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1st month TTC

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Littlebear88 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:04:15

New member alert!!!
My husband and I have just decided to ttc! We are both youngest in our family although both on mid 20s! We want our children to be close to their cousins who range from 2-5! Just hoping our brothers and sisters won't be judgemental as they were all in 30s when they started having children! We have been on nice holidays but feel that a baby is the next step and we are very excited! Just looking for some moral support!!!

toots123 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:14:07

Im assuming im the same age as you as I was born in 88. We are at the exact same position little bear, im excited to see what happens!

None of my friends have kids yet but my husband and I always wanted a family so it was always the way to go for us! X

Littlebear88 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:18:21

Some of my friends- who are early 30s have babies but all tell me I'm too young!
I'm 25 and hubby is 27. We have talked about it a lot and decided it just feels right! grin
Very excited and hoping it happens quickly!! Age will be on our side!!(hopefully)

toots123 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:39:47

I dont think we are too young! We know when is right I suppose.
Im 25 and husband is 35 so I think he is pretty keen but he waited on me being ready which was nice.
I hope it happens quickly too but trying not to stress on dates yet (as hard as it is!)

rosiegal Sun 17-Nov-13 21:40:16

I think its a personal choice and if you feel the time is right for you then go for it, I mean if you were 10 years younger that would probably be a good time to wait! I'm 30 and ttc #1 after stopping the pill in september, all very exciting. I haven't really felt ready for kids before now whilst my dp is 26 and has been broody for years. We're both lucky enough to have secure jobs, our own home so now it just feels right. Unfortunately I'm one of those impatient people and I just want it to happen right now. Best of luck to you and I'm sure your families will be over the moon when it happens x

Littlebear88 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:47:21

Very exciting! It will be grandchild number 5 on both sides of family so hoping for lots of help and advice!! Good luck guys! Here's hoping for some 2014 babies!! Xx

Charlie343 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:48:49

Hello thought I would join. Also in my 20's (27!) and in my first month of TTC after stopping my pill in July.
I know what you mean about being inpatient Rosiegal - I am exactly the same! Good luck to you all!

Littlebear88 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:54:15

Have you guys been doing anything different from normal? I've been avoiding too much booze (not a big boozer anyway) and upping fruit and veg, just sticking with normal exercise.

Charlie343 Sun 17-Nov-13 22:01:36

Cutting back on alcohol though like you I'm not a big drinker. I started taking folic acid but that's about all the changes I've made. I am trying not to think about the whole TTC which is pretty difficult!!! Especially as every twinge, nauseous moment or headache I get I symptom spot!!!

Littlebear88 Sun 17-Nov-13 22:09:09

Definitely hard to stop thinking about! I wonder do you know of we can make a group so we can all keep in touch? I'm so new to this!!

rosiegal Sun 17-Nov-13 23:37:06

I started taking pregnacare conception when I came off the pill. My diet is fairly healthy and I do enjoy wine at the weekends but I'm not drinking to excess. Saying that I'm trying not to let it take over my life so I'll only cut stuff out when I'm expecting or if it takes longer than I hope I may look at my diet again..... There are lots of different threads and stuff to join on here but I've mainly been lurking, everyone I've chatted with has been very friendly and you often see the same names popping up.

Hi all, I'm 27 and DH and I are starting to TTC this month once AF is on her merry way grin I stopped my pill 5 weeks ago and have never been so bloody happy to get my period in my life! I wouldn't worry about age, mid twenties is great for loads of reasons - relatively settled but still young enough to come with night feeds and run around after toddlers, kids grown up and gone way before retirement so you have some freedom and time to save, fewer medical risks, likely to have shorter recovery...and some down sides too of course, in the same way that other ages have pros and cons too grin When you're ready, you're ready, its just a number wink

ruth1104 Mon 18-Nov-13 10:30:01

Hello I want in! Just started ttc, I did start the pregnacare conception vits but man they are so expensive! So i'm just using folic acid for now. I'm 26 and dh is 31, but we've been married for 4 years so have been asked continuously since then when we're going to get baby making, which always annoyed me but now I really don't know how to answer...
I haven't been using any opk's because I was trying to avoid putting too much pressure on the whole thing, but every ovulation chart I've put my dates into has given me different 'fertile days', does anyone know the answer to this? Any good iphone apps?

MrsW2909 Mon 18-Nov-13 11:20:59

Hi littlebear, im 27 and hubby is 25 - we got married in september and although i already have 2 dc's from a previous relationship - got pregnant with ds at 21 and again with dd at 24 both pregnancies totally unexpected my hubby has been wanting his own child for so long and i now feel ready for us to start trying to conceive so have agreed to have my coil taken out! Eek. Earliest app to have it done was next wednesday and the wait is killing me so god knows how i will deal with the wait to actually get pregnant!
I think 25-30 is the perfect age to have children, coming from someone who did it in my early 20's if i could have planned my life myself i would have wanted to have my first baby around 26/27 so your age is perfect in my opinion but as others have said age is just a number it depends on u and if u feel ur ready then thats totally ur choice.
I already want to run to tesco and buy some folic acid and i havent even got my coil out yet.. 9 days and counting!

KitKat1985 Mon 18-Nov-13 11:41:15

I think Littlebear88 25 is a fantastic age to have a baby. Old enough to have done the 'being young and carefree' bit, but young enough to have energy for sleepless nights and running around all day. To be honest, I think women can't win anymore. On the one hand you get people telling you to put off having a baby, and to get an education, forge a career, etc before you try for a baby; and then you get another group of people who scorn anyone aged over their early 30's trying for a baby! I think if it feels right for you and your DH then it's the right time.

As for me, I'm 28 and DH is 32. I was originally going to wait until next year so we could have a final long-haul holiday before TTC but got impatient and when I mooted to DH the idea of trying now instead he said "I've wanted you to say that for ages but didn't want to say anything in case you felt pressured"! Both really excited about this. It's first month TTC this month so am crossing our fingers for us (and we've decided to not give up on a last holiday yet either, but have just provisionally planned to go in March so that even if I was lucky enough to get pregnant straight away I would still be early enough along to be able to fly; although to be on the safe side we won't book until near the time so would know everything was going smoothly first).

Best of luck to all of you ladies trying this month. Wishing you lots of baby-dust! x

Littlebear88 Mon 18-Nov-13 11:55:44

Very exciting, just hoping it happens quickly! Might not be possible with DH working away mon-fri for next 2 months!
I'm lucky enough to be in secure job and have had some progression so seems an ok time work wise

Minithemoocher Mon 18-Nov-13 15:36:56

Can I join? I'm 28 and we've just started ttc #1. I was sure I was pregnant but AF made her appearance this morning (first cycle). Must try and not get so excited next time. I've felt sad all day and a bit silly with all the symptom spotting.

Hibou7688 Mon 18-Nov-13 16:34:19

I'm gonna join too! In the last two weeks i've gone from ttc, to not ttc because a job change from jan will affect my maternity.. But i decided i'm not going to be happy for a year if i have to put off ttc so back on it again! This i guess is my first cycle, missed my fertile days though because that was when we decided to stop! Back to it smile

HippyJess Mon 18-Nov-13 17:50:22

Hi everyone! DP and I just decided to start trying for #1, so here I am all excited grin having my IUD taken out this week! I'm 24 but DP is 28 and already feels like he's been waiting forever... He's worse than I am with the broodiness!

Good to 'meet' you all smile

Sunshineonsea Mon 18-Nov-13 18:08:05

Hi, I'm in my late 20s and Dh is in 30s we are ttc
Came off the pill 2 weeks ago but it seems I'm getting ovulation discharge already (thanks rosie thanks ) so hoping the process will be quick
We already have one Dc but would like to give them a sibling
Good luck to everyone

Sunshineonsea Mon 18-Nov-13 18:09:42

What do all the acronyms mean? I know ttc but not familiar with the rest

Littlebear88 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:13:55

DH is darling husband and BFP is positive pregnancy result! Not sure of the others!
AF Aunt Flo!!

rosiegal Mon 18-Nov-13 18:26:19

Oooh flowers for me, how kind sunshine If you're struggling with the acronyms have a liitle looky at the top of the thread and you have some of the meanings. I sound like a right know it all now, I promise I'm not but ever since making the 'big decision' I've been spending a lot of time on here. Here have a brew and make yourself at home x

amy246 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:44:26

Hi everyone! I'm in my first month TTC as well! I'm 27 and just feel it's the right time smile my AF is due tomoz so we'll have to see what happens. Trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to!

Hibou7688 Mon 18-Nov-13 19:27:37

Sunshine at the top of the page there is an acronyms button, click that and it brings them all up

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