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The November bus has started with a BANG (and I don't mean just the fireworks!)

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Choccywoccydodah Sun 03-Nov-13 09:23:41

4 BFPs

coco808 ttc#1 cycle 3
Grobagsforever ttc#2 cycle 1
LH1981 ttc#3 cycle 3
Dollydaydream27 ttc#1 cycle 1

75 awaiting BFPs!

nicnacnicnac ttc#1, cycle 1, bfp due 2nd Nov
MrsCarridge Ttc #1, cycle #3 bfp due 5th Nov
dupainduvindufromage, Ttc #2, cycle 3, bfp due 5th Nov
englishteacher78 TTC #1 Cycle 4 BFP due 5th Nov
Owlie84 ttc#1 cycle 6, BFP due 5th Nov
Heba1025 ttc #1 for almost 3 years cycle 3 post m/c bfp due 5th Nov
Wineandchoccy ttc #1, cycle #4, bfp due 6th Nov
justanotherforumname, ttc#1, cycle 1, bfp due 6th nov
ADP007 ttc#2 cycle 1 bfp due 6th Nov
kirstyd1 ttc#2 cycle 3 after mc bfp 7th nov
SarahBumBarer ttc #3 cycle 1 bfp due 7th Nov
sparklesandfizz ttc#3 cycle #3 bfp due 8th Nov
MundayCakes85 ttc #1 cycle 4 bfp due 8th Nov
booisgreat ttc #3 cycle 1 post mmc bfp due 8th Nov
PinkHat1 ttc#1 cycle 5, bfp due around nov 8.
Choccywoccydodah ttc#2 cycle 3 bfp due 8th Nov
Sparky321 ttc#3 cycle 2 bfp due 9th Nov
Crazylady2013 ttc#1 cycle#3 bfp 9th Nov
Leezl ttc #1, cycle 4, bfp due 10th
theduchesse, ttc#2, cycle 1, bfp due 10th nov
LePetitPont ttc #1 cycle 3 bfp due 10th Nov
Mumtoacub ttc #1 cycle 6 bfp due 10th Nov
Keepswimming1 ttc#1 cycle 5 bfp due 10th Nov
HisLommel ttc#3 cycle 2 bfp due 10th Nov
plinkyplonks TTC#1 cycle #4 bfp due 11th Nov
SoMuchFruit ttc#1 cycle 4 bfp due 11th Nov
Findingme ttc#2 cycle 4 bfp due 11th Nov
Karmalaa ttc#1 cycle 1 after mc bfp due 11th
Laptopgirl ttc#? cycle bfp 12th nov
ThisIsMeNow ttc #2 cycle 2 bfp due 12th Nov
ScienceGeekGirl ttc #1 cycle 8 BFP 12th Nov
Howly ttc#1 cycle 1 BFP due 13th Nov
SaltySeaBird TTC#2 cycle #2 bfp due 14th nov
Onelifeonechance, ttc #1 cycle 5 BFP due 14th Nov
ImNotAFlower ttc#2 cycle 1 bfp due 15th Nov
Mama31 ttc 2, cycle 5, BFP due 15th Nov
LuckyStar1 ttc#1 cycle 1 post mmc bfp due 16th Nov
Babymamatobe ttc#1 cycle 3 bfp due 16th Nov
Nottalotta ttc#1 cycle 5 BFP due 16th Nov
MovingOnUpduffed ttc #2 cycle 1 BFP 16th Nov
cottonwool4brains Ttc no 2 Cycle 8 ( 2 chem, cycles 4 & 7) Bfp 17
ScienceGeekGirl ttc #1 cycle 8 due bfp 17th Nov
Funkymonk ttc#1 cycle 12 (4 post m/c) bfp due 17th Nov
Lessonsintightropes ttc #1, cycle 3, bfp due 18th Nov
Pocopearl ttc #2, cycle 2, bfp dure 20th Nov
ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie Ttc#1 cycle 2 bfp due 22nd nov
ELR ttc#3 cycle 4 BFP due 22nd Nov
DisneyDiva87 TTC #1 cycle 8(?) bfp due 23rd Nov
ImaginaryHat, ttc#1, cycle 7, bfp 23 Nov
Flymo79, ttc #1, cycle 5, BFP due 23 Nov
HalfPintLulu ttc#2 cycle 2 BFP due 24th Nov
justhayley, ttc#2, cycle 1 after mc, bfp due 25th nov
NeuroticSweetTalk Cycle#3 BFP due 25th Nov
sazzlehopes ttc#2 cycle 12 bfp nov 26th
Skybluegirl33 ttc#1 cycle 4 BFP due 27th Nov
Gnomiegrace TTC#1 Cycle#5 BFP due 29th Nov?
TwerkingNinetoFive ttc#2 cycle 3 bfp due 29th Nov
Missvaughan85 ttc#2 cycle 4 bfp due 29th Nov
dontsqueezetheteabag TTC #1 Cycle 3 BFP due 31st nov
Aisha18 ttc#1 cycle 1 bfp due ?
barmybunting TTC #1 Cycle 2 bfp due ?
Punkypod, ttc#2, cycle 1, bfp due 5th dec
Refoca ttc #2 cycle #3 bfp due ??
thisismenow, ttc#2, cycle 1, bfp due ?
wiggleginger, ttc#2, cycle 3, bfp ?
Lucyfluff ttc #4 cycle 1 post m/c bfp due ?
Vjones1985 ttc#1 cycle 4 bfp due ?
Bohemond ttc#1 cycle 1 post m/c bfp due ?
Violetsareblu ttc#2 cycle 1 bfp due ?
DearDinah ttc#1 cycle 4/5 bfp due ?
Bloumer ttc#1 month 5/cycle ridiculous BFP ?
Flylikeabird ttc#2 cycle 1 bfp due ?
Hibou7688 ttc#1 cycle 1 bfp due ?
Sausagesaurus lurking.....
SaraRB123 lurking.....

Hopped off onto the December bus


LH1981 Sun 03-Nov-13 09:33:22

Reposting to new thread - thanks Choccy!

Love it, cycle biddy!!
Well, another faint line again this morning. Starting to worry now - shouldn't they be getting stronger? I guess they are getting stronger compared to the squinty ones from a few days ago - so impatient! Just really worried I'm imagining things like last month!!

Think I'll try and hold off until Tuesday and then use my CB Digi for a definite answer - just wary of seeing that horrendous CAPITAL NOT - and is it me, or is the N even in bold - like, N for NO woman, NO NO NO!! wink

DH home around 5pm, so do I tell him, or wait until I have the ultimate proof of a CB digi on Tuesday??

DinkyMole Sun 03-Nov-13 09:44:34

Ooh I named changed so I need to be added:

DinkyMole, ttc#3 cycle 2 BFP due 10 Nov

DinkyMole Sun 03-Nov-13 09:45:11

I'd tell him LH! smile

Missvaughan85 Sun 03-Nov-13 09:48:43

Can you can mine on list?? Ttc#2 cycle 3 bfp was due 29th oct yet to get af

Missvaughan85 Sun 03-Nov-13 09:49:07

Change, sorry auto correct!!

grobagsforever Sun 03-Nov-13 09:49:19

LH I only get faint lines, with this pg and with DD. Don't worry!

ScienceGeekGirl Sun 03-Nov-13 09:53:02

Thanks for the new thread choco blush I appear to be listed twice. The 12th is the correct one but guess I'd still like to have a positive on the 17th as well heehee

ScienceGeekGirl Sun 03-Nov-13 09:56:19

Oh and loving the name for the bus! Love a bit of bonfire night fun

elcranko Sun 03-Nov-13 09:59:31

Hello, can I join you all? DH & I have just started to think about a sibling for our DD, as we would like quite a small age gap, if possible. Although we've agreed it what we want, the thought of having two under two is still a bit daunting! This is only cycle 1, so for the time being we plan to just ditch the contraception and see what happens.

I can't copy and paste from my phone so would someone mind adding me to the list please?
ElCranko ttc#2 Cycle 1 BFP due 20th Nov

ImaginaryHat Sun 03-Nov-13 10:10:29

Apologies once again mama, an innocent typo, honest! I'm also now 31 so if I insult you I insult myself!

LH I'd tell him, you have definite lines on your tests!

Did everyone enjoy the fireworks last night? Our local display was great, though they couldnt use some of the big ones cos of the strong winds. Was still really good though.

SaltySeaBird Sun 03-Nov-13 10:17:21

Oh well I ovulated on course so BFP is due on the 14th as listed (impressed I ovulated spot on when I thought!)

sazzlehopes Sun 03-Nov-13 10:32:34

dinkymole what is your name change from and i'll update!

lindamagoo Sun 03-Nov-13 10:44:29

Hi girls, can I hop on the bus please? We had decided a few months ago to stop ttc again but all we have done since is talk about having another so what the hell lets give it one last go smile
lindamagoo ttc #3 cycle 1 bfp due ???
unsure as just came off the pill

lucyfluff Sun 03-Nov-13 10:44:47

Thanks choccy smile and yes LH tell him!!! Also forgot if I said congratulations? So CoNGrAtS!!!! X

LH1981 Sun 03-Nov-13 10:57:08

Thanks ladies - ok, decided then, I'll tell him when he gets home grin

Welcome to our new passengers - it's a great bus to be one, full of lovely supportive ladies!

elcranko - I have two ds's, 15 months apart (now 5 & 6). My oldest was 7 months old when I fell pregnant with my 2nd (after 5 years of trying first time around!!) - thought it was going to be a nightmare, but it was nowhere near as hard as I'd imagined and now they are so close it's amazing (even sleep in the same bed cuddling!) - go for it!! xx

LH1981 Sun 03-Nov-13 10:59:12

Thanks lucy!

elcranko Sun 03-Nov-13 11:08:50

LH that is so lovely to hear! Reminds me that, although I'm sure two little ones is a lot of hard work, it will be so amazing too smile

Congratulations to you (and all of the other ladies who have their BFP already). Enjoy telling your DH smile

Missvaughan85 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:14:47

What pregnancy test do you all use?? I've been using clear blue and the odd morrisons. Still no sign of af. Think I've had a malfunctioning month!!

LH1981 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:17:40

I've been using ICs (think one step or something), Sainsburys and Superdrugs own brands. So far, only the Superdrugs one has picked it up.

lifesgreatquestions Sun 03-Nov-13 11:23:22

Hi guys, can I hang out here for a few days please? Ttc 10 months straight without a pg. Been trying longer than that though resulting in 2 mc's so far. Both times got pg within 1-3 months so this has been a long, disappointing slog. I've been hopeful this month but tested negative this morning (on an out of date test - clings to hope!) so I just need a place to ss for a few days until the inevitable!

I normally have a 26 day cycle (today is cd26), usually with spotting before hand, but I ovulated late this month and the few times that has happened it's lengthened my cycle so I'm now tapping my fingers and waiting...!!!

lifesgreatquestions Sun 03-Nov-13 11:32:08

This is obviously a massive thread but just reading through this one...

LH1981 I had faint lines for a week before they got bolder, so fx for you, should be fine, congratulations!

Minithemoocher Sun 03-Nov-13 11:40:15

Hello everyone. I'm new although have been lurking for a while. Can I join?! DH and I have just started ttc #1. Not doing any cycle tracking at the moment. I think we'll just see what happens!

ThisIsMeNow Sun 03-Nov-13 11:44:40

Thanks for the new thread choc, I seem to be on twice blush grin
Have peed on ic's and (of course) bfn. Just curious as to when it'd show if I am pg.

LH1981 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:46:50

Hi life, welcome! Sounds like you're having a difficult time sad - there are a few cycle#11's on here, so you're def not alone. And like I said in my pp, took me 5 years first time around for unexplained reasons - very frustrating. Hopefully this will be your month - FX for you!

Thanks for the tip, hopefully the lines will start getting stronger in the next few days. It's just I'm on cycle day 30 now so I would expect it to show stronger. But I have no idea of my cycle length or my ovulation day as I'm ttc straight off the pill and not temping/opk'ing - so guess if I ovulated later in my cycle that would explain it.

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