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If TTC # 2 has turned you into a nut job this thread is for you! (Part 4)

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sebsmummy1 Thu 05-Dec-13 09:16:01

Hey!! We have had lots of graduates from Part 3, so let's get on the TTC bus part 4 and make this place a ghost town.

Destination Pregnancy, choooo choooooo grin

fedupofrainydays Fri 06-Dec-13 16:37:39

Keep calm if you can as it does affect conception, I am now a convert of this. Never was but it took the month that I 'relaxed' to conceive...

Big hugs xxx

zippygeorgebungle Fri 06-Dec-13 18:22:39

sebs, you only stopped bfing last month, just like me. And the consultant i saw was very clear on the effect it can have on pituitary suppression even if you are bfing once a day. so try think of this month as your first proper try.

and like fedup says, lots of good signs.x

sebsmummy1 Fri 06-Dec-13 22:41:12

God it feels like I stopped bfing ages ago! I think it was two cycles ago.

Feel a bit better as we've DTD tonight and will sat and sun too, then we will go for every other day grin

zippygeorgebungle Sat 07-Dec-13 08:53:52

oh sorry sebs, i was beginning of nov and thought you were around the same. good luck sebs! still no AF here, 3days late now,but not testing to prolong that maybe feeling given ov so late.

fedupofrainydays Sat 07-Dec-13 09:00:46

Are you still using the cough medicine sebs?

Ladies am sure now you have both stopped the breastfeeding this will happen v soon grin

This sounds ridiculous but was excited to feel sick this morning! I felt sick with my mc too but any symptoms are good with me at the mo.

sebsmummy1 Sat 07-Dec-13 10:45:53

I totally understand that feeling zippy. You stay cosy and warm in the maybe bubble, I like it there lol grin

I gave up two weeks before he was one, so yeah youre right, beginning of November. Feels longer!

I'm not using the cough medicine, I completely forgot!!! I still have stuff in boxes so my brain isn't functioning normally as things aren't in the places they were in the other house. I guess that's good about the EWCM then as it's a great consistency naturally.

Excellent about the morning sickness. I can remember having two weeks of nausea around the 8 week mark and that was plenty for me. I hated it!!!!!

We are having a Christmas Day today. Out to a Christmas fair and then to pick a little Xmas tree. Mums coming too as we live near her now and she can get more involved with stuff we are doing which gives her some respite from caring for dad.

PunkyBubba Sat 07-Dec-13 21:02:28

Hey girls, if you don't remember me I lurked on here for a while before my BFP in October. I posted that I had AF, then BFP straight after so AF didn't always rule you out, until a couple of weeks later I realised that was an apparently classic sign of an ectopic.. unfortunately only after being told that by a gynae surgeon after my right fallopian tube ruptured. I am now a 'uni-tuber', and have finally almost got through my 2 cycles since the ectopic (as advised to wait) so can start ttc again probably around xmas. I have been lurking as usual since the ectopic but not been in the right frame of mind to post. I've been a bit up and down emotionally as I'm sure you understand! Anyway I just wanted to say HUGE <whispered> congratulations to 2Be and FedUp. I truly hope for both of you this will be the one.

I've been temping this month (first time) in preparation for jumping back on the ttc bandwagon next cycle. I have to say it has probably confused me more than helped. I had a peak the day after I thought I ov'd, then 2 days of much lower temps until it went right up again. I've spent FAR too much time googling the significance of this, even though logically I know I ov'd when I thought I did as I had a positive OPK and what I usually believe to be ovulation pain. I was still hoping it was a couple of days later as DH and I DTD then.. so even though I shouldn't (as medical advice says wait 2 cycles) I was hoping I might be in with a chance this month... and ridiculously have still been symptom spotting even though I know logically there is no chance...

So long story short.. still here, still ttc no 2, and becoming more of a nut job month by month. (hi to all the newbies!)xxx

fedupofrainydays Sat 07-Dec-13 21:22:47

Oh hi punky I'm so sorry to hear about the ectopic and lost tube. But I do no soapy uni tubers who have gone on to have babies (much quicker than it took me to get a bfp too!)

Fx you won't be here for long..
Temping drove me a bit mad too, well I was already mad so just more nutty!!! If opks work for you I would stuff the temping and just use them.

So can I ask you a few questions.? If you don't mind. Only because I have brown spotting / discharge at the mo and I slight fear its ectopic. How heavy was the af you had? And
did you have any of the other symptoms typical of ectopic? And how many weeks was it that it ruptured? I'm so sorry to ask but am just petrified so would really appreciate your experience. Thank you xxxxx

fedupofrainydays Sat 07-Dec-13 21:24:23

Soapy?! Should so "so many"

PunkyBubba Sat 07-Dec-13 23:04:32

No worries FedUp. My AF was a full on 5 day heavy AF as normal. I was hoping it was implantation bleed but it was exactly as heavy and long as normal so I had ruled that out (basically I now know I had AF as HCG levels were not high enough to stop it at that point).

My first sign really was that I had a (faint) BFP only at 6 weeks. I only took the IC test as I had been feeling a bit weird and had an xray (unrelated) the next day so wanted to be 100% I was not pregnant for it. Was shocked at BFP. Went straight out and bought a CB with Conception indicator which said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant.. which dated me as conceiving when I was on AF, 2 weeks after ov. I knew this was wrong as I was using OPKs, but the GP and EPU didnt seem to think it was a problem and I trusted them as medical experts (HAH!)

Anyway, that was first sign. I was then referred for scans at EPU. First scan at 6.5 weeks showed nothing except thicker uterine lining. They took a blood test and told me I must have o'd later than I thought. I had another blood test a couple of days later and HCG had risen as it should (apparently I was in the only 10% of ectopics this happened for, so very unlucky as they didnt pick it up). Thing is my first blood test was something like 2500.. so when I heard that I knew myself they should have seen something in the scan. I still don't understand why things were left with them telling me all was fine. Week 8 I had another scan on the Monday and they said they could see a gestational sac and possibly yolk sac. I was already having horrendous abdominal pains and had been since the Friday. I had convinced myself it was wind/digestional caused by pregnancy, so that's what I told them at the EPU... They didn't even seem to acknowledge what I was saying so I assumed all was fine. I saw the GP on Wednesday about the pain but it seemed to be easing. He just said if it got worse or I was dizzy to go to A&E straight away. I collapsed on the Thursday night.

Unfortunately I didn't have the main 'classic' sign of an ectopic, which was bleeding. They usually refer to it as 'prune juice' coloured. Even when I had ruptured and was bleeding internally I never bled externally... so anyway, they ruled out an ectopic in A&E, and I spent about 6 hours in agony while the 'professionals' argued about appendicitis(!) until it was finally diagnosed, and they prepared me for emergency surgery just minutes before I started screaming and couldnt stop (never knew pain like it and pray I never do again).

So to try to answer your questions more directly: I ruptured at what I know now was 8 weeks (though the medics kept telling me previously I was not that far along to try to explain why the scans did not show anything). Through the many experiences I have read about since it happened to me I would say the main symptom is the one-sided pain, or severe (all over) abdominal gassy pain. To give my example I was on all fours at times with mine and I would rate it worse than labour pain. I couldnt put my son to bed at nights as I was generally in bed in agony, or curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle. A lot of women also have bleeding with it, but heavy bleeding that is usually waved off as "you are having an MC" in hospital, told there is nothing that can be done, and they are sent home to 'get on with it', and its only when they end up in A&E it's realised to be an ectopic. Ummmm, also faint BFP's when they should be strong, and a lack of symptoms (generally again due to low HCG)

FedUp Did you use a conception indicator? Did your dates match what you think? I am not a medical professional, and as with everything EVERY case is different, but I don't recognise your symptoms as similar to any of the ectopic stories I have read.

If this is causing you real worry though, is it possible for you to call your EPU directly and explain your history, and that you have been having this brown spotting/discharge, and you are worried about an ectopic. Even if it is too early for a scan you might be able to ask for a blood test/progesterone test, or they might be able to book you in for a scan at 6-7 weeks. I know all EPUs are different but some accept direct requests. Either that or try via your GP. The other lesson I have learned is not to wait where health is concerned. If it turns out your fears are unfounded then who cares if you took up one more slot at the EPU!

Yeah thanks, I think I might knock the temping on the head, it was just nice to be able to do 'something' while I was waiting for the 2 cycles to be done! I though it would clarify, rather than give me something else to question.. which basically makes it pointless for me.

If you have any other Q's just ask. If anything I say helps anyone then it makes the ectopic feel slightly less.. pointless if you know what I mean.


fedupofrainydays Sun 08-Dec-13 08:45:57

Thank you so much punky thank you.
I feel so cross that the professional did not pick it up even though the signs were all there.
I did and it only said 1 to 2 weeks on Monday and again on Friday. Haven't dared do it again as so many people told me how unreliable CBDs are. Tempted again now though to buy some today and test with fmu tomorrow.
I feel gassy too partic on left side - but I could just be gassy. I don't have any pain as such.
I also feel that could be why I'm bleeding - cos hcg wasn't strong enough. But it's not like af, it's brown watery stuff - could be prune juicey but I've never drunk prune juice!! My bfp was on Saturday last week - exceptionally faint. But got darker each day after. In a bit confused when I ov and when period was due as didnt temp or opk. Had ewcm cd 9 though so likely to ov cd 12 but then had watery stuff on cd 14. So who knows.
I don't feel partic preggers today either. Ugh. I'm going to phone EPU tomorrow morn and also private scan company if EPU say no. Doctor is just useless and told me just to go to EPU if I was still bleeding at 6 weeks. sad

PunkyBubba Sun 08-Dec-13 10:18:00

Hey FedUp, I think your dates more or less match up, if you conceived around 21st (which I think based on you predicting your next AF as Saturday 30th on a 28 day cycle would be about right - sorry, been doing some calendar calcs as you can see). If the dates are a near enough match then your HCG is about right, so please stop worrying about that. I was at least 2 weeks out on mine, so very low for how far along I should have been.

I had thought you were a bit further along (time seems to be on a go slow this month!). The EPU probably also won't do anything until you are 6 weeks, but by speaking to them at least you will be on the radar and they may book you in for a scan for the 6 weeks.

The prune juice bleeding is described as heavy bleeding, but watery in consistency.. I'm assuming a dark red/purply colour.

They do say people probably don't get symptoms of an ep until at least 6/7 weeks as bean is too small to have any real impact until then. The tube doesn't usually rupture until between 8-12 weeks.

I will again say it doesn't seem likely, and you are too early along to be experiencing symptoms of an EP, though I understand how freaked you are. I'm so sorry I have to go,, DH glowering at me at the door.

Will speak later.xx

2beornot Sun 08-Dec-13 10:52:12

Fedup - handholding here. sad. I know it's been such a rollercoaster for you and it's not getting better. Def make sure you are on epu's radar so to speak and see if they'll scan you as soon as it's worthwhile.

Punky - welcome back! Now you're ttc for real I hope you're not here long!

fedupofrainydays Sun 08-Dec-13 14:50:38

thanks 2be am calling them tomorrow.. at least so on the radar but i do think they will tel me to push off til 6 weeks! xx

punky i think i conceived between 16th and 19th of Nov. so why i was a bit worried of the extremely faint bfp on nov 30th. I've got weird cycles - vary from 20 to 28 days, and average about 24. Pre mc they were always 25 days. But whatever, i'm not as far out as 2 weeks. Maybe a few days. I think i felt implantation on 28th nov which could be anything from 9 to 12 dpo. And i freakded myself out by reading about late implanters (i.e. those after 10 dpo) being most likely to mc (80%). this was before the blood / discharge and freaking out about ectopic!
man, theres no hope for me is there... i'm just nuts.

I think i'm about 5 weeks (taking short cycles into account).

thank you for the reassurance. and if i get a scan at 6 weks and if there is a prob, hopefully it can be caught early. thanks punky xxxxxx

fedupofrainydays Sun 08-Dec-13 14:51:13

ps. sorry for getting you in trouble with DH punky
My DH does the same, complaining how much time i spend on my phone!

PunkyBubba Sun 08-Dec-13 16:08:35

Thanks 2be I have it in my head it won't take me long to conceive again.. ) <delusional> which probably means I'm in it for the long haul.. At least getting pregnant in Aug shows DH still has swimmers that work, and I know I ov'd.. so thats half the battle right! I just need the next one to have Sat Nav to get through the one tube to the right place this time!

FedUp I think knowing as much as we know now about the inner workings of conception is as much a curse as a blessing as we get ourselves so wound up over every symptom. I know though I would be EXACTLY as freaked as you in your situation, and now I have had an ectopic I have a much higher chance of another one in the future. Any future pregnancies I have to go in for early scans at the EPU to rule it out.. so I know if/when I get a BFP I will be in absolute pieces until I get to see a scan showing it is in the right place...

If you are 5 weeks now then potentially you only (and I say 'only' knowing every minute you still have to wait is torture) a week or so left until you can have a scan. I am sure if you explain to the EPU your history and about the brown discharge and explain how distressed you are (you probably know this but I find crying on the phone helps) they should get you in for a scan as soon as they think they would see something (6-7 weeks).

No worries about DH.. He cheered up once we got in the car and headed off to buy him loads of new socks (my life is so rock n roll!)xxx

fedupofrainydays Mon 09-Dec-13 07:36:34

DH has socks and pants for Christmas... V rock and roll!!

I'm sure too that it won't be long til you conceive (in the right place) and loving the sat nav idea!

sebsmummy1 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:49:56

Hi girls. Pinky I'm so sorry to hear your story sad. Totally unfair and dreadful the way they missed your symptoms even though you presented yourself to them so many times. I too have heard lots of stories of women conceiving quickly with one tube. Loads of love to you xxx

Fedup - you ok chicken? Not long until you can have your mind eased. I don't think your symptoms tally with what I've read about ectopic either. I have however heard so many women say they had a pregnancy with unexplained bleeding and the result is snuggled up in bed as they type. I'm sure that will be your story too in eight months time.

Well I'm in cd 12 and have lovely slippy clear EWCM. I ovulated in cd 13 last month according to opks. So will be interesting which day I oh dry this month. Least it's really close to the middle of the cycle now so I'm not stressing.

We bded fri night and sun afternoon, will bd again tonight and hopefully tues and wed too then OH away for a night. Was quite funny yesterday as I dragged him in from sorting the garage when he had everything out on the front lawn. It was like those classic film scenarios where the bloke has to shoot home at lunchtime as it's the right time.

Baby dust to everyone else lurking. Zippy is AF still missing?

sebsmummy1 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:50:24

Punky that should have said

fedupofrainydays Mon 09-Dec-13 11:06:10

So currently sitting in EPU. I called this morn and they want to see me to check not ectopic. Feeling very scared. I don't know if they will be able to see anything but we shall see. Feeling oddly calm as at least I'm not 11 weeks like last time I was here...

MrsLadyL Mon 09-Dec-13 11:08:01

Jumped on over here. Fed up did you get you're BFP? I seen you're having some problem? Iv bled the whole way through this pregnancy and had early scan at 9 weeks after a big flood of fresh red blood. Still spotting on and off so fingers crossed for you I know how you must be feeling. It may not be as bad as you think Xx

fedupofrainydays Mon 09-Dec-13 11:23:39

I did. But faint. EPU said my pregnancy test was also faint so it's not looking that good. Waiting for scan xx

MrsLadyL Mon 09-Dec-13 11:41:52

With my first pregnancy all my tests were faint. Had to get an internal and there she was my little Miracal. Sending lots of hugs X

sebsmummy1 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:27:00

Oh darling we are all there with you. Huge hand holding. I'll keep checking in as I'm out this afternoon xxxx

PunkyBubba Mon 09-Dec-13 13:09:32

Am so glad the EPU got you in. At least now you are on the path to get some answers. Wishing you soooo much baby dust, thinking of

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