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A million brands of co q10 - but which one best for ttc??

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blueskies19 Sun 08-Sep-13 20:00:42

Ive been told to take 200mg of co q10 to help conceive and there are so many brands out there

does anyone know which is the best brand to take for ttc as I have been told to take one without soy

any help or advice greatly appreciated

VJONES1985 Sun 08-Sep-13 20:07:37

Sorry I can't help but what is co q10?

blamber Sun 08-Sep-13 21:13:26

This one gets good reviews and doesn't contain soy.

coq10 is said to contribute to good egg quality for over 35s or for when you're doing ivf.

blueskies19 Mon 09-Sep-13 10:35:46

many thanks blamber - that's really helpful

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