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ovulation test strips- do they work?

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claraboo Wed 28-Jun-06 17:15:23

Hi, I would really appreciate any advice/ experience that anyone has on using ovulation test strips . I am on day 12 of cycle and no surge yet, I would have expected something by now. It would be great to hear what others have experienced with these. Maybe they are a load of old cobblers! Problem is my other half isn't the most 'up for it' bloke in the world and I thought using these might save me hassle of dressing up as a school girl every night. ( in his dreams!) Thanks

Beccy1974 Wed 28-Jun-06 17:23:25

they only work if you are fairly regular, best not to rely if not. e.g. longer cycle can throw them out (more than the 28 day norm). also if you have polycycstic ovaries.

however, they can also throw up two surges, or i had one whole week of surge. which didn't make sense.

worth a try but don't get too hopeful

Nemo1977 Wed 28-Jun-06 17:26:04

hi I used these when ttc my DD. They worked fab for us as the first month using them I caught on. However my scycle was 35days long so never had my surge until around day 18 or 19. Then when I did made sure we bd around twice a day.

FioFio Wed 28-Jun-06 17:27:35

Message withdrawn

Natty1806 Wed 28-Jun-06 17:31:54

LOL at the school girl outfit.

Just started using them, the clear blue fertility monitor ones, am on day 14 and no peaks yet, last cycle was 35 days so not getting my hopes up yet.

Rachee Wed 28-Jun-06 17:41:01

i use them, i surge on average about day 17 - 21, so you might not have ov yet....

claraboo Wed 28-Jun-06 17:56:12

Thanks for that.
Did any of you get any other symptoms that you might be ovulating as well, mucus etc?! part of me is anxious about seeing a surge because of my dp. I would feel so gutted if he wasn't interested ( I wouldn't let him know what was going on, that would put him right off). How big is the window of opporunity when you do see a surge? Has anyone not seen a surge and still got pregnant?

alex8 Wed 28-Jun-06 18:33:24

They can be misleading. I used them and got positives but then had a blood test that showed I was not ovulating. They measure the hormone surge which you can get but that doesn't mean an egg is released.

Expectantmum Wed 28-Jun-06 18:36:51

They worked for me, although I always assumed that on my 28 day cycle, I would always ovulate on day 13/14/15, but when I tried the strips, I found I didn't ovulate until Day 18. I only needed to use them for one month.

Paigesmummy89 Wed 12-Aug-15 11:02:27

Hi girls please some advice, I have a 7 year old and haven't been able to conceive due to low pedestrone this is my 1st round of Clomid my fertile days are from Monday and I'm meant to be ovoulating on Friday please help, I really don't understand Thease tests whats with the faint other line also how often am I meant to be doing the deed? I'm doing every other day is that right? Any feedback would be really appricated! ��

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 12-Aug-15 21:09:13

You need two equally strong lines for a positive. The higher line(near the green) is the control and should be strong every time. When the other line matches that's a positive. No point keeping them though they're only accurate for about an hour I think.

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