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The magical mystery flying fabulous September bus PART 4!

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GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 12:44:54

Maybe we should stop talking so much and get shagging instead??!

Just a thought grin

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 12:46:35

BFPs so far

10 BFPs smile

Awaiting BFPs
JellyBeanDavey ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 1st
JosiePosiePuddingAndPie ttc#2, cycle2, bfp 1st
PinkHat1 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 1st
Widget88: TTC #1, Cycle3, BFP 4th
Chubbykitty ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 5th
Bloumermaid Ttc #1 cycle? BFP 6th
RaRaZ ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 7th
mama31 ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 7th
Positivementakattitude ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 7th
Purplegeekygirl ttc#2, cycle13, bfp 9th
Dontsqueezetheteabag ttc#1, cycle1, bfp 10th
MrsHende TTC #2 Cycle 11(!) BFP 10th
blamber ttc#1 cycle1, bfp 13th
Toffeecrispyum ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 14th
panicmechanic ttc#2, cycle10, bfp 17th
Mistyautumn ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 18th
Worried ttc#2, cycle18, bfp 19th
Spirael TTC#2 Cycle 1 BFP 19th
Choccywoccydodah ttc#2 cycle 1 BFP 20th
Jessieagain ttc#2 cycle 1 BFP 20th
coco808 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 21st
Cupcake1985 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 21st
Fox82 ttc#1, cycle10, bfp 21st
dutchss ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 21st
chattychattyboomba ttc#?, cycle2, bfp 22nd
PinkHat1 ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 22nd
Purplegeekygirl ttc#2 cycle 14 bfp due 22nd
Bambi27 ttc#2, cycle10, bfp 24th
crazylady2013 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 24th
NottaLotta ttc#1 c3 bfp 24th
Pocopearl ttc 2 cycle 1 bfp 25th
ImaginaryHat ttc#1 cycle5 bfp 25th
ExactlyWhat ttc#3 cycle1, bfp 25th
Leezl, ttc#1, cycle 2, bfp 25th
Wispaxmas ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 25th
Breakingbadaddict ttc # 1 cycle 3 BFP due around 24/25th
cheesysmile ttc#1, cycle 3, bfp 26th
Greenface ttc #1, cycle 2, BFP due 26th
onelifeonechance ttc#1, cycle 3, bfp 26th
mama31 ttc#2, cycle 3, bfp 27th
fifi669 ttc#2, cycle6, bfp 28th
Daisychain44 ttc#2, cycle7, bfp 28th
Monkette ttc#?, cycle?, bfp 28th
MrsB2013 ttc #1 cycle 2 bfp 28th
Millymolly01 ttc#2, cycle 3? bfp 28th
GillyBillyWilly ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 29th
DisneyDiva87 ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 29th
Armylovin ttc #2 cycle 8 bfp due 30th
Lucyfluff TTC#4, cycle 2, BFP 30th
Refoca ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 30th
Willows tree ttc#2, cycle1, bfp?
Theborrower ttc#2, cycle2, bfp?
M33r ttc#1, cycle9, bfp?
Seatfor5 ttc#4, cycle5, bfp?
internationallove985 ttc#?, cycle?, bfp?
ThoraNomiki ttc#2, cycle3, bfp?
Rockyroller123 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp?
VJONES1985 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp?
BlueC2 ttc#?, cycle?, bfp?
Lulubelle26 ttc#1 cycle3, bfp ?
Pencilsandprams ttc#2, on cycle 4 bfp?
MundayCakes85 TTC #1, cycle 2, BFP ?

mama31 Sun 15-Sep-13 12:49:57

Lol gilly this is true!!!! Gilly how many days do you dtd from you get pos opk? Sorry I'm so clueless!!!

internationallove985 Sun 15-Sep-13 12:54:26

Please allow me to be the first to come aboard.
Internationallove985 (international) ttc (Technically number 3)
Cycle I'd say 5 been ttc since April but seriously from May.
B.F.P 28th Sept
Anyway you know my story. xx

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 12:54:59

Well I got my positive OPK today. We dtd on Friday night......Annoyingly didn't dtd last night hmm

We will of course dtd tonight... smile

Unfortunately wont be able to dtd tomorrow because DH is getting up at 5am and going to a work annual conference and won't be back til Tuesday.. So we will dtd on Tuesday just in case! grin

After that I reckon it's probably too late although might give it another go on Wednesday!

So I'd say up to 3 days after a positive is good. And probably the 3 days before is good too.

internationallove985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:05:35

Ooops. Thought I was first one aboard seems like mama beat me to it.
Gilly. I'm also giving it another go on Wednesday. I'll be past my fertile period by then but it doesn't hurt to practice. Not sure I can wait till though, but do our unmatched working patterns and as you know we don't live together we can only fit it in on certain days and just make sure I/we take advantage of every other opportunity there is. for example we both had last Monday off so we D.T.D all Monday afternoon and we also managed a quickie on Thursday as well as our usual days. No more spear days so I'll just have to wait till Wednesday. My sex drive is through the roof at the moment though. Friday night as soon as he got to mine I was ripping his clothes off. I don't know if it's because I was fertile but do I dare say even my (whispers) orgasms were more intense. Sorry if T.M.I.
Also sending you baby dust for tonight. xx

mama31 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:06:07

Thanks gilly!!!! We dtd every day for the last wk apart from thurs smile and will defo be dtd tonight, mon, tue and if you reckon wed is worth a try ill go with that too! Lol

Good luck! Happy shagging!! I think you should dtd tonight and as tough as it would be to wake at 4am to dtd....have a really early night, set your alarm and give it a go!!!! (Says me who can't even dtd at bedtime as I love my sleep lol)

International do you have 2 children? I thought only 1, how old are your children?

ItalianWiking84 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:10:17

International: I have male friends who has been trapped in being a father the way you do and without going in to many details, it has absolutely had a enormous impact on their life, one had to take full custody because the mom got a after birth depression, so he had to give up his present relationship (the mom and dad weren't together after she got pregnant, she got what she want and dump him) stop his education to get a full time job and rechange his whole life... He is now a single parent and of course he loves his son but he is getting council now because he has lost trust in women...
Another friend of mine was told after the birth if his son by the grandmother to the child who thought he ought to know, and now he is fighting to have the right to see his son and the mom is doing anything to not let this happen...
I feel for my friends and personally I would never cheat anybody in to being a parent, an accident can happen yes and I do think a man should also think of contraception but being dishonest can have great impact on the man for the rest of his life... Just my opinion

Cupcake1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:12:46

International you dont have to board a bus your already on.

I agree with everyones comments apart from the 'not as deserving one. I am as guilty as the next person of feelings like 'bloody typical they didnt even try as hard as me its not fair' but to say someone isnt as deserving may open a can of worms such as 'they get drunk, they have a mental illness, they are young/old, they are overweight, they argue etc etc therefore they obviously dont care as much as my partner and I or they are being selfish or they arent going to be as good parents as me' not very fair i think everyone would agree. So maybe we just be nice here and keep controversy to the AIBU area. I love that area by the way!

Im on dpo 7 today. Getting nervous and over analysing every twinge!

internationallove985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:13:39

Hi Mama. I say 3 because I lost a baby prior to having D.D.
She's still my baby though, so to me I have produced 2 beautiful children.
Just working on my third miracle now.
My D.D is 14. My angel would be 15. There would have been 11 months between them, xx

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:19:55

As eggs only survive for about 12 hours, dtd in the run up to ovulation is actually is more important :-) Positive opk means ov will happen in the next 12-36 hours, which is why it's good that you dtd as soon as you get a positive and in the few days before.

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:20:21

Sorry,that was for gilly

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 13:26:05

I know all that vjones but thanks anyway grin haha

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:27:48

Ah right, sorry. You were talking of dtd for days afterwards so I just didn't want you to miss your chance.

onefunkymama Sun 15-Sep-13 13:31:27

On the bus

mama31 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:44:34

VJ its me who has no clue!! Thanks for the info I need all I can where was I during biology lessons...hmmm....I def did not learn these things that I so need to know right now! Lol

Well we dtd fri and sat, have pos opk today for sure!!! And we are planning to dtd tonight, tomorrow and tues.....and any other day that takes our fancy! Lol but main thing is this cycle I feel we are hitting the mark! As I didn't use opks last cycle, I believe we only dtd once during that crucial time! Hoping knowledge is power and it all pays off. My DH is loving all the dtd anyway but I think he is also determined for his "supersperm" to work this cycle! And is doing all he can so that happens lol

mama31 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:45:34

International I'm sorry to hear that sad

lucyfluff Sun 15-Sep-13 13:46:11

Im hopping on - also didnt want you to miss my post on the last bus international which did not imply you were less deserving of a baby so please dont take it that way!!!!

Anyway Had last night off dtd, my app says today is ov day but im not convinced??!! Will try to carry on with every other day for a few more days!!

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 13:48:35

Ah vjones I see... smile
Well I was just saying to mama it's still worth trying afterwards for a few days after. Not for everyone... But in my case, numerous times in the past I have had a positive OPK but not actually had a temp rise until 5 days later which suggests it probably took me 2-3 days or so to ovulate AFTER a positive! So still worth shagging for a few more days! grin

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:50:20

Ah, perhaps I got you and gilly confused then, mama!

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:52:10

Gilly thanks for the tip. Have just had three solid days of pos opk but as I don't temp, I think I'll follow suit and dtd for the next few days as well.

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 13:55:13

Vjones my issue is that DH and I were SMEP-ing this month so we dtd on Friday, skipped Saturday and then I got my positive today. We will dtd tonight so that's all

But DH is going away tomorrow morning and not back til tues afternoon. We will attempt to dtd in the morning tomorrow but it will be 4am and not quite sure we will be successful! grin

So we will dtd on Tuesday when he's back... And Wednesday for luck!

SMEP says to dtd on the day of positive, the following day, and the following day again (so 3 days in a row). Then skip a day and dtd one more time.
So if we were doing it correctly this month we would dtd today, tomorrow, Tuesday and then Thursday.

So SMEP says to keep dtd for up to 4 days after the positive! That's to cover people who get an early LH surge and take a few days do actually ovulate.

GillyBillyWilly Sun 15-Sep-13 14:00:46

DH just text me

"lets do it as soon as I get home from work in a few hours... And we can try when my alarm goes off at 4am tomorrow but I can't promise anything! blush X"

Haha bless him. He's trying!

Toffeecrispyum Sun 15-Sep-13 14:00:54

Hopping aboard please, another BFN today on cd30 now,
International I don't think anyone is saying you would be a bad mother the issue is you are saying you are being "honest" to a bunch of people with made up usernames on an Internet forum, if we are all telling you our thoughts that what you are doing is seriously wrong surely that must make its way into your conscience somehow that what you are doing is really underhand, yes your fuck buddy is probably having a great deal of fun but would he be so happy that every shag is potentially him making the unwitting decision to become a father? What if you are messing is future so much that if he does meet mrs right (assuming it isn't you but hopefully it is) and she is not interested knowing he has already fathered a child elsewhere (wouldn't bother me bu I know it would to some ladies)
Sorry if this Sounds like a lecture but yes I think that th word "prick" is a pretty mild description of what is going on!
Please be honest with your partner
And don't just as you told him and he was fine please do it
Nuff said!

VJONES1985 Sun 15-Sep-13 14:04:36

Gilly we're doing smep this month as well but my issue (like yours, I guess) is that I may ov late and so I think we will dtd for five days after the pos opk rather than three. Just to be sure! Hope you manage to dtd at 4am :-)

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