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Donor IUI?

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MinnieMooMoo Wed 09-Oct-13 15:12:27

Hello! Just looking for a group/quiche to join but not really sure where I fit it.

I'm intending to go it alone and have Donor Insemination by IUI starting in January providing my investigations all come back clear.

Any one else in the same boat, or has done it alone in the past?

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 17:52:48

and now?

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 17:52:37

Is it done yet?

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 17:52:21

shoes I love the fact that your hotel has pineapple - does it have the core? I bought myself a pineapple slicer thing but nearly cut off my arm trying to use it so back to a normal knife hmm

okay I am going to just finish this thread off...

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 17:49:59

So cloud I like to call sperm "magic potion" grin
I have done back to back cycles with donor sperm - but I am with CRGH. The first 5 loads of magic potion came from Cyros (Danish bank) but for this one of IVF I have changed to Xytex in the USA - much better choice and the price worked out about the same as using London Sperm Bank (crazy right given difference in distance).

I did get quite emotional with 5th IUI - which was medicated. I completely freaked out during an episode of Downton over Christmas... but actually now with IVF and shed loads more drugs I have been okay. But Cloud all of this is emotional... regardless of the drugs you may be taking. There is a lot at stake. It is perfectly normal to have freak outs smile

LOL Cloud on (in)voluntary stabbing... the lengths we will go to right?

Yay caution so pleased you have scan booked in!

I gave up caffeine except for one normal tea a day from local cafe by work - everything else is either decaf or herbal

shoes hope you got back to hotel okay - have a lovely picnic dinner! I am going to order in again

pickle thank you so much - it really helps to know that people have you in their heart smile

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 17:39:53

Hi Kwik,

Thanks for doing that. I have joined and left a little message. I know you already know all that, but just in case we have new people joining.

I didn't know they blocked after 1,000 posts!!! Eek!

TayDex x

INeedNewShoes Mon 07-Mar-16 17:37:46

My hotel picnic is almost certainly duller than I think you lot might have imagined - oatcakes, cheese and an apple. Wish I had some cake but I don't. I had a proper lunch out though (fish, veg and rye bread) and am looking forward to breakfast where they serve pots of fresh pineapple (I wonder if it's a Danish thing or whether they know who some of their visitors are!?).

Cloud I'm not sure false positive pregnancy tests really exist. Mine was due to a pregnancy which made a start but didn't take hold. So you just have to be prepared to deal with the emotional side of that if you test early. I was just pleased to have acquired the info that I'd timed the IUI right for it to have got as far as a BFP on 13DPO.

Caution I'm pleased your scan is so soon. Hopefully by the end of the week you'll know what's going on. Not knowing is the worst thing, isn't it?

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 17:19:30

I took the liberty of starting a new thread - this one will block in 7 posts & counting!

Here is the new thread:
please come on over!

Right I am going to catch up on all I missed whilst dealing with over excitement of the day!

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 17:04:54

Great news Caution, Kwik and Shoes. Fingers crossed for you all.

Cloud - You make me chuckle! I now feel like I may have missed out on my 'rest'...!

pickle162 Mon 07-Mar-16 16:45:55

Hope ur egg transfer has gone/going well kwick been thinking of you all day!!
Caution I'm so excited for you. How long are you staying over there for.
Good luck my little 2ww gang!! X

CautionHormone Mon 07-Mar-16 16:09:41

Excellent news kwick!!! Sounds like the embryo is raring to go! Make sure you rest lots tonight - let us know how it went smile
I got a call from the hospital today too saying my ultrasound is booked for thursday at 12:30pm smile so pleased it's not too far away.

Shoes how did the IUI go?? Hotel room picnic sounds good - look after yourself smile

Praying that this is both of your time. X

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 16:04:08

How did the IUI go Shoes? Definitely spoil yourself for dinner! smile

I remember my 'rest' while I recovered from the procedure - got walked in on by two nurses and a doctor!! All of whom seemed surprised to see me in there (tho not as surprised as I was!). Made getting dressed someone difficult...

I hope the Danes were a little more circumspect for you Shoes!

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 15:59:42

taydex okay, so no intravenous caffeine. Got it.

Shoes that makes sense. Note to self, stock up on kits! wink Actually I'm gonna hold off on buying the pregnancy tests cos I know as soon as I buy one I'm gonna have to pee on it! Will see how long that lasts for....

INeedNewShoes Mon 07-Mar-16 15:56:38

Great news Kwick smile

My IUI is done. I'm just galvanising myself into getting up and leaving the lovely clinic. 20-minute walk to my hotel where I intend to chill out for the evening. Another hotel room picnic!

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 15:56:26

Good luck kwick!! grin

Kwick709 Mon 07-Mar-16 15:29:49

Ladies I am at the clinic - transfer booked for 4pm!!!!! Very excited although bursting for a wee-wee!!!

Have had attention span of a gnat today... I just read through all your posts but cannot remember what I was going to write!!!!

The call this morning told me egg has divided into 6 and that it is a good quality egg and now best place for it is with mesmile I am treating myself to a cab home and then working from home until I travel to Paris on Wednesday. Sooooo exciting! Pineapple is at the ready at home - will take with me to Paris also!! Will wear Uggs too!!!

CautionHormone Mon 07-Mar-16 15:23:35

Just thought I'd let you all know, I got a phone call today - my ultrasound scan is on Thursday at 12:30pm! Why they couldn't just tell me that last Thursday, I'll never know!

kwick & shoes - I'm thinking of you! X

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 15:15:20

I know how you feel re your clinic - mine are the same sometimes, it's like they've never done IUI before! (although I know they clearly have, lots). They seemed repeatedly baffled at some of my results and not sure what the next step should be. I was looking to them to be the experts! But ended up sometimes telling them what I thought we should do next ("How about I come back for another scan in 2 days and see what's happening then") they normally ended up agreeing with me. In my opinion you can't ever ask them too many questions. Oh, and don't be afraid of being demanding LOL.

I think you'd be fine with your one flavoured Nespresso a day. So long as you're not main lining the stuff I think you'd be OK. But I'm no expert...

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 15:04:55

Hey Taydex, thanks for the reply and the info!

Yup I did the trigger injection before IUI (24hrs before). First time I've ever voluntarily stabbed myself with a needle! (First time I've ever involuntarily stabbed myself with a needle either for that matter...). Makes sense that it might still be in my system. Gawd another week is a REALLY long time! Will have to start thinking of nice things to do at the end of 2ww, either way I suspect.

Good to know back to back is possible. The LWC were less than forthcoming about the possibility and what was involved. It was a bit like I was the first woman to ever suggest it! I need to call the sperm bank and get more information from them about what's possible if this comes back negative. At £950 a pop (as it were) being able to get multiple sessions out of it would be a massive help but somehow I don't think that's how they operate. I'll report back what I find though.

Right, caffeine. I didn't really think it was that much of an issue. I usually have one flavoured nesspresso a morning, but I can easily do that as decaf. In fact I'm currently sitting here sipping decaf in my local cafe anyway as I can't take caffeine after 2pm (such a Nanna!)

I hope the rest of your day goes well!

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 15:03:31

Shoes - That is a really good shout, I totally agree. I'd never thought of it before but it makes total sense.

INeedNewShoes Mon 07-Mar-16 15:01:08

Cloud I've read somewhere that if you start testing really early you'll get a BFP due to the meds but then you can keep testing and you should get gradually increasingly negative tests. Then once you've had a negative you know the meds are out your system and then a positive test after that would be due to pregnancy rather than the meds.

I don't know if I've explained that very well but if you Google you'll see what I mean.

I'm doing unmedicated IUI for my first three attempts as I fear I would feel similar to you about the meds.

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 14:24:34

Hey Cloud,

Did you take a trigger injection just before (well up to ~48 hours before) your turkey basting (IUI)? If so then rumour is (from the clinic) that some of this could still be in your system before the 14/15 days test day, which is why they advise against it. I have to say, I have had the trigger injection on all of my rounds of IUI and may perhaps still have tested a day or two early LOL. 2 weeks is a very long time to wait. Even with my successful cycle I only had a very feint line when I did the test on day 14. But it got stronger as the days passed. My clinic told me to wait a week and do another test, but who has the willpower to wait that long? I certainly don't! You can also get ClearBlue or FirstResponse tests (on offer in Asda a week or so ago) which can give you a result a few days before your period is due. I don't think a false positive is massively common, but clearly it can happen. I've never had one myself but that doesn't really mean anything! smile

One thing I found helpful (for me at least) during the 2WW was writing a list of all the things I was going to do if I got a negative preg test result (like drinking red wine, eating medium rare steak, etc etc). I found that helped to ease the pain a little. Slightly foolishly though (so it later appears to me), I did not write such a list for what I'd do if it was a positive result. So I tested, got a BFP (Big Fat Positive) and then felt a bit lost not knowing what to do. Stupid, I know!

Yes, I've done back to back cycles using donor sperm but my clinic (Bourn Hall near Cambridge) sets aside 5 vials for your use up front so it's fine till they run out. Kwik - Isn't LWC your clinic or am I getting people muddled up?

And yes, the hormones screw you up. Depends on the strength you're being given (I was only on the lowest dose) but I still felt pre-menstrual mood wise a lot of the time. You will be more emotional, but that's fine. Just know it when you see it and recognise it for being the hormones.

So, caffeine - I think basically they recommend no more than 200 mg a day. Which basically means you can get away with 1 real filter coffee or 2 instant coffees (check online as my calculations there might not be right). I found this one a bummer, but have found some really good fake (decaf) coffees. I even survived 5 days in Italy during my 2WW with only decaf coffee (lots of places did it but not all, and I'm pretty sure I accidentally got at least 1 full caff coffee there). Most good coffee shops and restaurants do decaf, and you can get some good filter stuff from most supermarkets. Even Dolci Gusto/Tassimo do decaf pods which taste OK. Handily my work does not do decaf so I've been on fairly sh*tty decaf instant here. That said if I could be bothered to get off my lazy ass and wander over the road to the other 1/2 of our site I could get a decent decaf coffee from their coffee shop. After getting my BFP I have actually not really fancied coffee much. Weird.

Gosh, I've written an essay - sorry. I'd best get back to work! wink

TD x

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 13:56:54

...and OMG I could do with a pie right now!

Cloudburn Mon 07-Mar-16 13:18:47

Thank you all for the warm welcome! That's made me smile. smile

I've been slowly reading back through all the posts (only 32 pages to go!!) and yeah, there are some real gems in there! You ladies all sound amazing!

Taydex My IUI was last Wednesday 2nd, so my 2ww (ooooh, my first acronym!) finishes on Tuesday 15th. I'd asked if I could test earlier cos the very next day my period is due and I need to get the next lot of sperm (please tell me there's an acronym for that!) purchased before then. But they were pretty adamant it had to be 14days. Guess that doesn't stop me testing early for myself tho! wink However I thought that getting a false positive result would be really unlikely until I read your experience Shoes and realised that it IS possible. I'm not fooling anyone though, I'm still gonna test early, but good to realise that either way the result could change.

Can I ask two things?

1. Has anyone tried doing back to back cycles using anonymous donor sperm (particularly using London Sperm Bank)? How did you manage it? (Okay that's two questions)

2. Does anyone else find all the hormone taking for the medicated IUI really puts you out? Despite having been looking forward to FINALLY starting the process, I ended up being really upset after the insemination. It just felt wrong. Which then of course is upsetting in itself. My bff in New Zealand says she felt the same thing when her and her husband were going through it (and she agreed it's definitely hormone exacerbated), but was just wondering if it was more common reaction than I thought?

Oh, and do we seriously have to not drink coffee??? No alcohol I can handle, but no coffee??

Good luck today Shoes!

CautionHormone Mon 07-Mar-16 11:41:21

Taydex - no news on the scan yet. I'm a bit disappointed, and I'm impatient myself haha! I'm debating on ringing again but I don't know whether to, seeing as it was only three working days ago that I rang - I can't see much changing in that amount of time. I'm going to ring on Thursday this week though - see if I can find out what's going on and get a definite timeline of how long it'll be.
Yeah you're right, I still have to live. We go on holiday with my Nan & Grandad every year - sometimes my Mum's brother and sister come with their families but I don't think they are this year. Once I get the holiday out the way I should be looking at starting - so I'm even more eager for it to come around!

Shoes, I'll be thinking of you today! Sounds positive that the timeframe is the same as preciously - fingers crossed for the best outcome! It's just the 2ww that's a pain... X

taydex Mon 07-Mar-16 11:33:29

I'd go with 4 pairs Shoes - Just to be one the safe side. At least you'll be back in Blighty soon and able to just sit there with massive feet cos of all the socks... smile Good luck this afternoon!

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