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Anyone else waiting for AF/BFP in next couple of days? Come share the wait!

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BlueC2 Mon 04-Nov-13 09:53:37

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself as not only did we give DTD a really good shot this cycle but AF is due tomorrow and I haven't tested yet smile Normally I would've used several cheapy internet tests by now but all I have in the house is an expensive Clearblue Digi test which I refuse to use until Wedneday morning if AF hasn't appeared by then. We're TTC for no. 2, DS1 is 17mo and I am still BFing twice a day. My cycles are pretty clockwork so Af would normally appear tonight of in the morning. We would love a 2 year school gap so this is our last shot for that as I'd prefer to avoid an August birthday so if Af comes then we will give TTC a break until after Christmas. Anyway...enough rambling...come chat if you're about to test/holding out for another few days!

keepswimming1 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:03:35

Hi bluec2

I am due in 6days. This is also my last shot until the new year as dh works away.
I've already tested and had a stupidly faint line with clear blue then the next day a NOT PREGNANT with the digi. So I am refusing to buy another test until I am at least due or late. If its in the house I just cant help myself sad
Good luck to you x

BlueC2 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:37:56

Hi keepswimming that's so frustrating! Though still quite early but fx AF stays well away!!

Not sure how I've held out without testing but we're pretty short of cash at the moment so I just can't face the thought of 'peeing on a £5 note' when AF not due yet... as it costs that much to buy a digi so that's what I keep telling myself! I remember when we were TTC no.1 someone said life would be so much easier if our pee just turned blue or something when we were pregnant grin

keepswimming1 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:46:46

Thats a good way to think about it to be honest. I will not pee on a fiver smile
If only our pee would change colour – how awesome would that be

Do you feel pregnant? Or had a signs? if there is such a thing

I'm looking forward to just being pregnant, I think I'm going to like it smile

woodwaj Mon 04-Nov-13 13:06:03

I'm due on today! Going to the loo every 30 mins it feels like waiting for AF to arrive. Good luck to all. Ive said ill test Wednesday if no AF

booisgreat Mon 04-Nov-13 13:50:12

Hi Ladies.

I am due AF on Friday/Saturday. I am 10dpo. I Have had tender nipples (not boobs) since 3do. Frequent loo trips since roughly then too. Very bloated too. These are also my AF symptoms which I normally get a few days before she comes on but I have had these for past week. Since Friday I have been really tired. CM is going between creamy and really stretchy to creamy again. Today I have been having shooting pains in abdomen and slight cramping. Normally only cramp when af starts. Needless to say I did a test yesterday and it was negative, which I expected. Of course I am over analysing everything!!!!!

Has anyone else have symptoms, real or imaginary?

keepswimming1 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:09:07

Well I think I am having symptoms lol

I've been getting twinges in my boobs and tingling nipples. Also been getting lower abdominal cramps too. some of which shoot to my right leg lol
I've been driving myself mad

woodwaj Mon 04-Nov-13 16:21:11

I have also being getting cramps but presuming they are AF symptoms so I dont get too disappointed when it is!! I have been bloated last week but that seems to have eased off now!!

woodwaj Mon 04-Nov-13 17:22:00

I have also being getting cramps but presuming they are AF symptoms so I dont get too disappointed when it is!! I have been bloated last week but that seems to have eased off now!!

VJONES1985 Mon 04-Nov-13 17:29:48

Hi all. I'm 3 or 4 dpo and absolutely downright refusing to symptom spot this time because I've always been wrong in the past! Will join you for the 2ww though!

BlueC2 Tue 05-Nov-13 15:09:51

Well, for some reason I can only access mumsnet on my phone today which is a bit odd. Hello to all those waiting and wondering along with me! My AF is now technically late as she would normally appear on the evening of CD27 or first thing CD28 but still no sign and we're now pm of CD28. Just had a frustrating and upsetting chat with my Mum though. I can normally chat to her about anything but I must remember that conception is off the list-admittedly she had a rotten 4 years trying for me (her DD1) so my few months of trying, MC before DS1 etc really don't seem too much in comparison but she's just so unsympathetic to the waiting and wondering and not a shred of excitement from her though I know she will be excited...sorry just feeling rather hormonal and emotional at the moment! Have treated myself to tea and cake in a cafe but just feel like crying after my chat to her! Must pull myself together!

woodwaj Tue 05-Nov-13 15:27:44

It's hard isnt it. I haven't told anyone and I do think it makes it easier sometimes but it can be hard. When are you going to test. Ive changed my mind and delayed to friday now. Still no AF from me!

BlueC2 Tue 05-Nov-13 15:57:01

Not entirely sure why I told her tbh think it's just so on my mind at the moment that it blurted out before I'd really thought about it. Debating whether I can hold my nerve and wait until Thursday to test...last time I got bfp on a digi two days before AF was due, but I wasn't breastfeeding then so didn't have the possible side effects of that to contend with. I had a cycle in August where AF was 4 days late though so maybe I ought to try and wait for the weekend or cave in and buy some cheap tests so I can save my digi for when I'm more sure

keepswimming1 Tue 05-Nov-13 16:06:03

I admire anyone who can wait to test I just get too carried away. I've just ordered some tests online ready oops lol

Blueclad - I understand how you feel as I also told my mum and all I got was we couldn't do that in my day we just had to wait until we missed a period etc etce etc!! Not helpful. Enjoy your tea and cake and remember this site when you need to talk, as at least here we are all in the same situation. smile

woodwaj Tue 05-Nov-13 16:31:30

Thats why im not testing yet incase im super late. I also have a digital but that bad boy is for when I get a line on a cheapie and I want confirmation (best check the use by date!!)

Waggamamma Tue 05-Nov-13 16:58:55

Hello! I'll join too smile af due today 10dpo. Was trying to wait til friday to poas but have bought a first response. Will report back after poasing, although it's probably too early.

woodwaj Tue 05-Nov-13 17:19:09

I think a bfp Is just what we need to kick start us all off. Good luck!!

Ladyboluna Tue 05-Nov-13 17:48:07

AF is due today. I've done 2 tests in the last 24hrs both been negative, my cycle has been 25 days exactly the previous 2 cycles, before then it was 26.5 days, so might not get a bfp anyway until Thursday if its a longer cycle. If I am pregnant.

Waggamamma Tue 05-Nov-13 18:21:04

bfn sad

BlueC2 Tue 05-Nov-13 18:30:20

Sorry to hear that wagga though using a test with first morning urine (fmu) is more reliable at this early stage...maybe try and wait a couple if days and try that?

Have calmed down a bit from earlier-thanks for all your kind words. Also chatted to DH and have decided to hold out until Thursday as just can't face a bfn tomorrow-would prefer to get AF - a bfn just feels like a slap in the face! Just really hoping we've managed it this cycle...we've not been trying for long but Ttc just seems to be quite all consuming!

woodwaj Tue 05-Nov-13 18:50:54

Wagga, its not over until AF arrives. Fx for you.

Good luck blue!! AF is not welcome on this thread

VJONES1985 Tue 05-Nov-13 18:58:36

Wagga - it may just be too early, it's only 10 dpo!

I'm having a second bout of ewcm, five days after I thought I had ovulated. So am a bit confused but this is the first time this has happened since coming off the pill so hope this is just my hormones settling down a bit.

Waggamamma Tue 05-Nov-13 19:09:25 must be on her way sad

Ladyboluna Tue 05-Nov-13 19:22:51

I think whether its an AF or a BFP we should all have a slice of cake! cake

VJONES1985 Tue 05-Nov-13 19:28:51

Wagga - not necessarily!

Lady - good plan. What's your favourite cake?

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