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Anyone about to start/just started TTC number 2?

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mrsm22 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:35:38

Hi ladies, I am 31 and have one DS already. After my DS I went back on the pill but have decided to stop the pill and start TTC baby number 2 and wondered if anyone was also just about to start trying or just started and we could follow each other and share as we go along. I literally have stopped my pill last week for the 7 day break, and am meant to start taking it again tomorrow but obviously won't be, so I am very literally just starting to try for number two but am very excited! That's why I thought it might be nice to go through it with other people who are also trying. I have heard some people say that after your first baby you are more fertile but I am not sure so I am really not sure how long it will take this time. Does it usually not take as long second time round? It has taken a lot for me to decide for definite that I'd like another as I had an awful time in labour with forceps and 3rd degree tears etc which really scared me and must admit I'm terrified of another scary birth experience.

Pencilsandprams Tue 03-Sep-13 21:42:09

Hi Mrsm22, I'll join as I'm currently TTC number 2 too. My DD is about 2 weeks off from her 1st birthday. We had originally wanted to have the next one as close as possible, hoping for an age gap of 15 months+. But no joy as yet! However this month I have employed an arsenal of pills and trickery so am keeping everything crossed.

Good luck to you and don't worry, your next birth will be a whole different kettle of fish I'm sure. Positive thoughts!

I'm just waiting on the old temp rise now to reassure me I am actually ovulating (I hadn't been charting my BBT until this cycle) and then it's the dreaded 2ww. x

mrsm22 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:23:01

Hi Pencilsandprams, really pleased you have joined the thread (hopefully more will come along too). My DS will be 2 at the end of December. I also wanted to have two quite close but for a long time have felt quite traumatised by the birth I had (forceps, 3rd degree tears, and stitches from episiotomy came undone and left to heal etc etc) but I have finally decided that it is worth it as I adore my DS and think two is nice and my DS would love a sibling. Your DS is still very young so yours could still be very close in age. I'm hoping (it would be lovely) to be pregnant by Xmas and then there would be an under 3 year gap for mine. Anyway let's keep each other posted with how it's going. I will have to wait and see how long it takes for a natural period after coming off the pill. It took me 7 months to get pregnant first time and I had been on the pill a long time. This time I've been back on it for a year. How long have u been trying if u don't mind me asking and what pills are u taking? I have started taking the Pregnacare pills every morning. Good luck to you as we'll and thanks again for joining! Are u hoping this time for a DS? x

AFishWithoutABicycle Tue 03-Sep-13 22:28:54

Can I join? Dd is 2.5. I have just started trying. I'm trying to do it within 3 months so he/she will be a summer baby and I won't have to fork out for an extra years child care.

CivicBlue1 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:37:00

Can I join? We are ttc #2. I'm in a slightly different position, my wonderful dd will be 17.5 years at least before #2 arrives! DH and I are both 33 and this will be his 1st biological child.

Metalhead Wed 04-Sep-13 07:31:23

Another one here! We have DD who is 3.2, and are on cycle 2 of ttc #2. Similar to you OP I couldn't really contemplate ever giving birth again for a long time, that plus postnatal depression and generally struggling to adjust to motherhood meant I only came round to the idea of a second when DD was nearly 3.

Have to say though, I'm already getting fed up with the whole ttc business as my cycles are quite irregular which means lots of guessing as to when I'll ovulate... I might have to try OPKs next month!

greeneone12 Wed 04-Sep-13 09:22:05

We are - I am 31 and DP 31 too. DD will be 3 in October. Was due 2nd in Feb but that wasn't to be so we are back on it again. Just had first period back so it go go go.

Kt1991 Wed 04-Sep-13 10:03:14

We are! Started trying mid July, had first period 2/3 weeks ago so just waiting to see what happens now! DS is 2.7, would really like a Summer baby this time though! Conceived DS after 3 months so I’m hoping will be similar time scale 2nd time round! Good luck everyone.

greeneone12 Wed 04-Sep-13 12:07:32

Kt1991 - were you hoping you would fall before AF arrived? It happened to my cousin and friend so when it didn't for us I took it quite badly. That was at the weekend and I am more positive now!

greeneone12 Wed 04-Sep-13 12:53:33

Sorry - I got confused which thread I was on! Ignore me blush

fifi669 Wed 04-Sep-13 13:28:20

Hiya, been trying for dc#2 since April, DS will be 3 in December.....

I'm 30, DP is 28 and it feels like the whole thing is taking forever! It took 6 months for DS so hopefully our time is soon

AFishWithoutABicycle Wed 04-Sep-13 13:39:41

There's quite a few of us... How exciting.

Pencilsandprams Wed 04-Sep-13 14:56:04

Welcome AFishWithoutABicycyle, CivicBlue1, Metalhead, Greenone12, Kt1991 and fifi669! Great to have a few of us here!

MrsM I was really similar to you in that I'd been on the pill for years and years before DD (since age 11, to regulate heavy periods) and then it took 7 months to get PG, having assumed it would happen instantly after so many years desperately trying to NOT get pg! I stopped breastfeeding DD in April and my first period arrived late May, so we've been trying since then - on our 4th cycle now. (I went onto Progesterone only pill for a couple of months whilst breastfeeding)

I know it sounds cliche but I really don't mind either way whether we have a girl or boy next. I would love for my DD to have a sister, but then I'd also love for my husband to have a son. So it's really win, win! Do you have a preference? My husband insists two girls will cost us a fortune in weddings though....which is probably true! I really wanted a Spring baby so if we got pg this month it would be a May baby which is the borderline really! I had originally thought I didn't want a Summer baby (due to all the stuff about summer babies finding school much tougher), but I think I'm over that now as I think getting pg ASAP is taking priority!

This month I'm using Soy Isoflavones and Conceive Plus (as we got our BFP the first month we tried those last time around, maybe a coincidence but who knows!) and also taking Agnus Castus and Vitamin B6 as I think my luteal phase is too short (it's been only 9 or 10 days long each cycle, since we started TTC this time), and Agnus Castus and Soy Isoflavones are both supposed to help lengthen it. I have done a LOT of forum stalking to work out what to try. I am rattling! Oh and of course I am a POAS-aholic with the old OPKs. Poor husband is exhausted!

Good luck everyone! x

fifi669 Wed 04-Sep-13 15:55:46

DP and I would both like a girl, so would DS! Law of sod says we'll prob have boy triplets now!

Charotte31 Wed 04-Sep-13 18:47:50

Hi all, can I join in please?? I'm 31 DH is 40 my DD is 2.2. This is my 3rd month of ttc. AF due on the 14th. Good luck everyone and fingers crossed!!

panicmechanic Wed 04-Sep-13 19:19:05

Hi ladies I am 42 (ouch) and have a DD who is 2.5. I had a son who was stillborn before DD and it took 3 months to conceive DD. Been ttc for a year with a MC also in Feb this year. I am only going to ttc for another couple of months as age I feel could me against me good luck all ! X

Metalhead Wed 04-Sep-13 20:09:41

So sorry to hear about your losses panicmechanic - hope you strike lucky soon and everything goes well this time round!

Windywinston Wed 04-Sep-13 21:18:17

Can I join? We just starting ttc#2 this month but I'm expecting a long slog to BFP.
DD is 14 months and I'm a bit scared to ttc again, but don't want a big age gap.
It took 2yrs to conceive DD and lots of stress. Labour was also terrible (went on for days, back to back, baby in distress, ventouse, episiotomy, split stitches etc).

panicmechanic Wed 04-Sep-13 23:06:59

Thanks Metalhead. Good luck to all x. Sounds very stressful Windywintson good luck this time round xx

Windywinston Wed 04-Sep-13 23:23:50

Thanks panicmechanic. Sorry I didn't see your post before I posted. I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope everything goes to plan for you this time around.

greeneone12 Thu 05-Sep-13 08:08:42

Oh ladies so sorry you have been through such awful experiences. Thank goodness there is support in these forums to ease the stress/anxiety of trying to conceive again smile

Next week will be our fertile week but I have a horrible cold and think DP is getting it too hmm

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Thu 05-Sep-13 09:19:24

Hi, can I join? Have just started ttc#2 - came off the pill early August. DD is almost 11 months and I am just starting to look at tiny babies and think "how cute" again, although DD is still my tiny baby and it's weird to think that one day she might be the big girl in the family!

Sorry to hear about all the difficult times people have been through. Hope everything goes well for us all now!

Pencilsandprams Thu 05-Sep-13 11:35:06

Welcome Charlotte31, panicmechanic, windywinston and*DuPainDuVinDuFromage*! So sorry for some of your losses, greeneone is right, thank goodness for these forums. DuPain, it sounds like you're aiming for a similar age gap to me. Fingers crossed for BFPs all round.

WHat stage is everyone at on their cycles? I'm on CD22 now and just waiting on FF to make up its mind on my O date. Going off my temps I think it's going to say it was on CD20, but I think it was more like CD18 because of my CM signs and OPK tests. I really hope FF is wrong as my cycles are normally 28 or 29 days long, so it would give me a luteal phase of just 8-9 days. Hoping my pill popping has worked its magic in lengthening it all out.....we'll see! Does anyone else use FF? I think my efforts not to get too obsessed with charting this time round have well and truly gone down the pan!

mrsm22 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:05:47

Hello and welcome to all, it's amazing to see so many have joined! Apologies for only coming back on today, me and DH were at the seaside yesterday with my DS. I work part time now since having my DS, so been back working 3 days a week since June.

Welcome to Afishwithoutabicycle, Civicblue1, Metalhead, greenone12, Kt1991, fifi669, Charlotte31, Panicmechanic, DuPainDuVinDuFromage and Windywinston! So sorry to hear some of your very sad losses too and I think Mumsnet is such a wonderful site for mums and mums to be to offer support and share experiences. I am 31 and really want to conceive by/before xmas. My gorgeous DS will be 2 on 28th December so I would love to give birth to a second baby before he is 3. Like Pencilsandprams, I was on the pill from age of 16 and when I came off to TTC my DS it took me just 7 months also. I have only been back on the pill about a year (give or take) so I am hoping t won't take as long but I am not sure second time round how long it usually takes or if it is totally different for each person. Is it true, does anyone know that second time round you are meant to be be more fertile? I have very literally just started trying since yesterday when i would have normally taken my pill after the 7 day break but didn't take it. Hoping it happens really quick as i love being pregnant, just terrified of another nasty birth experince but i keep hearing that the secind time is usually better (so fingers crossed)! Like everyone else probably has, I have been reading ontips to help you fal pregnant but I'm not sure that there are many things you can do, other than the obvious. I'm just hoping it doesn't take long to have a natural period now that I am off the pill, I am assuming that is what I am waiting for or to happen next now that I am off the pill?

I would love another baby boy to be honest, but obviously healthy is the most important thing! Good luck to all. x

mrsm22 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:08:54

Metalhead - sorry to hear you suffered with postnatal depression, I think you'd be very unlucky to have that again secind time round. Did you also have an unpleasant birth experience?

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