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Eggsellent Egg Buddies! Come and join us if you're IVFing in September, October or November :-)

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starsandmoonandback Fri 27-Sep-13 08:47:15

A lovely new Fred for us grin This one will be full of fun and BFP's....well, it better be!!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 27-Sep-13 08:52:09

Hi Stars lovely new thread. I'm just marking my place so I can keep an eye on the flurry of BFPs that are way overdue smile

nobeer Fri 27-Sep-13 09:02:07

Thank you stars! Yes, BFPs all round if you don't mind!

How are you doing cups?

starsandmoonandback Fri 27-Sep-13 09:16:30

Hey cups and nobeer.

There certainly WILL be bfp's galore in here!! We say so!!!

U both ok?

nobeer Fri 27-Sep-13 10:00:47

Stars, I'm good actually smile I think AF is about to make an entrance, I've had some brown spotting, not pink (TMI, sorry) so not sure what to make of that. Got the news a friend has had her baby and I'm happy for her, not miserable for me. Let's see how I cope when I actually go and see them grin. At the moment I'm being distracted by work, SIL living with us, and thinking about moving house.

How are you getting on?

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 10:37:37

Found the new thread!Thanks for setting it up.

could I as what vitamins & supplaments everyone is taking? I'm currently taking folio acid with vita D and Mega 3 with vit E. I'm wondering if I need more / less but have a very good diet.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 10:38:10

Stupid phone - Omega 3!

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 27-Sep-13 10:51:15

Morning buddies! Nice new thread, well done star and thank you.

I am afraid I'll be leaving it very soon, and it won't be with a BFP. Had a bit of spotting yesterday and today and AF is due tomorrow. So not holding out hope. That was FET 1 then.

Will check in regularly and update you on the dreaded arrival, but need to get myself properly together to deal with this and work-business next week.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 27-Sep-13 10:51:41

bugs just folic acid here, with the occasional vitamin D when I think of it.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 10:58:24

Thanks Driz. I've just seen an article from the Dailyfail which said that a study had found pregnacare conception tablets increased the chances of a successful IVF round. Not sure how much to believe it so am going to clinic but thought it'd be good to know what everyone on here takes.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 10:59:48

Driz Make sure u pop in from time to time and on the BESH fred too. thanks

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 27-Sep-13 12:03:26

Nobeer you sound like your doing well. I'm glad your feeling ok about your friends baby. My sister is overdue at the minute with an unplanned pg at 21! I'm only just able to cope with it all. Hope AF pays you a flying visit.

Driz I really hope AF stays away. I'll keep hopeful for you as lots of people get that before a BFP.

Bugs I just take pregnacare. My clinic recommend pregnacare over plain old folic acid but didn't give any reasons why.

Pipbin Fri 27-Sep-13 12:55:18

I was told folic acid and vitamin c.

AF here today. Still, it means my first post IVF cycle has been 30 days, which is a good thing I guess.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 13:15:48

The story re pregnacare is here. Makes interesting reading. My clinic still haven't called back to advise either way.

nobeer Fri 27-Sep-13 14:08:51

Hmmm interesting stuff bugger. But as my embryos are already in t'freezer is there any point in me taking it? I'm on a high dose of folic acid at the mo (have been for the last 3 years!). Might get me a packet when I'm next in the UK.

BrookerC Fri 27-Sep-13 14:36:18

Marking my place. Thanks stars
Will catch up laters x

resipsa Fri 27-Sep-13 15:27:04

Found you.

nobeer Fri 27-Sep-13 16:05:26

I'm catching up on GBBO. I'm sniggering away wink

starsandmoonandback Fri 27-Sep-13 16:21:52

Yay, hello everyone :-)

I took pregnacare plus throughout all my ivf, although have just changed to zita west vits for my last 'throw everything at it' try. Can't harm to take extra even if your diet is good, I imagine?!

Bugs, I am 41 (just!) dh is 49. We were TTC for 3 years before being investigated and then told we had 'unexplained' infertility. We were lucky enough to get a bfp on our second ivf cycle and have our miracle DS who's 3. Have since had 4 more cycles, with 3 bfn's and 1 missed miscarriage.

IWantOneNow Fri 27-Sep-13 16:26:53

Hi Everyone - marking my place. Thanks for setting up Stars. Counting down the days until i start my injections (Oct 2nd).

Where have you gone Thought - hope things are ok?

Hi to the newbies (and those BESH returners wink. x

talulahbelle Fri 27-Sep-13 16:42:00

Hi all
I am continuing with positive visualisation, this FET is going to work. I have 2 in the freezer and am transferring one (don't want twins, not even a little bit) So will hopefully get two goes if this first transfer doesn't work. If not, fresh cycle next year in January has been OK'd by DH.
Vit's wise I am just on Vit D and folic acid.

What's everyone up to this weekend, anything nice? I'm a teacher and have a huge pile of marking, so will mostly be sat doing that. Oh, and watching Agents of SHIELD tonight and Atlantis tomorrow night, gotta love a new TV series or two.

IWantOneNow Fri 27-Sep-13 16:55:51

For about 1 year i was taking Sanatogen Mum to Be, it was ok, but i still had (TMI alert.....) some brown spotting a week before my period. Now i'm on Pregnacare, and my spotting has completely gone (my acupuncturist said that's due to nutrients being better for my body). DP is on Pregnacare for men too! smile

nobeer Fri 27-Sep-13 17:14:22

Hi Talulah I'm going to a 4 year old's birthday party. It has a pirate theme. AhArrr. And I imagine we'll try to get some house packing up done too. and a well deserved beer after surviving the 4yr old's party

IWant I always get brown spotting. <slopes off to order some Pregnacare online--

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Fri 27-Sep-13 17:16:07

I've spoken to the clinic (finally) and they advise folic acid & vit d only. As I can't drink much milk I'm going to get some calcium tablets on Monday I think.

wishwash Fri 27-Sep-13 17:35:24

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is ok?

I have my fingers crossed for you Drizz. Lets hope the spotting buggers off!

Welcome bugger smile My boring story is:

Me: 27, PCOS
DP: 30, great sperm
Lots of pre IVF fertility treatment without even a sniff of a BFP
IVF #1 - 15 eggs, 12 mature, 11 fertilised, 8 made it to blast, 1x 3Bb blast transferred but BFN. 7 in the freezer
FET #1 - Booked in for friday yay!

AFM - I went in for a scan to see if my lining is ready and the measured it at 8.8mm which is perfect as it will still keep growing. My FET is booked in for friday so I'm well chuffed the waiting is nearly over. Then on to some menkulling!!

I need a little advice and hoping someone knows about blasto grading I asked the nurse today what grade my blasts were and she said 3 were ungraded because they were very 'messy' but stressed that they were where they should be and the other 4 are graded 3Aa.
I had read all over t'internet about grading which tells me what the grades mean but it doesn't actually say which is good or bad! Can anyone explain it?

I have a 4 year olds party to go to tomorrow too nobeer but its a spaghetti bolognese party! She has been saying since her 3rd birthday that her next party will be a spag bol party and she stuck to her word! Bless her.

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