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TTC no 3? Anyone just started / about to start / about to start thinking about it?

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bonzo77 Wed 06-Nov-13 14:59:00

I am absolutely not going to go nuts about it this time like I did for no 2. Because my kids have each other and won't be alone looking after their ancient parents in years to come. But a 3rd would be a bonus. And part of me doesn't care either way, and another part cannot wait for a lovely little snuggly new born. And part of me is enjoying getting my nights back, and my body, and is worried about the money, the lack of bedrooms, the need for a bigger car, having another miscarriage, or high risk pregnancy, a 3rd CS, a baby in intensive care. But then 5 months of no contraception and nothings happening..... The baby is 11 months, and we said we'd start putting more effort in once he is 1....

Anyone in the same boat? Want to hang out and worry / pretend not to worry?

bonzo77 Fri 09-Jan-15 16:46:43

I know this is a zombie thread... but I started it so her we go....

BFP! Oh My God. Haven't even told anyone yet!

maxpower Sat 28-Jun-14 21:44:31

Hi all. Haven't been around for a while due to life - holiday, applying for a new job, full on at work etc. Still not pg. Should be ovulating this weekend so typically dh is working nights.

Congrats to those of you who've had bfps, great to see some positivity around. Good luck to everyone else x

mummytwobears Tue 20-May-14 09:12:53

Yes I think they're trying to kill through worry, death by grey hairs!
We weren't really ttc before I had MC few weeks ago, but haven't used any contraception since 2012 so not actively trying to not get pregnant either!
Think we're going to wait till Xmas before we start ttc properly. I'm still worried but leaning towards it being worth the risks smile
Good luck to you xxxx

Passthebiscuitspls Mon 19-May-14 21:19:13

Keepers mummy, that sounds awful, I'm so glad they both recovered well!! They scare you to bloody death don't they? ;) that must have been awful for you to watch.

Sounds like you are making the right decision for you then! Is this your first month trying? It's our second but both my kids took longer than that so I'm not expecting it to be this easy!

mummytwobears Mon 19-May-14 20:31:39

Well my reaction would be emptiness, sadness and anxiety about what on earth I'll do in the future if I don't have 3! I registered as a childminder about 18 mnths ago to look after some friends children two days a week, those are my happiest days when my house is full of chaos smile
I'm sorry your daughter has had to be in hospital, your child being ill is just the worst kind of pain, my eldest had a brain abscess aged 3 (totally unrelated to genetic stuff) and my little one meningitis aged 2, they both made full recovery, though the eldest was ill for about 6 mnths while I was pregnant with second, was a terrible time sad
Anyway enough about me, fingers crossed this is your month xxxxxxx

Passthebiscuitspls Mon 19-May-14 17:06:00

Hey everyone! I'm back!

Mummy; I have no words of wisdom but in making the decision myself to decide to try for a third I thought about it like this: if you are told tomorrow that you cannot have a third, what's your first immediate emotion? Mine was sadness, so I knew it was the right decision.
My second has some health problems and has had a lot of stays in hospital. It's sad watching her suffer but we cope with it, you have to and you get through it. I hope if we do have another it won't have the same problems, but if it does, we'll cope, because they're my kids and I'll do everything to help them and nurture them. Even if hospital food is rubbish!

So, I'm on CD25, I have absolutely no idea when I ov'd! I must of done by now, I really hope so as we DTD a lot!! Last cycle was 32 days so going by that, I'm 6-7dpo. Fingers crossed. I literally couldn't do anymore that we did.

Bonzo; you're not over til she shows up so fingers crossed for you!
busy; the sickness is def a good thing, although it doesn't feel like it at the time! ;)
Hope everyone is ok, any news?

mummytwobears Mon 19-May-14 11:51:04

Hello ladies, can I join in?
I have two lovely daughters aged 3yrs and 7yrs and up till recently I was done having babies.
Even though i've always wanted 3 children we decided we'd stop at two. Both of our girls took ages to conceive, 2nd time round was ridiculously stressful, pregnancies were rubbish both times and both girls have been poorly as toddlers with long horrible stays in hospital. The eldest has genetic conditions but we've adapted and she copes amazingly well, doing great in mainstream school.
We decided we'd been through enough worry and we'd call it quits... only then last month I found out I was 8 wks pregnant, after initial shock wore off we were over joyed, pregnancy doesn't just happen like that for us so we took it as a sign 3 was the magic number after all. Only as soon as we got excited it was over, I miscarried 2 wks ago. It was my first MC and I was shocked how awful it was, sorry if that sounds stupid but in the past getting pregnant has been the hard part I never imagined i'd MC.

Now OH wants a third baby, I do too, but i'm scared what if it takes ages ttc, what if I MC again, what if the baby has worsening of known genetic problems, what if my body falls apart, i'm not getting any younger.
What if its all a big mistake!!

We can cope with the no money part, I gave up work with number 1, and we've managed to scrape by. And the no space part is ok, we've a 3 bed but lots of garden ;)

I'm scared of what might happen, but also scared i'll regret no trying.

Any words of wisdom?

faibila Thu 15-May-14 21:20:16

Thxxx bonzo i really appreceted.bcoz i was ssooooo alone 4 long husbnd and me try alot 4 baby.but no luck but this time hopefully we ll get.....and howzzzz ur day r going bonzoooo....

faibila Thu 15-May-14 21:16:23

Hi.everyone.....i finished my clomid ...but periods r still confuse pray 4 me......guysthis month i ll get my angel.

busyDays Tue 13-May-14 14:12:38

Oops, actually meant to post that on the other TTC3 thread but never mind. I think quite a few of us are on both anyway.

busyDays Tue 13-May-14 14:08:30

Fingers crossed for you bonzo. I hope you get your BFP.

I have my appointment with the GP tomorrow to get the whole booking in business rolling. I had been holding off making an appointment because of my earlier bleeding but I haven't had any for a week now so I thought it was time to get things going. I'm 5+4 today so still very early days. I've also already managed to blurt out to two people that I'm pregnant blush even though I wasn't planning on telling anyone. I must learn to stop myself. I blame it on a combination of being excited and also the nausea starting up. It can be hard to hide when I am feeling really unwell.

bonzo77 Mon 12-May-14 21:28:07

faibila welcome, and good luck! I am so so sorry for your loss. There are lots of threads on MN full of extra support (and knowledge) for women who have had late losses, polycystic ovaries and are using clomid.

passthebiscuits had another BFN this morning with FMU. TBH that doesn't look good. I'm now 12 DPO, and last time I had a BFP 11 DPO. I'm still feeling a bit sick and dizzy on and off, but I did have D&V a week ago, so it could be the tail end of that. I'm vaguely crampy and have vaguely sore boobs (achey when I remove my bra), so that could be early pg but more likely PMS. OTOH I made 2 daft errors yesterday that I have never made before: I made DS a packed lunch for today, when he doesn't stay for lunch at nursery on Mondays, and I forgot to put my boots on to go horseriding yesterday. I got the lace of my trainer caught on a twig which made me realise. Preggo brain or coincidence... Anyway, hope you and DH have the stamina for daily shagging: we just cannot manage it! When do you go away?

Passthebiscuitspls Mon 12-May-14 17:44:16

Hi faibila, good luck this month!

Bonzo; have you tested again?

Anyone anything else to report? I'm on CD18 so should ov in the next couple of days, Yey! Stepping up DTD to daily, I hope that does the trick ;)


faibila Sun 11-May-14 01:23:35

plzzzz guys pray 4 me...that this time i ll get pregnant......m dying to have a baby..........may God give all of u baby.....

faibila Sun 11-May-14 01:08:42

hi.m new to this site ..hope all you mums r ok.i got married 4 year ago ....m gng to start from last year when i was near to 6 month preggo and got miscarrige ....that was very pain full moment of my life...and after that i try alot but no luck....but just a week before my doc prescribe me clomid m very happy bcoz i got pcos ovary and cant conceive naturally hopefully this time i ll get my little angel worried for baby ,today was my first day of clomid my doc prescribe me 50 mg....

Passthebiscuitspls Sat 10-May-14 20:33:25

Bonzo; sounds like fate to me! I'm crossing everything it is. Eeekkkkk! Give it a couple of days and then test again.
We're going to Cape Verde for a few days, very excited!! ;)

bonzo77 Fri 09-May-14 18:03:06

I ordered tests, they arrived today and obviously being a dick head I pissed on one as they came through the letterbox. BFN naturally. Seriously wtf am I doing that for at 9 dpo. But god do I feel sick. Either this is some cruel hangover from last weekends d and v. Or..... IMO seeking help when we are not getting pg ends up in me getting pg. with the mc DH had just sent off a jizz sample, and with DS2 I'd just booked an appointment with a specialist. So surely having an ultrasound and some blood tests can't but help!

passthebiscuits going anywhere nice?

busyDays Fri 09-May-14 16:18:52

Wow bonzo that must have been exciting. Fingers crossed for you. Are you going to test early or wait it out?

Passthebiscuitspls Fri 09-May-14 13:18:59

Bonzo; how weird that must of been that he actually saw you ovulating!! Amazing really! I reeeeeeally hope it's a BFP for you. Crossing my fingers and toes.

Bugger all to report from me. Coming up to ovulation, CD15 now so starting my regime of DTD, not that DH knows that's what it is, but it is! ;) luckily there's a holiday as well so DTD more will be easier. Yey! I really want it to be this month. Pleeeease!!

Hope everyone else is ok and has more exciting news than me!


bonzo77 Thu 08-May-14 20:58:25

Hi all. Anything I should know about? I had my fertility ultrasound last Wednesday which was CD17. And the sonographer could actually see me ovulating!! So today I'm 8 dpo. And here's the odd thing. I feel really bloody sick. But not light headed, which I have done before if pg. and we did have d&v last weekend. So it could just be that... Anyway, I've ordered some pg test strips from amazon....

pcbmc00 Sat 26-Apr-14 20:44:14

Hi dd1 is 4 and dd2 is 2... Things just getting calmer and easiergrin

BeginnerSAHM Sat 26-Apr-14 07:36:23

Hello pcb - how old are your two children?

pcbmc00 Fri 25-Apr-14 15:04:40

I'm going to go for it and start ttc for baby number 3 have been doing do much thinking back and forward.... But just going to go for it low hopefully....grin

BeginnerSAHM Fri 25-Apr-14 13:25:20

I suppose so. Obviously, I am v pleased and don't mind at a that it'll be a Christmas baby if it sticks. Been testing every day - seems to be getting a little darker. Did a digital today - 1-2 weeks (since conception). So will try another one next Friday if there are no problems before then. Been to see GP and due date given of 31 December. But only got to 38 weeks with DC1 and 36 weeks with DC2. So, probably before Christmas... If it sticks. And all is ok.

I still think a late jan birthday is better - everybody could do with a night out and some excitement by then and presents are slightly less likely to be 'joint'...wink

Anyway, fingers crossed for you and everybody else. Still can't quite believe how lucky we've been first time round - at 39 and all that... Keep thinking there must be a catch... But I'm not going to worry and just enjoy it. No sickness since Monday. Expect it'll kick in in about 10 days if all goes well.

Passthebiscuitspls Fri 25-Apr-14 12:48:02

In some ways beginner, but if it's a week before or further away then that, I think it would be lovely, everyone's festive so up for drinks and a party etc. if I'd got a BFP it would've meant delivering on 23rd dec so I wouldn't be home til Xmas day, now that would be shit! That's the silver lining! ;)

Have you tested again today? Still getting darker? Xx

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