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Not even halfway through October and the BFPs are coming fast!

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Choccywoccydodah Sun 13-Oct-13 20:42:46

14 wonderful BFP's so far!!

Snowlet BFP cycle 1 post m/c
ThreeFromDesire BFP cycle 9
IBelieveInEngels BFP cycle ?
Clever0110 BFP cycle 1
LucyFluff BFP cycle 2 (chem)
Lililly BFP cycle ?
RaRaZ BFP cycle 4
Liquidamber BFP cycle 4
Ginandstripes BFP cycle 4
MrsDinoRawr BFP cycle 3
Nicenicebaby BFP cycle ?
Hugglemonster BFP cycle 3
MrsRandom78 BFP cycle 1
MarlenaGru BFP cycle 1

56 Awaiting BFPs

Flame40s ttc#3, cycle3, bfp 2nd Oct
blueskies19 ttc#1 cycle ? BFP 3rd oct
newforest ttc#1, cycle 1, bfp 5th Oct
Nulanoo ttc#1 cycle 2 bfp 5th Oct
Bloumer ttc #1 cycle #3ish? BFP 6th
Funkymonk 31yrs ttc#1 cycle 11 (cycle 3 post Mc) bfp due 6/7 Oct
Pocopearl ttc 2 cycle 2 bfp due 7 oct
Jessewalt Ttc #1, cycle 4, bfp due 8th October.
Charleslingus 31, ttc #3 cycle 4 bfp due 8th oct
DuPainDuVinDuFromage TTC#2, cycle 2, BFP due 9 Oct
sparklesandfizz ttc#3, cycle 1, BFP oct 9th
SuzB83, Cycle 9, BFP due 9th October
Rockstars12 ttc#1 cycle 2 BFP due 11th Oct
Choccywoccydodah ttc #2, cycle 2, bfp 12th Oct
WifeofGru TTC#3 cycle 1 BFP due 13 Oct
Springtime26 ttc2 cycle 4 bfp 13th October.
panicmechanic ttc#2, cycle 11 BFP due 16th Oct
Stepawayfromthezebras ttc#1, cycle 2, BFP due 16th Oct
CooCooCachoo ttc#2 cycle 3 bfp due 16 October
Allchatnicknamesgone TTC #2, cycle 4, Bfp due oct 18th
ThisIsMeNow ttc#2 cycle 1 due bfp 18th October
Cottonwool4brains TTC #2 cycle 7 bfp 19th October.
jaykay987 ttc #1, cycle 2 BFP due 19th Oct
GnomieGrace TTC#1 cycle4 BFP due October 19th
Nottalotta ttc#1 C4 (already?!?!) bfp due 19th oct
findingme, ttc #2, cycle 3, BFP due 19th Oct
Onelifeonechance ttc#1 cycle 4 BFP due 20th Oct
MrsB2013 ttc #1 cycle #3 bfp due 21st
Flymo79 ttc#1 cycle 4 bfp due 21st oct
Fox82 ttc#1 cycle 11 bfp due 22nd oct
HisLommel ttc#3 cycle 1, bfp due 22nd October.
Babymamatobe ttc ? Cycle 2 bfp due 22nd October
SazzyB ttc #1 cycle 1 due bfp 22nd October
ELR ttc#3 cycle 3 BFP due 24th Oct
fluffythelabcat ttc#1, cycle 3, BFP due 24th Oct
ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie ttc #1, cycle 1, BFP due 24th Oct
Jessieagain Ttc #2 cycle 2 bfp 25th October.
Newlywed2013 ttc#1 cycle 1 bfp End of Oct ? 26th Oct?
Kemie ttc#1, cycle 8!! BFP due oct 26/27th
ExactlyWhat ttc #3 cycle 2 bfp 27th Oct
Mama31 TTC #2 cycle 4 BFP 27th Oct
JellyBeanDavey ttc#1 cycle #4 BFP due 27th
HalfPintLulu ttc #2 cycle 1 bfp due 27th October
NeuroticSweetTalk ttc#1 cycle 2 bfp due 28th oct
Sazzlehopes ttc#2 cycle 10+ bfp due 28th October
JoHull ttc#1 Cycle 2 bfp due 30th
SignoraStronza ttc#3, cycle 2 BFP due 30th oct
ImaginaryHat ttc#1 cycle 6 bfp 30th October
M33r ttc#1 cycle 11 bfp due 31st October
Jbiscuits ttc#1 cycle 3 bfp due end of October
VJONES1985 ttc#1 cycle3 bfp due ?
Wineandchoccy TTC #1, cycle number 2, bfp due ?
Laravh ttc #1 cycle 2 bfp due end of October
MissVaughan ttc #2 cycle 3 bfp due ?
LittleBear01 TTC #1, cycle 6, BFP due 3rd Nov (long cycle - 37 days usually)
Lifehasafunnywayofhelpinguout ttc #2 cycle ? Bfp due ?

VJONES1985 Sun 13-Oct-13 20:47:09

Aw, I hate the guesswork involved in dpo, babymama. As I had vv strong opks on Tuesday, weaker on Weds and absolutely nothing on Thurs, I'm assuming I ov'd late on Weds. Making me 4dpo smile

Babymamatobe Sun 13-Oct-13 20:50:52

It's so annoying!! I generally don't test and wait to see if AF is late but because it's going to be such a long wait, I'm tempted to test late this week as supposed to be out drinking Saturday night. Mother nature's a pain in the ass sometimes!!!

Oops miscalculated, I'm now 7 dpo

sazzlehopes Sun 13-Oct-13 20:50:59

It's oct 13th and we've got 14 bfp's - that's just more than one a day! So good - must be a lucky bus indeed! Oooh I'm excited to check tomorrow morning now to see how everyone gets on. I'm off for a relaxing eve with the dh and also to bd tonight too...I'm still waiting on my ovulation and don't want to miss a trick! See you tomorrow ladies!

mama31 Sun 13-Oct-13 20:53:54

Thanks for the new thread choccy smile

I had strong opk on wednesday at noon and was very faint by thurs.....would that make me more likely to be 3 or 4dpo?? I know it could be either!! Lol

VJONES1985 Sun 13-Oct-13 20:58:06

I would say three, as it sounds like you ov'd early on Thurs.

ThisIsMeNow Sun 13-Oct-13 21:02:44

Marking place and off to bed to not sleep

jaykay987 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:05:14

Sooo..... My willpower is quickly weaning........

I'll be dpo10 tomorrow....should I do IC test? Or splash out on a frer? Or should I really really not test?

Someone please talk some sense into me! Im almost tempted to POAS tonight just so I get a bfn and lower my expectations! Eek!

jaykay987 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:05:41

Mama - I would say dpo3 too.

Choccywoccydodah Sun 13-Oct-13 21:06:05

Mama, FF says day of ov is the day after your first positive, so if you got your positive weds, ov would be thurs, 1dpo would be Friday. HTH smile

mama31 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:19:49

Thanks ladies so I'm 3dpo good to know smile

Jaykay do a cheap test in the morning!!! If you see a line back it up with a frer! Oooh so exciting!!! (I'm such a poas addict :/)

DulcetMoans Sun 13-Oct-13 21:23:15

Wow, 14 BFPs - Must be the bus to be on! Not joined a bus thread for a while but why not...!

Evening all.

Sazzyb1 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:24:24

Yay im on there! good luck all xxx

CooCooCachoo Sun 13-Oct-13 21:26:13

ThankS choccy, wonder how many BFPs we'll get to fill up this thread too!

I'm now 3 days to predicted AF and feeling increasingly .....fine....not a single symptom that I can identify at all.

Also not feeling usual AF symptoms either though so you never know!

Good luck to all those ending their 2ww this week. X

jaykay987 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:28:21

Mama - I knew you'd be along to encourage me with my madness!

jaykay987 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:28:33


jaykay987 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:29:16

Good luck coocoo. FX no symptoms is a symptom for you! smile

MarlenaGru Sun 13-Oct-13 21:32:14

Lol Mama! Dh has fallen asleep on the sofa.
Good luck for everybody! I can't wait to see some BFPs tomorrow morning smile

RaRa1988 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:33:42

Re the cramps, they were in my lower abdo - where my womb is basically. When they came on 10DPO and I found the pinky CM, I was hoping against hope that it was implantation (which presumably it was!) though it felt like AF approaching.

I've got a retroverted uterus mind so I tend to feel everything in my back: the lower back pain might not be 'normal' or average per se.

mama31 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:35:13

Jaykay I'm sorry I can't even help it!!!! I just can't identify with those very sensible people who wait until day af is due to test because I'm so impatient, obsessive and have to know EVERYTHING at the earliest possible moment!!! I'm so jealous of those who can wait....but I just can't do matter how hard I try...its just not me!

And I love hearing about everyone's bfp's so I can't even wait for you ladies to test either (not selfish at all lol) I just can't wait to hear.....I love good news! It makes me so happy no matter who it's about, I just love to hear it smile

RaRa1988 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:35:29

I think trust your instincts too.... Every time I've had a BFP, I've kinda known that the line was going to appear and almost not had to check for it if you know what I mean? Just a feeling. Probably sounds stupid, but I've never felt so calmly confident about it and not been pg - other months I've had the desperate hope, the please-please-please-let-it-be-this-month, but with my BFPs, I've been calm, no nerves taking the tests, just a kinda calm acceptance that I will be pg.

VJONES1985 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:35:49

Have just checked cp (why do we do these things?) And it's quite high and soft still. Hmm...

RaRa1988 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:36:52

Jaykay: You might have already said, but how long is your LP? I'd probably be inclined to test on 10DPO (so tomorrow) unless you have a really long one. Might still be the wrong result, but you might get a nice surprise either!

jessieagain Sun 13-Oct-13 21:37:50

Hello everyone, just read the last few pages to catch up and it took a while!

Congratulations mrsrandom and marlena !

Also I'm suspecting some more bfps to come in the next few days! Exciting!

RaRa1988 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:37:51

VJ: You're 4DPO, right? What does it normally do for you? Just that's normal for me, but obviously not for everyone!

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