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PLEASE help... 3 weeks late/so many negative tests!

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MissCatastrophe Sun 08-Sep-13 16:12:38

I'm at my wits end.. I really need some help and advice.

I had unprotected sex around the time of ovulation and am now almost 3 weeks late. I have most of the common symptoms, the main ones though are: twinges and cramping/shooting pains (different to period pains) in lower abdomen, CONSTANT peeing and pressure there, a lot of white discharge, sore breasts, a hard-feeling uterus that is bloated.

I have done several urine home tests but all negative, last one was a few days ago.

The doctor told me to just keep testing every week until I get a positive...but I know the HGC hormone can be low as I didnt get a BFP with my first PG until about 5-6 weeks gone..

It's so frustrating cos I've never been THIS late and i'm quite regular, but also quite stressed. Was planning on asking for an ultrasound scan in a couple weeks - even if I have to pay for it.

Any advice or help would be great... If I was PG, I'm guessing I'd be about 4 weeks gone. If I'm not pregnant, anyone know what this could be??

RaRaZ Sun 08-Sep-13 20:40:15

Hi Miss C. You probably know most of this already, but I didn't want to ignore a plea for help smile. Are you wanting to be pg btw?

I reckon the possibilities are:

You're pg and you don't metabolise HCG into your urine. Probably unlikely as you obviously did with your first.

You're pg and you have low hormone levels. Have you tested with one that detects low HCG levels? First Response maybe? Or Asda are good (and cheap!)

You ovulated late for some reason - is this possible? Stress might have caused it perhaps, or illness, overexercising, etc. In which case, you might be experiencing PMS (often same bloody symptoms as pg).

As above, but meaning you're in the very early stages of pg.

You're pg and have MC early - you don't always bleed straight away. Hopefully not though, and probably unlikely if you've never had a hint of a positive test.

I'd probably get an ultra-responsive test and do that with FMU asap. If negative, go and see your GP again.

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