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enocar Sun 15-Dec-13 08:33:39

Hello smile I posted before about going to see a fertility specialist, have had bloodtests and hsg all clear, did think i might have pcos but apparently my levels have stabilized and so everything is normal inc OH. So the time before last, that i went to see the specialist she said about going on clomid to boost my ovulation (i ovulate but only JUST according to her charts) but i mentioned a hsg to check tubes as if there was a blockage then no amount of clomid would work! Had that done and as i said it was clear. We went to see the specialist recently and she looked at my notes and said that as far as she could see there were no problems, that she had done all she could, and she was just there to check for any problems so since they hadn't found any that was it no more going back to see her, and she would write to my gp and it was only a matter of time before i became pregnant....ive been trying for nearly 5 years with my husband is that not long enough?! And that there was nothing more for her to do. So i asked her about the clomid and firstly she said she would put it in her notes to my gp and then said she would write me out a scrip, which she did, and im on 50mg clomid day 2-6 of cycle, and said to come back in 4 months time, no mention of observation/tests during time on clomid. Surely there must be more that can be done if the clomid does not work? Btw im 33 and my husband is 27 nearly 28

ShoeSmacking Sun 15-Dec-13 08:38:51

For a start, on clomid you should be monitored to check for hyper fertility. So it's very concerning that she is not getting you to come in for a check on about day 10. My dr only checked the first month but some will feel its appropriate to monitor you every month.

Is this on the nhs? I don't think you are getting very careful care. Can you request a different specialist?

I'm sorry, I don't know what to advise here but think you need to talk to someone - perhaps your gp? - and ask for more help. I hope it works out better.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-Dec-13 10:01:54

Think you've also been messed around and the people you have seen to date are frankly poor. Is this private or NHS?.

Clomid is actually quite powerful stuff and you should be carefully monitored whilst on it. No monitoring is completely unacceptable because you then have no way of knowing whether its doing what it is supposed to be doing. Clomid's main job is to make the ovaries work harder.

I also do not see any mention of your DH being at all tested; he should be tested as well as a matter of course because subfertility is not the sole preserve of the woman.

enocar Sun 15-Dec-13 17:50:55

Hi both smile Firstly im on the nhs, and she's the only fertility specialist in the hospital where i go too so no option to change :/ DH has been tested, sperm sample came back normal, did mention in my post but i put OH (otherhalf) so perhaps that's where you missed it smile I do find it odd that she said to come back in 4 months to see her (3 months of clomid then a month to wait) i had to take the scrip for my doc to sign and his receptionist took it into him as i didnt have an appointment but again no mention of making an appointment or anything :S Im worried about what happens if i dont get pregnant with this dose of clomid and then what? Because as i said she seemed to think that there was nothing else to be done and only put me on the clomid because i mentioned it!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-Dec-13 20:37:13

You need really to see a specialist gynae at another hospital; you should not be given clomid without either a proper diagnosis (not everyone is suitable to take clomid) or proper monitoring.

The standard of care you have received to date is very poor.

quickdowntonson Mon 16-Dec-13 08:42:46

Are you around the Bristol area? Dr Uma Gordon (does some private appointments at the Spire) is awesome. When she prescribed me clomid she said I had to go for an internal scan in the first cycle, because apparently in some cases it can cause the womb lining to become too thin, which would of course prevent pregnancy. So yes, you do need proper monitoring.
Obvious point, but has your DH had a semen analysis?

quickdowntonson Mon 16-Dec-13 08:43:56

Sorry, just read that your DH has been tested.

enocar Mon 16-Dec-13 22:58:07

No not near bristol, west wales smile I dont know if to contact my gp or contact the hospital to ask? Just feels like im not being given a chance sad How can she say thats it just a matter of time, when clearly something isnt working properly! Ive had 2 bloodtests and a hsg (which i had to ask for) and that's it, surely that cant be the end of treatments?

sgilly74 Thu 02-Jan-14 11:19:23

Hi enocar, just been looking through on here as I took my first clomid tablets yesterday. I live in South East Wales. Been for my HSG all good, my OH all good to. Been tested twice to see if ovulating and says I am. Been put on clomid by consultant, given 6mths worth 2 x50mg for 5 days. No mention of being checked whilst on course just said to book back up for 6 mths time although I don't know to what end as I was also told that I'm too old to do anything else on NHS (I'm 39, was just turned 38 when started trying). It seems that the NHS in Wales for infertility is not the best! I'm worried now that I'm taking a high dosage with no check to see if it's worked. Interested to hear if you've been back to your gp.

barkingtreefrog Thu 02-Jan-14 19:14:13

enocar I had the same from the fertility clinic - I was given 6 months of clomid and told to come back after 6 months. No monitoring or anything. It's ridiculous, but sadly quite common. Is IVF not an option where you live?

sgilly If it helps, 50mg is actually the lowest dose as far as I know. I know of others on 100mg or 150mg.

sgilly74 Fri 03-Jan-14 14:53:41

thanks barkingtreefrog, as a result of a lot of reading up on clomid I called the consultants secretary. Turns out that they had forgotten to send a letter to my gp requesting the 21day test! The secretary then said it was just to check I've ovulated which confuses me as I've never had a problem ovulating which again makes me wonder why I've been put on the drug. Oh well - I guess if its a success then I won't care!! Just that time is running out for a shot in the dark.

enocar Fri 07-Mar-14 13:57:11

Hi smile Well ive had a date for my next appointment, clomid didnt work sad So i guess its back to the hospital for her to send me back to my gp sad I just wish i knew what the gp can do? Or if thats it no more help to find out why im not getting pregnant sad

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