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The Brookers will get their BFP's by any means necessary, thats the definition of Brooking No Argument!

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Your last thread got somewhat derailed so I thought I would treat you to a lovely shiny new place full of real open fires, fluffy blankets and an aga for baking bread and warming soups and stews. Back on with the job in hand ladies, lets have a round up of who's doing what and when.

SantaMaybe Wed 08-Jan-14 09:10:52

3rd!! That's greedy.

Glad you're off home today. I want to steal Jugdog. He is too cute.

keepitgoing Wed 08-Jan-14 10:24:12

hope new job is going well Scarlett. grr to greedy fb announcements. I'm brooking you'll do a maybe and get doffed just on starting new job. what was the Law of Boob again? wink

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 08-Jan-14 13:10:44

Geek that's fan-bloody-tastic news! Not long to wait at all now. You will probably be ready for EC by the time I start stimming but at least you will be there to remind me of how it all works smile I really hope this is it for you and MrG as you really deserve it xxx

Scarlett how is your first week going? Your new job sounds fab, I hope you are enjoying it. How's your cycle settling down after coming off the DHEA? I second Maybe jugdog is the cutest!

Music I really hope your back is ok. I'm brooking for a quick BFP and no back pain for the next year x

Maybe when is you official due date? Is it April? I've lost track of all you grads lately? I can't wait for your little girl to get here.Ps don't worry about the recipe, I ran out of time to bake anyway!

Keep how is kip doing? Is she about 2 months now?

Little lovely to see you! Could we be in store for another triple whammy?

Munx happy new year! Hope your and DC are well.

Sorry if I've missed anyone. I've had a bad few days as my doggy managed to find some dark chocolate I left lying around. Cue a mad dash to animal hospital and a 2 day stay. She was very poorly and we were told she might not make it. Luckily she has made a full recovery but it was very scary for a while there. Forget ttc causing a strain on a relationship. I think MrC would have divorced me if anything had happened to her!

SantaMaybe Wed 08-Jan-14 13:36:16

Oh Cups how scary. You poor thing! My sil's dog once ran off with a whole kg bag of chocolate, unwrapped each one and gobbled the lot. Somehow he was completely fine. They cause us a worry don't they wink so pleased she is ok x

She is due 24th march, 10.5 weeks to go. Have a 4D scan tonight smile

I'm so excited for you and Geek. I have a good feeling about 2014 brookers. I feel it in my waters wink

And Keep is right Scarlett. New job = ironic BFP and no maternity package wink. Actually, same goes for you too Cups!!!

musicalmrs Wed 08-Jan-14 13:51:57

How scary Cups sad Hope she's doing alright now. Hope all is going ok with the new job, even if it is brain frying?

A 4d scan Maybe? How exciting!

keepitgoing Wed 08-Jan-14 17:18:15

oh cups your poor dog. my parents dog had an abscess which burst and he had an op on nye. was so worried!

geek vv excited for you

kip is well and gorgeous. we had her 8 week jabs yesterday sad not fun, for me either. her poor perfect pudgy thighs...

TheLittleFriend Wed 08-Jan-14 18:36:13

Cups that sounds awful, you poor things. I didn't realise choc was so dangerous for dogs to eat. hmm

ScarlettInSpace Wed 08-Jan-14 19:19:31

Quick update on the run as just got home, no ironic bfp for me ladies AF landed this morning, tbh I don't really mind as I'm going skiing in 8 weeks plus I really enjoying the new job so far and want a good run at it, OH not impressed though as I've been away since Sunday and he was looking forward to some homecoming nookie lol

Ps, glad your dog is ok cups it's horrid when they are ill they are so helpless x

ScarlettInSpace Wed 08-Jan-14 19:33:58

Ooooooh we've nearly filled another thread! And managed to get through this one without anyone causing a big fight grin

SantaMaybe Wed 08-Jan-14 22:44:35

That's rubbish Scarlett but I'm glad you're ok with it. So pleased you're enjoying your job. Where are you off skiing? You're right, no arguments wink

Keep poor pooch. Is he ok now?

Loopyaboutmy2boys Wed 08-Jan-14 22:48:09

Keep, I found the 3rd lot of jabs were the worst for both my boys, I made sure they had them as late in the day as possible so they could just go home for cuddles and then sleep it off over night, they were grumpy and extra cuddly for a few days but that was it.

Scarlett sorry about AF, but that's a positive attitude to have. Skiing and pregnancy aren't a great combo, although I know a doctor who got pregnant but didn't know until she got back from a skiing holiday and she was fine so if you do get an ironic one next month it might not need to ruin your hols.

Cups glad your dog is ok, I've heard lots of horror stories about how toxic Chocolate is to dogs. Fingers crossed she is out of the woods now.

Hope the scan went ok maybe, we never had those but I am fascinated by them.

Geek hope the IVF works for you this time, I know lots of people that have children as a result of IVF, I think it is amazing the things they can do and I really hope all the brookers having treatment get their BFP's this year, it would be great to see everyone having newborn snuggles before the year is over ( or sporting bumps)

So, looks like I am allowed to join you for real as DH has announced tonight that he is back on board to TTC number 3. I always had visions of 4 children (sorry if that sounds greedy) but after his recent wobble I might need to accept that this would be our last pregnancy. But from tonight we are TTC ing smile smilesmile

Musical re gender, I know it's a bit of a taboo for some people, but I would dearly love a daughter. I have two amazing sons who are so different to each other, and if we had a third son I would love him just as much as my two, but I can't help having the desire for a daughter to complete our family. My mom had 2 girls then a boy, my aunt had 2 girls then a boy, and my sister had 3 girls then a boy, so I guess i always envisaged my first 2 children would be girls and never imagined not having a girl at all. I am not obsessed about it and would never go abroad for treatment like some do, and as long as our baby is healthy that's all that really matters, but if timing sex can possibly swing odds at all in our favour then I figure we might as well give it a try. The supposed logic is that if you want a boy have sex as close to ovulation as possible as y boy sperm is fast but dies quickly and x girl sperm is apparently slower to get to the egg but lives longer so if you want a girl have sex a few days or more before ovulation. Trouble is since early miscarriage in September which happened before AF returned after ds2 I have only had 1 cycle 6 weeks 3 days and 1 5 weeks 6 days so really can't be certain when I will ovulate, could be 12th, could be 16th or could be a different date altogether! I guess in theory tonight covers us up till the 13th, but may need to Dtd again if haven't ovulated by then.

musicalmrs Wed 08-Jan-14 23:47:21

Hurrah for being on board Loopy! If you want to know about OV, would some tests help? I'm using them in quite a relaxed manner in this cycle, just to check something is happening with my LH (appears to be, hurrah!) and so at some point I can work out when I ovulate ish, and when AF ish will be due. As my last cycle was also very long, I don't want to spend ages worrying about AF when my body just hasn't geared up properly for AF yet!

Ah, interesting re the gender. If my cycle is normal ,I should ovulate around the same sort of time as you.. but I suspect it won't be. Either way, we're just DTD as often as possible - aiming for every other day but that's not possible at the moment due to DH's work trips, so we'll see what happens.

True on the arguments Scarlett. Isn't it tradition that a brooker who starts a Fred is the next to get a BFP? wink obviously not true of this Fred Boo! smile (I'd love to, but it's definitely an assisted brookers' turn before mine!)

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 09-Jan-14 07:55:25

Musical now that you have stopped feeding and given how long since the birth I would expect your cycle to be fertile and for AF to return quickly unless you catch that first egg first. When I cut DS1 's feeds to kick start my body for ds2 I had no idea what would happen/ when, and ended up on a breast feeding thread worrying about it all where I met dream and she introduced me to the brooking world. Sounds like you are where I was back then. I had no idea when AF would return, and whether I would ovulate or not. As it was, when it happened I could actually feel that things were happening, mucus galore and I felt ovulation happen, which was followed by a small ovulation bleed, and as we didn't want an August baby we were very careful that month and as I expected, AF arrived 2 weeks after I ovulated. I then took temperatures the next month and fertility friend pinpointed when I ovulated eventually, and i again felt ovulation and had pains around the time implantation was happening, and that cycle resulted in ds2. Apparently you are quite fertile the first few cycles so you may not have long to wait. In Sept I also felt ovulation and implantation. Never felt it with ds1 but ever since having him I can feel when things have been happening. Not sure if everyone is the same re this though?! Not enough time to get any ovulation tests delivered for this cycle and trouble is, according to the methods for a girl, by the time you know you are or have ovulated, it is too late as sex on or just before ovulation is likely to lead to a boy...if someone could come up with a test that shows 5 days in advance when ovulation is then that would make them a fortune!

keepitgoing Thu 09-Jan-14 08:16:50

hi loopy welcome back and good luck. I know you think it's just swaying the odds but I think that theory of boy sperm being faster is bollocks grin because on our ivf there is only Sweetie's one boy so far and a ton of girls. that's the equivalent of doing it right at ov. but, worth a shot!

TheLittleFriend Thu 09-Jan-14 09:16:07

Keep I'm sure I've heard that you are ever so slightly more likely to have a girl through ivf. They boy sperm are quicker, but the girl sperm are more resilient and survive the ivf process better. That theory might also be bollocks though! wink

keepitgoing Thu 09-Jan-14 09:39:04

I read the opposite, which is why we are all so surprised! smile

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 09-Jan-14 09:48:46

Keep how is your parents dog doing? Poor thing, Abscesses are nasty. My dog had one 2 years ago and had an op. She recovered really well. She's been absolutely fine since getting home this time. She has been a bit hyper really, it's like she's a puppy again grin

Poor S and her perfect chubby thighs. Bless her, it's awful giving them injections so little. I feel horrible every time I have to give injections to babies at work, I can only imagine what it's like for the parents.

Loopy well done on convincing DH! I think trying for a certain sex is a load of rubbish tbh. You will get what you get! Im not saying your wrong for having a preference, I just think it's completely down to chance what you end up with smile

Scarlett boo to AF but yay to enjoying new job and skiing. How's it being back home? I bet OH and jugdog have missed you.

Ive only got today and tomorrow at work. I'm getting really excited now. I've made a load of cupcakes for my last shifts.

Should I start a new thread then? I'll try to think of a good title.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 09-Jan-14 09:53:40

Right I've started a new thread, please join me. I'm lonely over there grin

DinoSnores Thu 09-Jan-14 10:09:04

loopy, that's how I was introduced to Brooking as well, via jaggy and the BFing while TTC thread! Welcome back to TTCing! I'm afraid I am also being rather greedy with wanting another DC. We'd love to have 4 DC at home, particularly since we lost DD1, but we are very grateful for the two that we have been allowed to keep. I didn't realise you were in the same county! Will PM you to ask for a link to the house. We're house hunting too - very unsuccessfully...

As for TTC, I'm using up out of date ovulation tests for the Clearblue Monitor which has said 'high' since Day 7 and we are now on Day 13 now. Much like musical says, I'm using them really to see that things are going back in the right direction.

scarlett, sorry about AF. Sounds like you have a lot to think about but I hope you have a great time skiing and relaxing. I'd love some gluhwein and some lovely wide clear pistes and clear skies. There is something so refreshing about the mountains.

DinoSnores Thu 09-Jan-14 10:10:37

Taken me so long to write that that I've cross-posted with the new fred. Will decamp over there!

DinoSnores Thu 09-Jan-14 10:11:32

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