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Is there a November bus yet? Can't find the timetable..!

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ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 10:29:59

Just that really!
Looking for the November bus to hop on please. If anyone knows the next one due can you point me to it? Thanks!

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 10:30:08


Nikkilouise26 Thu 03-Oct-13 10:41:49

I want jump in November, December and January's if poss looking like going to take FORVER for me sad

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 10:46:50

Is there someone official who starts them or do we start them ourselves? Not sure I can drive a bus...

Have you been trying long?

Nikkilouise26 Thu 03-Oct-13 10:52:30

I'm not sure haha in sure you'd do good driving that bus smile

We've been trying for 14 months now how about you?!

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 10:57:54

Hmm, we'll see if we get any more jumping on shall we?
First bus for me. Ttc number2.
Really need to wait another two weeks (got a test to have first) but feel so impatient with it. Just feel like times passing us by so fast and if we want another it's got to be soon.

14 months, how are you doing? Are you just shagging or trying anything else- temping etc?

Nikkilouise26 Thu 03-Oct-13 11:02:08

Well been docs had bloods and a scan and also tried opk's and looking for sign with cervical mucus but with no joys as tests didn't work and couldn't see change in mucus haha my periods are also irrgular so just shagging back at docs in jan if nothing has happened and they will test my partners sperm and also do a dye thing on me see if tubes are blocked! Hoping it dont come to this but looking that way!!

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 11:04:44

I don't want to patronise you because I've no idea what it's like being in your position but at least they've not found anything wrong in the tests they've done?
Are you ok? Or is it driving you potty?

Nikkilouise26 Thu 03-Oct-13 11:11:42

Oh I know what your saying I'm happy they haven't but in another breath I wish they would have cos at least I would have a explanation for not getting pregnant because this is hardest thing ever! It drives me crazy which doesn't help but trying to relax about it all and just see what happens but harder said than done haha

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 11:21:02

Yes sort of like if they'd found something they could have fixed it by now?
Well you sound much more sane than I think I'd be! At least you're getting things checked out too, it's not like you've left it ages and you're only just having things looked at now.
Well here's as good a place as any to have a rant about how mad it makes you!
It does sound shitty though so thanks for you.

Nikkilouise26 Thu 03-Oct-13 11:39:18

Thanks smile good luck too you smile

ThoraNomiki Thu 03-Oct-13 13:36:02

smile you can start the bus yourself. I'm sure others will join you soon enough.
We just pick em up left lying around at the station, hijack it, make it pretty and off we go!
They are self maintained too so if you don't update the list someone else will

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 14:18:20

So...this is the November bus then?!
Lots of good luck, a bit less wine and loads of cake on this bus wink

PunkyPod Thu 03-Oct-13 15:55:02

Yay! We'll be starting of on cycle #1 for DC2 in November. I'm so excited!

ThisIsMeNow Thu 03-Oct-13 19:06:10

Hello punky! Would you like some wine before the ttc commences or are you being 'good'?! grin

PunkyPod Fri 04-Oct-13 12:41:01

Ooh well as it turns out i'm t-total so no problems resisting the vino. However the odd one will do you no harm.
How old is your dc1? My dd is 16 months, would have liked to have started ttc sooner but we're getting married in January so didn't want to be showing. I've been on a mega count down though so i'm just excited November is almost here smile

ThisIsMeNow Fri 04-Oct-13 18:38:34

Snap- 16 mo here too! Still bf so don't really have much wine but really enjoy the odd glass!
We're waiting for me to finish up with a couple of tests before we start ttc otherwise we'd have been trying months ago! grin
Think DP is hoping he gets some practice in this time as dd happened quicklywink. Of course I'm worrying it'll not happen quickly but what will be will be.

PunkyPod Fri 04-Oct-13 21:01:14

Wow we sound quite similar. We conceived dd straight after a MC (which was also on the first cycle). To be honest I don't know how I'm going to feel if we don't manage it first time seeing that's what happened with the first two pregnancies. I know DP hopes it takes a bit longer ;)

ThisIsMeNow Fri 04-Oct-13 22:49:19

I know I'll panic if things don't happen fairly quickly which is so daft as I know it can take ages and we were so lucky first time.
DP would be happy with a few months trying as I got very sick straight away last time so he didn't stand a chance! grin

Justanotherforumname Fri 04-Oct-13 22:55:18

Hi - total newbie so please feel free to tell me if im in the wrong place confused.
Can i jump on the bus please smile? we're planning to TTC#1 cycle 1 as soon as AF finishes this week so i guess i need the nov bus rather than the oct? i've been lurking a lil while so know a few abbrevs but the thread structure is still a bit confusing...

ThisIsMeNow Fri 04-Oct-13 23:33:06

Welcome! You're never in the wrong place! grin
I'd say November bus as that's when you're expecting your Bfp? Correct me if I'm wrong!
I've never been on a bus before so I'm far too a little excited smile

Justanotherforumname Fri 04-Oct-13 23:56:45

Thanks thisismenow for the welcome smile. Thats the way i was reading it too. Good luck with the BFP all!! grin

PunkyPod Sat 05-Oct-13 08:14:55

Sound like you're on the right bus smile I hope it's your one and only bus!
So have you both been taking your folic acid or will you start when you're on your first cycle?

ThisIsMeNow Sat 05-Oct-13 08:31:11

I've not stopped taking mine from dd as I'm still bf so hopefully I'm well stored up! Just hope she stops feeding before we do manage to hae another! Don't fancy tandem feeding!

theduchesse Sun 06-Oct-13 07:53:34

Can I join too? I am ttc#2, cycle 1, bfp due around nov 10. I'm just about to take my last pill tomorrow and then ttc can commence so I'm really just making up my bfp date because my cycle might need some time to sort itself out. I'm a bit excited though so I can't help hope a little bit. I hope this is a lucky bus for everyone on board already!

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