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The Friday POAS Party (Thread two)

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sazzlehopes Fri 22-Nov-13 08:26:13

The only place to be seen peeing on a friday is at mama's house with good food, dancing, bfp party bags and hugs for bfn's!

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 08:33:56

I want that party bag so bad!! really wanna get a bfp on a party day, just so I can get one!

justhayley Fri 22-Nov-13 08:35:20

gringringringringrin ItS Friday, it's my 9 year Anniversary, it's the day my god son is born (hopefully my best friends been in labour since yesterday so assuming today) ..... Aaaaannnnd I just a BFP!!!!

I had a MC in September so am absolutely petrified of letting myself get excited but I have a good feeling about this one.

Who else Is POAS and getting BFP today???

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 08:38:12

wahey!!! justhayley!! that is so exciting! and what a brilliant day for it for you. Have a good old celebrate tonight, and fx for your friend's labour

sazzlehopes Fri 22-Nov-13 08:39:36

Justhayley - congrats - how lovely to get a bfp today! Hope everything stick! FX crossed you have a smooth pregnancy - yay lets have more BFPS!!!!

Vickyvix Fri 22-Nov-13 08:40:35

Yikes justhayley that's brilliant news!!! I just thought I'd check in with the party bus and see how everyone is doing - congratulations! I remember you from the september bus and am so pleased for you grin grin grin today must be your lucky day!

Hoping this is it for you this time.

And, hope for a speedy delivery for your god son!

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 08:48:12


What a fantastic day to get a bfpgrin

And thanks Sazzle, lets hope we can all get our bfp's before Christmasgrin

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 08:55:37

Hayley, can I ask how long did it take your af to return after your mc?

justhayley Fri 22-Nov-13 09:11:20

Thank you everyone grin.

Spinning Iv only had 1 AF since MC. Had my Mc on September 2nd bled until the 10th, then got a (really painful) period on October 14th. My cycles are usually really irregular and long so that was quite quick for me.

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 09:18:51

Thanks Hayley....I really hope this bean is a sticky one for you, mc is so sad and cruel. It gives me hope that I can get another bfp when I read of other positive stories smile

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 09:29:09

Mama how are you feeling this morning?

broodysnoopstie Fri 22-Nov-13 09:31:27

congrats Hayley! grin

Moffit Fri 22-Nov-13 09:34:17

Congratulations fly and justhayley!!

Anyone else testing today?

mama31 Fri 22-Nov-13 09:34:52

Wow!! Congrats Fly & Justhayley! Wonderful news!!! smile smile smile (hands both ladies BFP party bags!!!!)

Don't worry Flymo....ive got yours here for when you get your bfp ;)

Sorry for bfn's sad stay under this fluffy blanket with me by the log fire and watch Christmas movies all day long smile have a hot choc with mallows as well smile

Sazzle thanks for the new thread smile lovely to have you all here as always!!! And stay positive the witch hasn't arrived so there's still hope!!!

I'm still feeling meh! So another day off work for me....gona stay under this blanket and recoup!

Oh and fly I'm very curious....are you meeting ladies off another mnet thread???? how did this come about??? Let us know how it goes! How exciting!

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 09:43:22

Sorry to hear you're still unwell Mama.... A duvet day Infront of the fire watching Xmas films sounds great, it's so cold out today!!

mama31 Fri 22-Nov-13 09:52:44

Thanks spinning! Yes I'm quite happy under my blanket smile

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:13:20

oh mama, I so desperately want to be under that blanket!! as much as I want my bfp goody bag! can we mull some cider too and listen to bing crosby?

spinningirl10 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:21:50

Oh flymo I just love Bing Crosby Christmas tunes, good choicegrin

mama31 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:26:27

Flymo and spinning great idea!!! smile snuggle up ladies and sing along to the Christmas tunes smile

(throws more logs on the roaring fire.....pours mulled cider for flymo and props pillows behind heads so all cosy and comfy.....looks over at onelife on mama's big comfy chair and she is sound asleep under her fluffy blanket looking very cosy and happy)

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:44:12

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. spotting. AF is a-coming. I just don't understand how this is going to work for me. only ov'd last thursday (cd 22 for me I think) so at best 8 day LP. starting to feel very blue indeed.

sazzlehopes Fri 22-Nov-13 10:48:03

NOOOOOOOOOOO. Flymo - I'm so sorry that witch is on her way. You really must try and talk to your doctor about your short lp phase, surely they've helped other people before?. Do you have an appointment on tuesday? See what they say and make sure you get some answers to make you feel better.... Sending you thanks cake and mulled wine to try and cheer you up.

mama31 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:50:13

Awwwwwh flymo sad so sorry, stay under the blanket for a while, ill be here for sure.....pours flymo very very large glass of mulled cider and tucks blanket around her with hot water bottle under it)

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:55:11

thanks sazzle and mama, feel a bit teary at desk. ruddy hormones and ruddy feeling sorry for self! this should be a fun party! I just need to get some answers but I dont' feel confident about the doc- when I told them I knew I wouldn't have ov'd by day 21. all I can think of is that it's going to be so much harder than I thought.
That's me checking in to the Dec. bus...

mama31 Fri 22-Nov-13 11:00:42

Flymo this place is for partying and for comfort! Just you take it easy.....i know exactly how you are feeling right now and it just takes a few days to pick yourself up again....but yes come sit with me on December bus x

flymo79 Fri 22-Nov-13 11:01:47

thanks mama.
let's get some more bfps on here!

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