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could i still be pregnant?

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jemily84 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:41:21

i had what i think was my last "proper" period on 4th November. soon after this i had the worst adult acne I've ever had that i couldn't attribute to anything. since then I've been having pregnancy symptoms. I've felt very emotional, like crying but not depressed. crazy hungry. my breasts are very veiny but not painful. my lower abdomen feels swollen and firm. i have a deep itch over my thighs which is driving me mad. im also having to get up in the night to pee. my period was due on 1st December, but came 4 days early,.was very light and was over in 3 days. (this is exactly what happened when pregnant with my 10 month old!) assuming this was plantation bleed and that i'd therefore be 6 weeks, i Did a clear blue digital test on evening of 12th that was negative.
tested again 14th with first pee of the day and still negative. i know im probably being neurotic but i feel pregnant! exactly like i did with my first. what's more, if im not pregnant, my period is due on boxing day, so i'd usually be breaking out. but my skin is looking the best its ever looked! to the point friends have commented that im glowing.
has this happened to anyone else? have i tested at the wrong time? do i need to get over it? lol!

jemily84 Mon 16-Dec-13 07:42:37

guess i need to get over it then.... :-)

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 08:44:18

I'd maybe wait one more week and test again to be sure? Or even go discuss it with your GP

I'm currently wondering if I'm pregnant also because of my burning desire for chocolate and I've been feeling sick for a while. But hopefully not confused

jemily84 Mon 16-Dec-13 08:57:38

thank you. I've been driving myself mad with it! i think i will wait to see if my period comes then do another test if its late.

good luck with yours! :-)

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 11:04:19

How long until your period is due? I'm not completely sure when mine is but if it's not here in 2 weeks I'm going to run around in a panic haha smile

How would you feel if you were pregnant? Would you be pleased?

jemily84 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:40:36

delight wouldn't be my first reaction to be honest lol, it would mean juggling a 18month old and a new.born! plus we've just moved into a new 2 bedroom house and dont want to have to move again! and that i have a thyroid condition and i'd be very worried about the possible medical implications of that...

my period is due on boxing day, so if it doesn't come then, i'l do another test (and havery a break down!).

what's your situation. what's worrying you?

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 20:51:42

Yes definitely that would be a struggle so is DC 9months old currently?
And that's a shame you have to worry about your health aswell bless you. Is it underactive? My dad has that it seems to run in his side of the family and I think I may have it I need to go get checked.

I have a 3 month old DS so getting pregnant would be a disaster it really can't happen right now for other reasons. I don't believe in or want an abortion at all but I also desperately don't want another baby so soon! sad

jemily84 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:14:36

i wouldn't have an abortion either, but definitely wouldn't plan to have aanother baby now. although i'd probably quickly get used to the idea and be excited.

i'l let you know how i get on. keep me update! :-)

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 21:28:35

Yes we should check back once something happens! smile

Good luck! smile

Frankie8882 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:41:09

I knew I was pregnant with my first about a week before I was due and it infuriated me that the test were negative until day 3 past my due date. Sometimes you just

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 21:42:09

I've just decided that I must be pregnant as I've just died of happiness over there being some chocolate fudge brownie Ben and Jerry's in the freezer and I don't even like it sad

Mattissy Mon 16-Dec-13 22:45:05

My first 5 tests were negative, ds is 12 now, I was definitely pregnant! Lol

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Mon 16-Dec-13 22:48:58

Try a cheapy test. The digital ones are crap!!

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 23:03:44

Are you SURE Matissy? wink those tests were negative so you can't have been.... grin

I'm going to give it a bit longer then try a test, I'm worried I'll do it too early and it'll be negative and then I'll continue to worry!

Mattissy Mon 16-Dec-13 23:26:01

Absolutely certain, I even had a negative test at the doctors. All my dating scans had me as pg over the time I had negative tests, he was born at 8lb 9ozs a day early which would support my dates too. He's 12 now so that was 13 years ago now so maybe tests weren't so accurate.

MamaPingu Mon 16-Dec-13 23:59:51

I hope you realised I was joking with you grin

My son was 8lb 9oz also smile

Mattissy Tue 17-Dec-13 02:37:22

Lol, I didn't realise, those little faces are too small on my phone for my elderly eye sight!

Everyone kept telling me he was a big baby but he looked like a tiny dot to me, I still see him through rose coloured specs!

MamaPingu Tue 17-Dec-13 09:15:14

Haha grin
I'm the same with DS, it depends who's holding him. If my dad holds him he looks teeny tiny but if my mum or DP have him he looks huge!

A lady that worked at the hospital laughed and went "he looks like he's a month old!" So DS was never a newborn really smile all the other babies were miniature!

MamaPingu Sat 21-Dec-13 20:42:52

Jemily84- I'm happy to say I got my period today smile massive weight off my shoulders! How are you, have you any news on that front?

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