am currently almost 36 weeks pregnant after getting a faint pos+ with a tesco own brand pg test

Maybe test again in a couple of days but sounds like you are, congrats xx

curtaintwitcher Fri 21-Jul-06 13:18:54

positive within couple of mins is a positive. I would wait and redo test with firs tpee of morning as hormones tend to be stronger..period type pains completley normal in esarly pregnancy have had them with all mine...congrates.

fattiemumma Fri 21-Jul-06 13:19:00

the blue line reacts with a chemical in your urine.
if it turns blue...however faint YOUR PREGNANT.
may i be the first to congratulate you.

it doesn't matter how cheaop the test wors the same way.
of coure go an visit your doctor if you would prefer as it will put your mind at ease.

Piffle Fri 21-Jul-06 13:22:29

I got a bfp with tescos own test and it is real
So long as your line is pink and appeared within the time (10 minutes for tescos isn't it? Then congrats!!!

Natty1806 Fri 21-Jul-06 13:24:11

Congrats but i would buy a clear blue digital one just to spell it out.

Piffle Fri 21-Jul-06 13:25:06

no need waste of £12.00
tescos are great tests, got the best line out of all of the tests with my BFP and the digital said not pregnant so I would not recommend them to anyone!

hotmama Fri 21-Jul-06 13:31:29


I don't think you can get false positives but can get false negatives.

I had 2 negatives using clear blue digital (don't waste the money) and dd2 is now 23 weeks old!


(I had periody type pains at the beginning as well - and I also have my tests that I did for both dd's )

saffymum Fri 21-Jul-06 13:53:08

Congratulations, i would say you are pregnant. I did a test 4 days after my contraceptive failure (failure to use contraception ;0) and there was nothing at first then a very very faint pink line. I got a First response and did it again and guess what I'm now a mummy!

TidyJane Fri 21-Jul-06 13:57:23

Guys, are you winding me up?
I'm gonna have a ferrero rocher to celebrate!
The reason why I wasn't sure is because with my first pregnancy when I did a boots own test, it appeared so clearly that I thought I was reading the other window (the one that tells you that the test has worked) then I realized they both had a line.
Then again I was 3 months pregnant at the time, I just gave up testing as I used to have really irregular cycles and sometimes no period for 3 months so after testing every month for 9 months I just thought I couldn't get pregnant.

Because I bought a set of 2 I might try one first thing tomorrow morning as someone suggested.
Thank you so much for all your replies, it really helped! Hopefully you're all right!

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biglips Fri 21-Jul-06 13:59:14

hotmama - 23 WEEKS OLD already!!!!!!!!! im in shock as that flew by!!

sorry to hjjack

And yes CONGRATS to you Tidyjane xxxx

Natty1806 Fri 21-Jul-06 14:10:29

Am surprised about the clear blue digitals, won't bother wasting my money on them then, and stick to the cheap ones.

A line is a line after all.

hotmama Fri 21-Jul-06 14:14:08

Reply to Biglips' hijack.

I know 23 weeks. I will get around to posting to the Oct 04 thread - as you can imagine I have been a bit busy with a 16 month age gap between the dd's.

biglips Fri 21-Jul-06 14:24:25

hotmama - of course i can imagine that youre busy...SO busy probably! yes pls come on over to oct 04 as not heard from you for aaggeess and a piccy pls of your two little ones too

sorry about this hjjack - wont happen again!

DollyP Fri 21-Jul-06 15:04:48

Jane, all these tests work by searching for a hormone (HCG) in your wee. Sometimes you can get a false neg (if you haven't got enough hormone in your wee yet, because it's too early or you have drunk lots of water or whatever) but you can't get a false positive as only pregnant women make HcG.

A line is a line. Crack open the ambassadors . And spend your other £12 on something nice, rather than another test......

TidyJane Fri 21-Jul-06 15:59:30

Girls, I couldn't wait, I did my second tesco test. This time, no doubt. Definate, clear line! I'm so happy. DH can't believe it although I told him not to get too excited as it's early days yet!
I enjoyed that Ferrero Rocher!

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cadbury Fri 21-Jul-06 16:17:18

congratulations tidyjane! very pleased for you
have another choccy for me (11 weeks pg and gone off chocolate!)

flutterbee Fri 21-Jul-06 16:23:53

Congratulations, whenever I read theses threads I get so teary and

trinityrhino Fri 21-Jul-06 16:27:52

woooohooooooooo congratulations

Piffle Fri 21-Jul-06 16:38:26

Congrats Jane I got my BFP just over a week ago my edd is amrch 23
When are you due, you must come join us on the march ante natal thread soonest!
Here is to a happy and healthy 9 mths!

bubblez Fri 21-Jul-06 16:53:06

Congratulations TidyJane

Xavielli Fri 21-Jul-06 18:15:08

YAY! Congratulations!!

magnolia1 Fri 21-Jul-06 18:38:54

Congratulations!!!! Hope you have a lovely healthy pregnancy hun

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