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Oh My Dear God In Heaven - What have we done!!

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Twinkie Wed 25-Feb-04 10:38:56

Ok - I am being dramatic but have every reason to be - have realised after bit of prodding an poking that I can't find my threads to my IUD!!!

Had a bit of a bleed last weekend and heavy pains etc was weird as never happened in between periods before but just thought was one of those things!!

Well since then have had sex 4 times (sorry to be so intimate here!!) and now am terrified that I am up the DUFF!!!!

Last period started 7th of this month and finished on the 13th - what are the odds - can someone please tell me???

It would not be the biggest disaster in the world - DP and I are happy together and have spoken about children and he would love them and I yearn for a baby sometimes but now with facing the reality that it could actually happen I am terrified??

Now I don't want to go and have anew one fitted until I know if an pregnant or not but that means just waiting till my period is due and abstaining!!

Hey - I knew I shouldn't have gone to those meet ups!!

Janstar Wed 25-Feb-04 10:54:39

What do you mean, abstaining? Use a condom.

Nothing you can do about poss being pregnant though, so you might as well start to like the idea, just in case .

May I be the first to provisionally congratulate you?

And thanks for the reminder...just off to check my own 'protection'...

dejags Wed 25-Feb-04 10:58:38


I wouldn't like to say what your chances of being pg are. If it helps I had my last period on 8th December and babe was conceived on 21st/22nd December. I have fairly normal cycles i.e. 28 days(ish)... so work it back did you do the "deed" during this timeframe?

Unfortunately you aren't going to have to wait this one out honey... when is your next period due?

Hope it turns out the way you are hoping for...

Twinkie Wed 25-Feb-04 11:03:23

Cheers you two!!

Abstaining as DP can't use condoms - I am allergic to Latex and he has had lots of problems down there and has only just been able to do on demand all of the time within the last year (with my help of course!!)

Thanks Dejags - er yes that means there is a chance!!

Think/hope/not sure whether I want congratulating at the mo!!

All of you go and check your threads now!!

Janstar Wed 25-Feb-04 11:06:06

Mother nature always has the last laugh.

Jaybee Wed 25-Feb-04 11:06:36

Twinkie - I may as well say congratulations because even if you are not pregnant - it sounds as though by the time you find out that you are not you will have grown to like the idea and will, therefore, be disappointed - so you will be trying soon anyway. Does that make sense??
This happened to us when dd was 3 and ds 6 - had a scare, thought I was - ended up that I wasn't but we went ahead and tried for one anyway - thankfully, nothing happened for a few months, during which time sanity got the better of us and we realised that we didn't really want more children.

twiglett Wed 25-Feb-04 11:22:26

message withdrawn

dinosaur Wed 25-Feb-04 11:23:10

Well, Twinkie, I guess we'd better not let you down a bottle of wine at lunchtime then, just in case...

Metrobaby Wed 25-Feb-04 11:31:14

Twinkie - if you are - that will be yet another pg caused by the City lunchtime meetups. I think we need to start having warnings on them at this rate :0

aloha Wed 25-Feb-04 11:37:44

TWinkie, er, where is your IUD now??

Twinkie Wed 25-Feb-04 11:42:23

Well that's the question???

Oh My God could it have gone the other way and not come out at all - could it be floating around in my womb??

And I have a smear test booked for monday morning -should I tell he nurse???

Jaybee Wed 25-Feb-04 11:51:26

I think I would make an appointment with whoever fitted it just to get it checked.

Helsbels Wed 25-Feb-04 12:14:23

Twinkie, make an appt and get it found - they can cause infection. Anyway - you want it out of the way for now!! How exciting - it's fate, you know. Some things are just meant to be and its no good fighting them. Make sure that you mention your concerns to the person who removes your coil. Good luck and here's to the next 9 months {{{}}}

Twinkie Wed 25-Feb-04 12:16:59

Oh I'm going to meet my pregnant friends for lunch now!!! - And I may not even be pregnant as it has been quoted there is only a 30% chance each month so ner ner ner ner ner!!

Will book appointment for tomorrow or Monday if I can!! - God do you think it may have gone the other way and give me an infection -what is the chance of that - I have no signs - no smelliness, pain or anything!!

Helsbels Wed 25-Feb-04 12:19:09

30% is 30% - you've only got to have one determined little bugger!! You wouldn't have any pain/smells necessarily yet but still get it checked! Good luck

oliveoil Wed 25-Feb-04 12:21:40

Can't think of a suitable response as I am still in shock, oh ok jealous, at your "4 times since last weekend" remark.

<<<<turns shade of green>>>>

SpringChicken Thu 26-Feb-04 15:25:49

Oh have only just found this after seeing one of your comments on another thread and wondering what on earth you were talking about.

Are your cycles regular then? If so you could very well be.

Oooooooh i cannot wait to find out

Twinkie Thu 26-Feb-04 15:48:28

Yep regular as you like most of the time!!

Would have a November baby I think if am!!

SpringChicken Thu 26-Feb-04 16:11:23

If your cycles are regular and you don't suffer from anything like PCO's then you would have been most fertile between Wednesday 18th & Monday 23rd.
And gathering by the fact you posted this on Wednesday then it sounds like you probably done it at all the *right* times

And...............if you are regular means you can test on Thursday

Twinkie Thu 26-Feb-04 16:13:59

What next Thursday or today Thursday??

Shit I am terrified now, as jealous I was of everyone and wanted a baby sooo much, now I'm scared and yet in one way I hope I am - aaahhh a little baby and in one way hope to god that I'm not!! (Specially with Rhubarbs site down!!)

Distracted Thu 26-Feb-04 16:31:20

What about your bleed last weekend though - doesn't that make it a bit less likely?

Rhubarb Thu 26-Feb-04 16:33:56

Oh right, now I get it! I'm working hard on it Twinkie, hoping to find it in the next day or so.

Twinkie Thu 26-Feb-04 16:36:12

Not sure what that was all about last weekend - I am a bit crap at all this sort fo stuff really!!

Oh well just have to sit this one out and wait till I can do a test!!

Have already thought up a nice title fo a thread if I am - oooohhh god I am getting excited - someone slap me really really hard right now!!!

sb34 Thu 26-Feb-04 16:38:32

Message withdrawn

SpringChicken Thu 26-Feb-04 16:50:44

Next Thursday Twinkie bleed at the weekend could've been implatantation bleeding.

Basically you started your most fertile patch last wednesday, therefore, if you and DP were at it anytime after Wednesday but before your bleed it could very well be implantation bleeding

My god, how exciting is this ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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