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48 could I be pregnant?

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Wilson123 Sun 08-Sep-13 23:26:09

Hi I'm 48 and had unprotected sex on the 2nd of September my las period was the 21st August I have no idea about fertile days or any of that so I don't know if I was fertile then or not I experienced low backache and cramping for couple of days and felt really tired I don't know if that's just me or if I could be pregnant if at all possible thanks for any advice on this

ScariestFairyByFar Sun 08-Sep-13 23:44:23

It depends how long your cycle usually is. With a 28 day cycle you'd be most fertile 14 days before/after your period. Your usually most fertile 14 days before your period. So yes you could be pregnant.

Wilson123 Mon 09-Sep-13 00:00:57

Hi this period lasted for 5 days I'm always heavy I always have a period even though sometimes there not bang on time I will be over joyed if I am!!! My eldest is 29 youngest 24 so it's been a while! Lol I have no negative thoughts if I am just blessed to have a last chance because I was thinking my eggs would be too old not strong enough ? Now I have the waiting game of taking a test ! smile thanks for your input x

Wilson123 Mon 09-Sep-13 00:05:08

I've got lower back ache and tummy cramps now feels like I'm going to start a period at any second and I'm no where near due yet

OnTheBottomWithAWomensWeekly Mon 09-Sep-13 00:07:39

2nd of sept? 7 days ago....not really likely to have any symptoms as yet.

Wilson123 Mon 09-Sep-13 00:19:03

Well I was thinking this but thinking back with my youngest after 10 days I had a kinda bloating and heaviness but no backache all the way up to when I was due to start and obviously didn't ... So bit confused and excited

ScariestFairyByFar Mon 09-Sep-13 09:58:04

Oh I had serious implantation pains 7 dpo with dd, felt like period was starting early.

Wilson123 Mon 09-Sep-13 13:17:35

That's what it feels like my tummy cramps have settled but have a low nagging backache it's been 24 years since I had a baby and I would be so delighted if this was it! Trying not to get hopes up to much but still excited!

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