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Eggsellent Egg Buddies! Come and join us if you're IVFing in September, October or November :-)

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starsandmoonandback Fri 27-Sep-13 08:47:15

A lovely new Fred for us grin This one will be full of fun and BFP's....well, it better be!!

resipsa Thu 21-Nov-13 13:55:34

Hi everyone. Just popping in to say "hello" before this thread disappears. Sorry for my absence but it was a mental-health necessity (an dwork has been mad which is a good distraction as has been said). Hope everyone is well (beyond the ups and downs of why we're on here, anyway).

TheBuggerlugsThatActuallyPosts Thu 21-Nov-13 18:56:43

Evening all. Sorry for being AWOL, I figured it best before I FTFO (Freak The Fuck Out!) any more.

Please provide a link to the new thread when its done so I can lurk and keep an eye on you all.

eurochick Thu 21-Nov-13 19:19:15

val my clinic does the scratch on days 21-26 on the cycle before you do IVF.

And I can report that it is really not to bad. In fact the scratch itself felt like a tickle compared to the nurse pressing on my full bladder to scan and the ouchiness of getting the catheter through my cervix! So I didn't really find it much different to ET. And I have no spotting so far. So of course I am wondering if they have done it properly. I'm never happy. smile

How are you feeling now?

nobeer I have had acu through a number of natural cycles and on my IVF cycles . I think it's standard to do a treatment either side of transfer if that is possible.

Optimistic13 Thu 21-Nov-13 19:49:32

Hi everyone..

Hope everyone is feeling better today? Trying to get to grips with this on my phone is a challenge! I had a scan today and she said she can see endo on left ovary however she could see good follicles and the right was fine, she gave me a bit of hope, just started first injections �� not gonna lie terrified to say the least. Go back Monday if alls well will start cetrocide injections too, could be egg collection as fast as a week Monday.. Wow did not expect it to be so soon. Feeling very anxious and emotional haha

eurochic how did your app go today? Did u get a start date? (I hope it was a good day for u too). What does scratch mean? I have no idea what it is �� (feeling stupid) actually I'm getting confused by most threads ��

I've only responded to euro as by the time I got to this page I'd forgotten names - I do apologise! New laptop for Xmas so can see better/more.

Optimistic13 Thu 21-Nov-13 19:50:56

Damn all my smileys have turned to squares. confused

Optimistic13 Thu 21-Nov-13 19:51:26

Woo hoo that one worked haha

nobeer Thu 21-Nov-13 20:19:45

Thanks euro!
Optimistic those first injections are terrifying but it's scary how quickly you get used to them.

So it looks like I might not be doing FET in December after all sad Just spoke to my nice doctor to get some clarification about the immunology tests and she said it would make more sense to wait until I've got them out of the way. I've still no idea how much they're going to cost me but she's chasing that up for me. I'm feeling a bit disappointed, and feel like it's never going to happen. I suppose the good news is I can eat and drink what I like at Christmas.

Optimistic13 Thu 21-Nov-13 21:12:14

nobeer to be honest the injection itself doesn't bother me too much it's the making it, suppose ill be ok in few days, had to use the DVD step by step blush
Jeez I'd have thought the cost of it all would be clarified first,
sad try stay positive.. We must have to go through All this for a reason? not sure i believe that but it helps me sleep at night, i do think the harder we have to work to become parents will make us a better parent, im so excited to get that proud feeling.. It can't possibly be something ill never feel it just can't, don't give up Im sure the doc is right (not that I know the full story) could something come up on the immunology to change the best course of treatment for u? I hope u get some good news soon and can proceed, have they gave u any indication on when they would be done.. Assuming u have not had them yet.

WannabeMaryPoppins Thu 21-Nov-13 21:23:48

Nobeer you must be so disappointed. But they say that the best things come to those who wait. Have a blow out Xmas and then you'll be more than ready come Jan smile
Optimistic hello to you and congrats on those first little fuckers. As I've mentioned on here before, I always sing at the top of my voice when stabbing, just to give me a distraction
val congrats on your two frosties. One step nearer grin

Hi to everyone else and whoever is lurking.

AFM I am still waiting for AF to rock up. Thats 5 days of spotting now (well, at least its better than 6 weeks) so I'm assuming that she will show up at the weekend. Its my birthday tomorrow so at least I can celebrate in style without having to worry too much pass the gin

nobeer Thu 21-Nov-13 21:33:36

Optimistic, actually it was me who asked the clinic about tests for immunology, so I'm probably being an impatient moaning minnie! It's something I'd read about, and I have a complicated medical history and it's something I thought they should look into. When I was reading about it, a few things clicked and when I explained some things to the immunologist she seemed to think it was worthwhile having the tests. But what I've read, some of these tests can be really expensive, so I don't want to just turn up and then find out that I need to pay a couple of thousand euros!

nobeer Thu 21-Nov-13 21:44:54

Thanks MaryP, it's silly because I'm the one who wanted these tests! But I am disappointed. I've ordered the Dr Beer book again, hopefully it'll get delivered this time! When you look on amazon for it, the second choice is a book about homebrewing. I was tempted by that one too smile despite my mn nickname, I love beer!

Optimistic13 Thu 21-Nov-13 21:47:35

[wannabemarypoppins] hi there, grin envy I had my serious concentration face on.. No distractions or ill boo boo it up haha at maybe she is holding out especially for your birthday smile lots of cake and wine for you!! Mini blessing to let your hair down and forget about all the complications ... Few bottles will help grin

nobeer I hope she gets you those prices and its in a range u can afford, ill have my fingers and toes crossed for u!! Did she say how long the process would be? Lets hope it's a fairly quick process and by the time you have recovered from eating fab food and drinking lots of festive spirit booze (have some for me) the results are in!! New year new start.. Babba would be a fab start to the new year hey.

BrookerC Thu 21-Nov-13 22:27:19

Evening all
De-lurking to say hello to newbie optimistic. Well done with the little fuckers smile
Hi resp if you're still lurking. Hope you're doing ok? Glad to hear work is a useful distraction from all this bollocks.
nobeer how frustrating to have more waiting. It will be worth it though. Enjoy the break <and beer> & you'll be raring to go in Jan
maryp hope AF rocks up soon. Happy birthday cake
euro well done with the scratch. I only had the tiniest bit of spotting straight after mine then nothing. Roll on SLF's!
val well done on your frosties. How did you get on with your scan? Hope you've dodged OHSS. Lots & lots of water & rest for you.
fish sending huge hugs x Try not to look too far ahead - one day at a time lovely.
bikes sometimes the timing of other peoples events can really be most unhelpful understatement of the year Really hoping you have good news on Sat & you're off the champers x
fabbie happy belated anniversary! Hope you had a lush evening grin
Hi to everyone else x

Lifeasafish Fri 22-Nov-13 07:44:28

Morning all,

Thank you so much for the advice. I took it and tried distraction methods. I have felt better the past two days.

respisa its great to see you again. Do take good care of yourself. You and tame were so amazingly brave and kind this summer.

euro have you got nerves of steel? Well done on the easy way to do a scratch! I'm glad it went well and woohoo! on starting the process this weekend!

nobeer the disappointment is difficult, but I say new year new start? I think I would opt for that b choice.

val well done those embies! I hope you are feeling better the stomach - I was wearing only 3 outfits on rotation then had enough and stayed indoors a few days due to the huge stomach. Sounds like OHSS to my unmedical eye?ear?

biker I have my fingers crossed for you!

Fabuluce Fri 22-Nov-13 08:03:13

Hello all

Nobes I completely understand, having had the same problem, but would second Fish and say new year new start. The immune tests take quite a while to get the results so I would take this time to find yourself a lovely acupuncturist and have a few sessions before starting your next IVF to help get you into a good place. Acupuncture is way more than just sticking needles into you, it's great therapy smile

Res - welcome back lovely, if only briefly. Do you have any more information on your DE cycle?

Fish, well done on getting back in the game - it's so easy to feel despondent isn't it - the hormones and evil progesterone combine to make your head feel like someone else's. Exactly why this fred is good - we understand smile

Welcome Optimistic <waves> You sound like your name smile

Well done Val and it sounds like it really was the best decision to leave ET until your body has had time to relax and get back to it's best place. It would be hideous if you had to cope with all this along with menkulling too. Be kind to yourself.

Biker - everything is crossed for you smile

Happy birthday and welcome back MaryP!

Brooks - cuddles and more if you need xx

AFM well it looks like we're in the final days of my Dad's wonderful life. He's comfortable and peaceful and full of morphine so it's just a matter of when. He's been amazing through it all. Sadly my DH has been at home all week down south whilst I've been oop north so we weren't together for our anniversary yesterday and I have cancelled our slap-up dinner tomorrow night in London obviously but he's coming up today and we're hoping we can sneak out for a dinner a deux tonight to catch up instead. He really is wonderful and I've missed his cuddles. Ive no idea how this is all going to go or how much, if at all I'm going to want to be on MN so please would whoever starts the next fred remember to Egg Buddy it or post a link on this one so I don't lose you all! xx

Lifeasafish Fri 22-Nov-13 08:19:23

fab you seem so brave. I'm thinking of you and your family but I'm pleased its all going calmly by the sounds of things - this is important.

Look after yourself. flowers

thank you for the comments.

Re acupuncture, I've bee having weekly sessions since Sept/Oct. I sleep better and I think it has made me a bit calmer? I do feel more zen within myself and I'm normally a fairly angst worrier. Made my periods a bit easier I guess but dunno the effects on IVF. Personally, I think reducing my stress and angst can only be a good thing.

eurochick Fri 22-Nov-13 09:17:29

fab you are bearing up incredibly well. I hope you father's final days are peaceful and full of family love. x

Happy birthday mary!

fish before I went for the scratch one of the 10+ers posted something like "it'll be fine. We are all well 'ard in the lady garden area." I think she might be on to something. smile

Right, I'm going to start a new thread and then post the link here before we run out of space, so rejoiners and occasional posters will be able to find us. Back in a mo.

eurochick Fri 22-Nov-13 09:21:57

And here is it:

See you all over there soon!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 22-Nov-13 09:29:42

Fabby thinking of you and your family lots x

Val great news on the frosties. How are you doing today? Hope the swelling is settling. Drink as much water as you can and take it easy x

Life glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Keeping busy is the only way. I find it easier said than done. I find I can't concentrate on books or tv these days (I'm an avid reader normally).

Nobeer I understand the frustration of delays. Hope they get back to you soon with a plan for the immune testing. New year, new start is a great way to look at it.

Brooker and IWant I've been thinking of you both x

Res!! Lovely to see you again. Glad to hear work has been keeping you busy.

Optimist well done on starting the little fuckers. Sounds like your first scan went well. It will all fly by now smile

MaryP are you hoping to start again on the AF? Sorry I've forgotten where you are up to.

Rabbit how are you doing?

Bugs hope your ok and not mentalling too much. Do you start DR near Christmas?

AF arrived for me overnight. I called the clinic to request my treatment. However I found out that I've got to have a teach appointment first. So I will hear in 72 hours if I can have an appointment this month for that. If not I have to keep calling on the day of AF and it could take 3 months to get an appointment. Then once I have the teach I again call on the first day of AF to request treatment and that can also take 3 months. So basically I could be waiting up to 6 months to start. I really wasn't happy to hear that this morning. I'm totally sick of my clinic. I've just waited 4 months for a review appointment between cycles. I seriously thinking about complaining to PALS as there official stats are that there is no waiting list for treatment which is a pile of crap. A potential 10 month wait between cycles is ridiculous I think. I know it's nhs but it still seems excessive compared to other nhs clinics.

eurochick Fri 22-Nov-13 10:17:07

cupcakes that is completely ridiculous. And very unfair.

nobeer Fri 22-Nov-13 10:42:52

fucking hell cups! That's ludicrous and you should definitely complain. I'm going to shut up my moaning right away.

bikesaregreat Sun 24-Nov-13 16:11:05

Hi all,

Just back from a wedding - lovely weekend away but missing hearing about how you're all getting on.

cups - definitely complain!! 10 months seems very long - shouldn't matter that it's nhs as once you're in the system, you shouldn't have to keep waiting...keep us posted with what PALS says. And maybe investigate other clinics.

fab - you seem incredibly strong. It's important to have support at this time - hope you're doing okay.

euro - hooray for new fred!

fish - I wondered about acupuncture - maybe one of the main benefits is that it helps you relax? Not sure, but I know lots of folk recommend it.

brooker - love that you're still lurking!! Hi smile

Need to read properly and see how you all are. Looking forward to it!

AFM, I PdOAS on Saturday morning - BFP!!!! Yippeee! I'm still not convinced by it, and we've not told anybody as it's early days etc etc... DH (a doctor) was concerned about some spotting I told him about last week (d'oh!! shouldn't have mentioned it!!) but it seems to have stopped now. Lots of twinges though - argh. Will call my clinic tomorrow and see what we do from here...but this weekend was a good weekend, whatever happens.

WannabeMaryPoppins Sun 24-Nov-13 19:42:34

Bikes That is absolutely brilliant news! Congratulations grin Hope you are enjoying the first days of pregnancy
cups that is so out of order. NHS or not, no one should be treated like that. This game is hard enough as it is. Let us know what happens.
Euro thanks for the new fred
Fab I can't imagine how difficult things must be for you at the moment. Am in awe at how strong you are.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. Had an amazing time with lots of good food and wine and friends. AF decided to help me celebrate and turned up on Friday too. Have my scan on the 29th and will probably be going for FET in the 2nd week of Dec. We have 3 frosties (grade c) and tey'll probably put back 2. Have been told not to expect any miracles as they aren't great quality. but who knows, maybe I'll just hit that jackpot.

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