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7 days late, clearblue negative, should I retest?

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Soph46 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:00:23

Please help with advice I'd really appreciate it and can't get to a test right now as my daughter is asleep and Im home alone.
I stopped using evra contraception patch, had period as normal. My cycle is always 21 days. I am 7 days late and have familiar signs of being pregnant, funny metal taste and dizzy. I took a clearblue digital test 3 days ago (so when technically 4 days late) and it said not pregnant. But I still haven't come on and I have had unprotected sex. My question is could it be possible I tested too early and it was a false negative? The conundrum is, has stopping the evra patch caused me to have irregular periods now even though I had one immediately after (in the 7day break so to speak, except I never put on another patch)?
Sounds confusing I know. I just can't get my head round the clearblue being wrong if I tested 4 days after I should have started period.
Please advise Im under so much stress anyway and timing isn't ideal but I would definitely keep and welcome another baby. Thank you smile

GnomieGrace Tue 17-Sep-13 08:00:12

Hi Soph, I don't have any experience with the patch but is it the same as other hormonal contraceptives where there is a withdrawal bleed shortly after stopping them? If so it's possibly wobbled your cycle a little. But with your other symptoms I'd wait a couple of days and retest! Good luck grin

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