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Ovulation has gone AWOL

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triplespin Mon 16-Sep-13 09:27:56

Oops sorry posted on the wrong thread eek!

triplespin Mon 16-Sep-13 09:27:24

good morning everyone. Sorry to hear that AF got some of you this weekend.

cosmic i hope your appointment on Tuesday goes well. At least you have got the ball rolling and hopefully you will get the right treatment. Its better than not knowing at all and prolonging the process even more.

OLTT good that you have booked a gp appointment at least. How long having you been TTC before and after MC?

I am still in the 2ww - but being prepared to be disappointed like some others on this thread. My temperature has not shown any sustained shift so far - so looks like this cycle is gone as well. I have also caught a cold and so any changes in my temperature are now going to be fairly unreliable anyway. Just as an update though, some of you may recall my worries about lack of ovulation, but FF eventually spotted ovulation on CD 18 (which the thick red line) - so that has somewhat allayed my fears at least on that front.

willitbe Sun 15-Sep-13 19:17:36

Estero gem = estrogen

I hate auto correct, but should have checked it before posting sorry

willitbe Sun 15-Sep-13 19:13:52

Ore-ov = pre-ov. !

willitbe Sun 15-Sep-13 19:12:05

Hi there

The open circle temps on the 10,11,12,13 and 14th, if these are due to temping at a different time from normal, this may well be influencing your chart . It could be that you haven't ovulated yet, as the closed circle temp on the 15th is the lower one, a one off temp dip below coverline is nothing to be concerned about, it will depend on the next few temps. It might be that it is a ore-ov temp.

If you have ovulated as ff suspects then a dip around 4/5 dpo can happen due to a secondary estero gem surge, in this case you should see the temp jump up nice and high tomorrow.

So all I can suggest is try to make sure that you take your temp at the time you are supposed to tomorrow. Hopefully it will jump right back up again, if not the you should keep up the shagging (every other day),

The dotted line by ff would be there due to the watery cm being after the temp rise. Also the high opk readings after might also put into doubt the ovulation.

I hope that you have ovulated on the 15 and that it is not going to be another long cycle.

RaRaZ Sun 15-Sep-13 13:44:41

From the shape of it, it looks like you might be about to get your period...though that would make your cycle very short. You can have messed up cycles in the few months after a MC though (very sorry to hear that, btw, I've had a couple and know how awful they are flowers ), so it could be that. BUT one dip below the cover line isn't anything to worry about: it's the overall pattern you need to look at. See what tomorrow's temp is like. Have you got the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility? Gives you a lot of example charts and shows you how to interpret them - might help.

greenlizard Sun 15-Sep-13 12:30:46

Sorry for the long post but would appreciate anyones's thoughts on my situation? Words of advice?

I had a MMC and ERPC at 10 weeks in June. It was my first pregnancy. I found it distressing emotionally but physically it only took a few weeks to stop bleeding and feel ok. It took 3 weeks to get a negative HPT.

We were just about to start IVF when we fell pregnant. Due to our ages (43/4) we don't have a lot of time and were advised by Fertility Consultant to "get on with it". So we were both keen to start trying again naturally ASAP whilst re-engaging with the Fertility Clinic.

My body tried to ovulate a few times before finally succeeding on CD67!! I know this for a couple of reasons - I was tracking with OPk's and got a few peaks and I had a transvaginal scan in the middle and was told that I had a failed ovulation on one ovary which had then formed into a cyst and the other ovary had a dominant follicle and was looked like I was going to ovulate any minute but subsequently didn't. I was tracking my temp all the way through and finally got my temp rise on CD 68 and my period arrived 12 days after that. So it looked like everything was gearing up but my LH surge wasn't happening -I assumed it would go back to normal once my period arrived. I had all my bloods done again for the fertility clinic after my MMC and my FSH is 8 so doesn't indicate a perimenapousal situation. They want us to wait for a couple of regular cycles before starting any treatment. I am panicking a bit that we are running out of time.

I am now in cycle two - day 20 and I still haven't had a positive OPK but have had 8 highs( flashing smileys) on the CB Advanced (after 4 lows) Fertility friend thinks I may have ovulated a few days ago (dotted cross hairs) but this morning my temp has dropped below the cover line again. I have had ovulation type cramps for about a week.

In the meantime we are shagging ourselves silly waiting for ovulation and I am knackered grin have a look at my chart here

Thanks flowers

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