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Anyone about to start/just started TTC number 2?

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mrsm22 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:35:38

Hi ladies, I am 31 and have one DS already. After my DS I went back on the pill but have decided to stop the pill and start TTC baby number 2 and wondered if anyone was also just about to start trying or just started and we could follow each other and share as we go along. I literally have stopped my pill last week for the 7 day break, and am meant to start taking it again tomorrow but obviously won't be, so I am very literally just starting to try for number two but am very excited! That's why I thought it might be nice to go through it with other people who are also trying. I have heard some people say that after your first baby you are more fertile but I am not sure so I am really not sure how long it will take this time. Does it usually not take as long second time round? It has taken a lot for me to decide for definite that I'd like another as I had an awful time in labour with forceps and 3rd degree tears etc which really scared me and must admit I'm terrified of another scary birth experience.

Stacks Sat 02-Nov-13 08:38:00

I've been on holiday this week and lost you all. No time to catch up just now as I have a poorly DS. Will read and post later though.

HungryHorace Fri 01-Nov-13 22:42:03

Ooh...last post here!

And new thread here:

The amount of twinges is bonkers, ATruth! Drives me mental.

And we are staying at the Newby Bridge Hotel so are based around Windermere. We're there all weekend, so any day would be good for tea. :-)

And I'll be the sole of discretion. He won't be the first MN DH to not be told where we 'met'! My DH knows, so no secrecy involved there.

I think the book group is best in books. I think it'd end up moved if it's in conception.

Time for sleep soon. Just had a 7 bloody hour trip home. Yawn!

Am I sneaking in with the last post of this thread? Mrsm - are you going to start the next one? It cuts off at 1000 I think. I'll pop over now and start a book group one. Shall I put it in conception or the book thread?

Lucy / Hungry - POAS party on Monday?! Do it! I'll follow you the weekend after.

Where are you heading to on your break Hungry? If you don't tell DH that I'm on a TTC thread then I'd love to meet for a coffee and to celebrate your BFP

I think I'm only one or two days after ovulation and already symptom spottting <cross at myself> It's ridiculous how many twinges you can get in your abdomem isn't it?

lelly78 Fri 01-Nov-13 21:22:13

Sorry I have been rubbish since I joined... I knew I'd do this! Work has been mad and we're away this weekend, plus got af as a birthday present angry

Hey Ho next month... Will try and catch up and see if there are any bfp s smile

utopian99 Fri 01-Nov-13 20:20:12

Definitely a part two. Can't do it on my phone though.

Horace your dh and mine sound scarily similar. grin
Am trying ferociously not to symptom spot, as AF still absent but that means nowt. Ate an entire packet of biscuits today, but I think just because of being tired from ds gallivanting in the night..

mrsm22 Fri 01-Nov-13 20:04:48

Do we need a part two thread or will this one just keep getting longer?

mrsm22 Fri 01-Nov-13 20:03:56

Evening ladies, so Hungry and Lucy are you both going to poas on Monday? And how exciting that it's your birthday on tues x

HungryHorace Fri 01-Nov-13 16:44:54

You've given yourself the best chance possible then. I'm impressed you carried on post-OV too. We were DTD'd out by then!

lucyjojo Fri 01-Nov-13 15:29:38

I'm not so sure. Maybe 11 days? I haven't really been tracking ov too closely this month, I had a vague idea of what couple of days it would be, but we managed to dtd eod until last friday, and a couple of times since then. Yep, monday poas party could work. Unless I wake up with AF.
I was the same with tea and food, I had a metallicy taste in my mouth for weeks, but again, not this early, I don't think I had any symptoms this early, or maybe I just wasn't looking so hard!

HungryHorace Fri 01-Nov-13 14:40:44

Ooh, x post, Lucy!

POAS on Monday then? We've set off now and I've no tests, so it will be then I do it. Birthday is Tuesday, so that's bound to be AF day if it's coming. :-/

DH thought it'd be hilarious if I threw my porridge back up into the bowl it'd been in to start with! It would've been the only receptacle around.

How're you feeling, Lucy? How many DPO are you?

HungryHorace Fri 01-Nov-13 14:35:50

I can drink it, but I'm not keen and it tastes a bit odd. I was like that last time too. But not this early.

It's the nausea and headache which are really making me wonder.

Lucy, did you test today?

Who's going to start the new thread? :-)

lucyjojo Fri 01-Nov-13 14:34:11

Hi everyone. I haven't POAS today, although I am feeling tempted now. But it would definitely be a waste now as it isn't FMU. I have been feeling quite tired recently, and pretty sure I'm imagining it food is tasting a bit funny. I am preparing myself to get AF on monday. I might POAS on sunday though...I can't decide what would be worse to see, a bfn or AF arriving. Sorry I'm a bit of a downer aren't I!! I'm sure I will pick myself back up again next week. DD is being very cute at the moment so just trying to enjoy her company.
Hungry I really want you to POAS!! But also, don't, just incase it does ruin your weekend and birthday. It does sound promising though...and actually almost being sick is a big jump from <maybe I'm feeling a bit sick....nothing to do with the amount of cake I just ate.....>
Hungry if you're testing on monday and I'm due on on monday we can find out together!!
Mrs exciting about your midwife app next week, hope she is lovely for you. It makes such a difference doesn't it. Sorry you're not enjoying your food atm, hopefully you can find something you really fancy and just eat that all the time!!
My parents did a bit of a party for their grandkids last night for halloween, there was lots of sugar eaten and then lots of running around screaming! DD loved it though, she also loves her cousins Mrs, I think they are her favourite people.
Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend Windy?

Windywinston Fri 01-Nov-13 13:30:33

Congratulations toothpaste, that's wonderful news! So brilliant that you and your sister can share this time together.

Hungry, I don't wish to be unhelpful and encourage your symptom spotting, but in both my pregnancies I have been completely unable to drink even a sip of tea (decaf or otherwise) and I'm a prolific tea drinker.

I'm so glad it's Friday. I work full time and this has been a long week. Hope you all have lovely weekends xx

mrsm22 Fri 01-Nov-13 13:10:55

Good morning everyone!

Toothpaste - I hope you and DH are having a good time away. I know what you mean about being in disbelief. I found out before you and i still don't quite believe it. Just on my lunch at work and very glad it's friday. After today I am not back in until next Thursday (a lovely feeling)!

Hungry - I'm not symptom spotting for you but going off things like tea is a sure sign for me. I've gone off most things. Deciding what to have for tea every night is becoming a real nightmare. I've gone off mince, I've gone off chicken...i am meeting the midwife next weds though so am looking forward to that.

Did everyone have a good Halloween? We didn't do anything for it, thought DS was a bit too young and plus i am so tired after work. We have persuaded my mum and dad to have a bonfore party on sunday though for my DS and my sister has 4 kids and DS loves to play with them.
Kt - Glad you're feeling better and you did right treating yourself at the chippy. I'm eating healthily but i'll still treat myself to fish and chips and mushy peas when i fancy it.
Hi Lucy - you could well be pregnant and not know it. I felt a bit down too and then found out a few days later. I had the scrambled eggs last night but no beans - i know they are really good for you but i'm not a bean fan sadly. I hate that going back to work feeling too, i get it every tuesday knowing i'm back on the weds and it's awful and depressing. Keep your chin up, who will be next to get a BFP I wonder?

Kt1991 Fri 01-Nov-13 13:01:48

Ooh sounds promising hungry! I know what you mean about our bodies tricking us though, why can’t there be just one main symptom, and nothing like an AF coming either! When are you going to test again? Were gonna have to set up a new thread soon, only 14/15 msgs left!

HungryHorace Fri 01-Nov-13 10:35:18

Morning ladies! How are we all today?

I need a slap please as today I have:

1. A headache;
2. Nausea (almost threw my porridge back up, but settled for a sicky burp instead);
3. An unsettled tummy; and
4. Aching (but not cramping) lady bits.

I hate symptom spotting and how our bodies trick us when TTC. Oh, I'm still not that keen on tea, either.

And here's a weird one: DD keeps pawing at / resting her hand on my tummy when she hasn't before! That ones too woo though!

Kt1991 Thu 31-Oct-13 21:07:50

Thanks mrs yep feeling bit better thank-you, just been out trick or treating, just round to a few family members and friends, and me and DH have pigged out on food from the chippy lol, we were too tired and lazy to cook lol. Good luck for POAS tommorow lucy! How is everyone else?

HungryHorace Thu 31-Oct-13 16:38:29

That's what you call willpower, Lucy! I'm impressed. :-)

There's no point testing before Sunday, and as I'm not here I'll have to wait until Monday. You could be surprised, Lucy, and just have no obvious symptoms!

lucyjojo Thu 31-Oct-13 15:45:41

Afternoon ladies. Yep another thread sounds good ATruth. Will we need to start this thread as well again soon? Do they stop after 1000 messages?
I haven't given in yet although it is very tempting as they are right next to the toilet every time I go in the bathroom!! I haven't had any spotting, or any symptoms though so I think AF is on her way. I'm not sure yet if I will POAS tomorrow, probably not as it seems like a waste seen as I'm pretty sure AF will get me next week. That means it's probably your turn next HUnrgy! Especially if you think tea tastes funny, that's got to be a sure fire symptom if there ever was one! (sorry not doing wonders to not getting your hopes up!) Do you think you will last til next week to not POAS? Hope you have a lovely weekend, even if it is with family!!
We're back to work this weekend after having the past 5 days off, so bit of a downer this weekend. I am also trying to not SS as my symptoms seem to be the same for either confused. I wish I'd paid more attention to how I was feeling last time just before I found out I was pg!
I'm just getting a bit fed up of the whole thing really. I'm going to try and take a mental break next month if I don't get a bfp next week, so I can enjoy my DDs birthday and christmas.
Scrambled eggs is delicious Mrs! If you eat it with brown bread and beans - one of the best meals for you!
Hope everyone that is going away has a lovely time. smile

HungryHorace Thu 31-Oct-13 14:58:58

The New Forest is lovely, Toothpaste. Enjoy your weekend away. :-)

I don't want to think about getting a BFP, because I'm really not sure we succeeded. :-/

I'm trying to keep busy so I don't let myself hope. DD isn't helping this by snoring her head off in her pram in the hall!

Toothpastekissesno2 Thu 31-Oct-13 14:37:33

I felt really crampy and still do and that was about 7 days post o. I feel quite sick so need to taste things a lot (basically sweets!) but don't want big meals.
We are in new forest which is beautiful though cloudy. Just off for a facial! Missing ds already but I'm having regular updates from mum.
Still in disbelief on the pg. it will be nice to talk to dh about it now we are away as we haven't really had a chance. Don't want to tell anyone else so getting out my no drinking excuses for all the events in the coming weeks! Pretty sure my scan won't be until after new year so it's gong to be a long long wait. Bloody Christmas!
By Monday we will need the next weeks bfp, hungry so hopefully that's u...

HungryHorace Thu 31-Oct-13 13:58:35

Mrs, we are going home to see my family as it's been a couple of months since we were last there.

I detest symptom spotting as it could all be nothing, but I feel really periody and crampy. But I felt like that last month so I don't want to read anything into it. Sigh.

I've not got the book yet, but you can read Kindle books on the iPhone so I'll just do that I think!

mrsm22 Thu 31-Oct-13 10:40:39

Hungry - those symptoms sound iffy to me! Everything I am eating or drinking tastes different and i have gone off so many things. Got home from work last night and DH made roast chicken for tea with rice and vegies and I just couldn't eat it as it tasted horrible in my mouth. Tonight i'm going to have scrambled eggs on toast (apparantly they contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals required in pregnancy)! Very boring I know... other than that, I am just feeling really tired and it's a bloody struggle coming to work 3 days a week. Hungry where are you going away to?
Hi ATruth - How are you? have you and DH been DTD? I am still up for book club but sorry i haven't ordered the book. I think setting up another thread alongside this one to discuss the book might be a good idea. Can i have a bit longer to get it ordered from Amazon?
Hi Toothpaste - where are you going for the weekend?
Kt - I hope you're feeling better xx

HungryHorace Thu 31-Oct-13 10:31:22

ATruth, I hope your DH complied after the wine! :-)

Lucy, did you have a sneaky POAS today?!

Toothpaste, we are also away this weekend, but with DD. And then we are up near ATruth the weekend after. I hope you have a lovely time. :-)

I'm feeling crampy and tea tastes horrible, but I'm only about 7 DPO, so not sure I should have symptoms like that!

I will probably test on Monday as I'm not taking tests away with me. Far too much hassle!

Toothpastekissesno2 Thu 31-Oct-13 08:59:54

A truth how did the seduction go? Lucy u testing tomorrow or going to wait? Hungry how u feeling?
Hope everyone else ok. I am off for weekend away with dh and leaving ds behind. It's first time we have both been away with him! X

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