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The Elderberry Pavlovas- All aboard the Berrycopter. Thread 14

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funkymonk Tue 03-Sep-13 20:23:17

The smallprint - Berries have a strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, NO instadiffers, must have a special pot) and def no mention of baby dust or baby dancing UGH !!! Ooh we are strict...please note your house may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments lol

yorkiebilb Wed 04-Sep-13 08:09:47

You're definitely my superhero thunder! It's amazing how she's conveniently forgotten how worried she was after only a few months. The 'just relax' comment is just so friggin annoying!

Bunnygirlie Wed 04-Sep-13 08:20:23

Morning all!

Of course you can stay RP it's only from this thread that we'll be so strict wink And I don't think anything is TMI for us anymore!

pip your head teacher sounds nice, I bet some people have real trouble getting time off for appts. <sniggers at darling we must have normal people sex> sorry RP

happy I was TTC less that 6months when the Berries formed, it has just kind of developed into long term tryers

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Superthunder hell yeah, you go girl! If somebody who knew we were struggling said something like that to me I would find it hard not to make a comment!

So apart from just relax, what are the worst things to say then?!? I reckon, it'll happen is pretty crappy  (I get that from DH and it makes me wanna throttle him). 

Thundercatsarego Wed 04-Sep-13 08:46:00

My other worst one was being told (by a one night instadiffer) 'to make the most of it'

ie make the most of life without a baby. And this was shortly after my miscarriage.

SidneyBristow Wed 04-Sep-13 09:54:56

thunder unbelievable, 'make the most of it'??? there are no words. some people are just pathetically insensitive thanks

I can't choose a "worst" thing that's ever been said to me, mainly bc I talk about TTC with very few people and even then, sometimes it's just an allusion to it rather than a full-on convo. MIL has a congenital case of foot-in-mouth disease and has said at various times, 'enjoy your child-free weekend,' tutted at the rubbishness of her DD's inlaws' egg/sperm quality which required 'shockingly expensive' IVF and implied that they were lesser beings for needing help, and just last week referred to an aunt of mine only having one 'real daughter'...their other one is adopted. She has a real knack for saying the most idiotic, stupidly hurtful things.

pip love thinking of you, sorry to hear about the wait. when is your review appointment?

RP ED must be so frustrating. I agree with the others; as long as he was inside you, you're good. I worry about leakage sometimes too but have yet to perfect my headstand so the best that happens at Bristowville is a folded pillow under my bum cannot wait to throw it out one day

How're all you teacher people holding up? I love this time of year!

yorkiebilb Wed 04-Sep-13 10:13:00

thunder what a horrible thing for her to say.

Wow sid your mil comes out with some pretty insensitive comments. That must be tough to hear.

I've heard all sorts. Just relax is a common one along with the friend of a friend story about someone who just stopped trying and then wham they just got pregnant. My mate managed to include the 'it will happen to you' comment in her message from the womb. I mean I'm very confused as to how her unborn foetus knows that I'm going to get pregnant!! Sorry couldn't resist!

Tallyra Wed 04-Sep-13 12:19:01

Hi guys, just marking my place. Nightmare time - see copter thread for details. I'll be back later when I'm a bit better and have a charged phone.

Snowlily Wed 04-Sep-13 13:25:49

Hi all, just a quick hello, sid your mil sounds as wonderful as mine ;)

one of my most cringeworthy comments was my 88 year old grandma asking my OH "if I was carrying yet?"

CD 26 for me, & we're being good as OH & I have decided only to test if I'm late, (which I don't think is going to happen from the feelings down below, but its not over to the witch cackles ;) ) & acupuncturist is hoping to lengthen my cycle by a day or 2 back to what it was pre-the pill. Feeling much more relaxed this month so the diet & acu is helping, ttfn

SidneyBristow Wed 04-Sep-13 13:29:37

Tally so sorry to hear this, you've really been through the mill thanks I hope the steroids help turn things around

sparechange Wed 04-Sep-13 14:31:43

Hi berries!
You've been a busy lot in the last few days...

sid that sounds like a great FC you've found there... Can you share his name?

Nothing much to report other than I had lunch with my best mate yesterday and she told me that her and her DH start ivf next week. Her AF is due on Monday and then it is pin cushions a-hoy (and supositories... I hadn't heard about those before shock)

My app thinks I'll OV this Sunday, which is slightly inconvenient as we are at the in-laws from Friday onwards. Might need to practice stealth DTD for sunday morning!

Thunder I had to block another MN thread last week (something along the lines of 'how long did it take you to get pregnant') because it was full of 'oh well I was trying for 2 months, then went to a wedding a got drunk and DA DAR was pregnant. It was definitely because we were relaxed. Oh, and my friend was supposed to start IVF and a week before she got the appointment, she got pregnant, and that must be because she wasn't stressing about it'

Sorry, rant over!

happylass Wed 04-Sep-13 16:28:32

Oh no Tally poor you. Hope that things start to improve for you soon. Thinking of you - take care flowers

RevoltingPeasant Wed 04-Sep-13 19:08:08

spare that is very annoying. I have a lovely, LOVELY colleague who knows we are trying. She has 2 DC and has put together a bag of baby clothes from them, for me! It is so kind but also a bit pressure-y.... I keep thinking of those tiny clothes gathering dust somewhere.

Yes, just relax indeed....

Normalpeople sex is actually quite polite compared to our lingo at home. I mean, ttc really is pretty much is like coupling large farmyard animals, isn't: lock them in the bedroom at the right time until they've done the business.

I may be the least romantic person ever, ever

RevoltingPeasant Wed 04-Sep-13 19:09:09

Although, as I'm on a TMI binge: I am not even sure if I have OV this month! No OPK+, but then I ran out of those so can't do any more. And no upwards jump in BBT.


Can you get that without OV?

Bunnygirlie Wed 04-Sep-13 19:25:02

Ugh people can say such insensitive things!

sid ugh you MIL sounds delightful!

spare nice rant! 

So how are we all?

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 04-Sep-13 19:25:28

RP sorry to say I think you can get EWCM without O, however that doesn't mean you haven't O'd

Bunnygirlie Wed 04-Sep-13 19:58:56

tally sorry to hear you've been having a tough time. Hope the meds work x

Had a quick look on the helicopter thread, they let non berries in shock guess they aren't as strict as us lol

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 04-Sep-13 20:11:23

We let you in cos there's still a spare seat for each of you! And we miss you

Bunnygirlie Wed 04-Sep-13 20:22:14

We miss the pg berries too! x

funkymonk Wed 04-Sep-13 21:23:34

Grrr to gills DH and consultant.

thanks for tally and pip

rp I also think you can get ewcm without ov'ing. hmm

How are things going kitty?

10 or 11dpo here and stupid evap line this morning. Usually get spotting from today for 2 days and then af arrives. Had a little tinged cm today but not like the usual. Was hoping starting the b6 would stop that completely or better still I was hoping to be diffed

Been strangely emotional last couple of days. My grandad died 16 months ago now but have been suddenly bursting into tears over it last night and again this evening. If it wasnt for the tinged cm today I would def be spotting that as a symptom! still keeping fingers crossed despite knowing I'm really moving on to cycle 12 now

why the tennis ??

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 04-Sep-13 21:31:21

funkymonk elaborate on your evap and CM please. What kind of test? Don't rule yourself out over CM as that's a good 'symptom'. Spill the beans...

BlindKitty Wed 04-Sep-13 21:38:45

gill me are rubbish taking any sorts or details. Cross your legs in future!

bunny I actually told my friend she is what we'd call an 'instadiffer', to which she replied "but it took 3 whole months"...yeh how awful for you hmm

pip I think your friend might have been fibbing! Did you down reg? Is that why you've got to wait or do they make everyone wait?

boom was beginning to think you'd forgotten about us wink

Oh and same to you ms thunder! grin

funkymonk Wed 04-Sep-13 21:41:51

It really was just an evap merk. A white indent on an ic. Squinted at it from all possible angles to try and make it look slightly pink, but wasn't happening.

Teeny teeny amount of brownish cm today. In cycle 8 when I had the early mc I had implantation bleeding 8dpo to 12dpo which was different (actual spots of brown blood)

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 04-Sep-13 21:45:57

My implantation bleed was brown CM which went on for days. Are you testing again tomorrow?
I remember being laid in bed after a bfn on my last cycle (crying) and being sure it wasn't possible for one test to be stark white and the next to be bfp. However I proved myself wrong the next morning. I know it's said a lot but dont give up until AF comes, it's hard enough if AF does arrive without being upset before it even happens iykwim

BlindKitty Wed 04-Sep-13 21:54:59

tally sorry you're still feeling rubbish, hope you're feeling better soon

spare I despair at some of the other mn posts! I can't even bare to read them anymore!

Hmmm anyone else thinking what I'm thinking about marie??!

Gillster Wed 04-Sep-13 21:55:53

Sounds promising Spare, keeping everything crossed for you apart from my legs of course - ha!

Signed up for some personal training today - eek. Going to blast this diet and fitness once and for all. It will also give me something different to obsess about! It all starts on Monday.

funkymonk Wed 04-Sep-13 21:56:35

hmm hmm hmm Yes, I usually test daily from 10dpo sometimes earlier until af arrives.

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