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What happens when you first visit the Dr re. TTC

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Oaks23 Sun 08-Sep-13 23:16:09

Hi all,

I m new to this website but need some advice on ttc. I stopped taking the pill a year ago, not really with a view to getting pregnant but because of some other health issues and we thought we would just see what happened, both v. relaxed about it. Nothing has happened and I'm wondering whether I should visit the dr. I jus wondered what information they need/what they do. My husband works away and I can't really say we were having sex "properly" haha I.e. being aware of the appropriate times etc. I wouldn't have a clue how many times we had sex at the rite time!

Thoughts?! X

YouAreMyRain Sun 08-Sep-13 23:18:22

Your GP normally refers you on after 12 months of unsuccessfully ttc. Probably worth a visit to get the ball rolling and hopefully something may happen while you're waiting for an appointment.

HoopHopes Sun 08-Sep-13 23:42:59

Depends if you are prepared to lie; by your own admission you have not seriously being attempting to ttc for 12 consecutive months so cannot really expect all the NHS tests but if you lie then the gp should refer you for them. Depends on you. What you want. Are you prepared to go down the route of tests and NHS treatments or would you rather ttc naturally for a bit longer and ensure that you have had sex at the fertile time of your cycle for 6 months or so first? Would it be worth finding out when youa re fertile in your cycle first and ttc naturally?

If you are wanting testing then you will need a recent smear so worth booking one. Dr will order blood tests, may do an internal examination or not and then refer dh for a semen analysis generally. Blood tests may be repeated. To qualify for NHS treatment for assisted fertility it varies area to area but the basics are age, weight, no smoking and no previous children. At the hospital they will want to know about your cycle, how often you have sex at fertile times etc etc. keeping records or knowing the answers in advance can help them identify issues etc. then depending in what the issue is may advocate a HSG to see if you have blocked tubes etc. semen analysis is often repeated as our blood tests. You will need other blood tests and checks for STI's as well. All to rule out causes of infertility but hopefully you just need to identify when you are fertile and time sex etc in that window. I hope so as assisted fertility and all the tests can be stressful, full of waits and uncertainty. Lots of advice and support of MN I found if you have to go down that route.

RaRaZ Mon 09-Sep-13 10:32:22

It varies greatly from area to area I've found from talking to people on here. Personally, I managed to get Day 21 tests to check I'm ovulating extremely easily though I haven't been ttc for anywhere near as long as you. I'd think that would be a good place to start and, as you've been ttc for a year now, you should be able to get booked in for these without much problem. They're just blood tests taken by the nurse/HCA so you should be able to get them quickly.

With regard to further investigation, I don't really know. Where I live, I've been told it takes a couple of months for referral to go through, and you get referred to the Centre for Life (science and research place) where, amongst other things, they will analyse the man's sperm. I assume it's roughly the same everywhere. You can buy sperm analysis kits on the internet btw - I'm not for a minute saying they'll be as accurate as what's done at a proper clinic, but they might give you an idea of whether there's a problem or not if you wanted to try that first.

Oaks23 Mon 09-Sep-13 22:51:06

Thanks for the info everyone, this really is all new to me and not something (I imagine like everyone else) thati thought I would have to deal with! Hoophopes I definitely want to keep things natural as long as possible as I can only imagine how difficult and stressful assisted fertility must be.

I guess I need to actively be awar of my cycle ( which I haven't been!) Raraz what are 21 day tests?! Sorry I really am clueless! X

RaRaZ Tue 10-Sep-13 00:13:35

Sorry hun, they measure the progesterone levels in your blood to determine whether you've ovulated. They're typically taken on Day 21 of your cycle - hence the same - assuming you have a 28-day textbook cycle. If you don't, you'll need it later or perhaps have several to make sure you catch the surge.

DulcetMoans Tue 10-Sep-13 10:34:21

I went for my first trip to the docs last week and you will be asked about your cycles and how regularly you have sex. They want to know you have given it a good go before they will do anything eg. every other day in your fertile weeks. Also, have you tried ovulation sticks to determine roughly when you ovulate? They may ask that too.

Then, the help I have been offered so far is the 21 day blood test as above, STD testing (routine im told), 3-5 day blood test and DH has a semen analysis although I understand not all NHS regions offer this.

HoopHopes Tue 10-Sep-13 17:55:04

Sounds like working out when you ovulate might help maximise chances. I found a clear blue monitor helped me but you can now get CB digital tests at do not need a monitor. Some people temp and do all sort of more natural obversations but that was too much hassle for me!!

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