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How difficult is it to get PG while BF?

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Flowerface Fri 30-Aug-13 07:28:48

I am still BF DC2 a couple of times a day (at lunchtime and at night) and still haven't started AF yet. Do you have to give up entirely to have a hope of conceiving? I am a bit reluctant to give up the nightfeed as I find it a lovely peaceful end to the day - and an excuse to sit down for a bit!

TallGiraffe Fri 30-Aug-13 07:43:25

No advice but watching with interest!

lels99 Fri 30-Aug-13 07:53:43

According to my Doctor it is very difficult, much to my husband's disgust it took one night.

Iwaswatchingthat Fri 30-Aug-13 07:53:49

I finished breast feeding late August, no period in September, but must have ovulated as preg test mid October revealed I was pregnant (turns out six weeks preg). This was over 7 years ago.

I had a bottle refuser too, so when I finally found a teet she would take I just stopped altogether and she was on four feeds a day then. So I went from Bfing lots to stopping almost overnight as I did not dare mix feed in case she refused the bottle again iykwim.

So, even if no AF you may have ovulated and conceived and missed the AF part out! I thought it was brilliant - the easiest conception ever, especially after over two years of trying and a round of chlomid for dd1.

Good luck.

blamber Fri 30-Aug-13 09:38:42

I read it really depends per person. Some start their cycles on reduced feeds, others have to stop altogether. How old is dc? Maybe your body just needs some more time. Or else, reduce the feeds to just one a day and see if that will stimulate ovulation.

Flowerface Fri 30-Aug-13 09:45:47

He is 16mo so could in theory cope with stopping altogether. But he is really a boob fanatic - it has been a real struggle getting him down to two a day! I will try to drop the lunchtime feed in the next couple of weeks...

Longtallsally Fri 30-Aug-13 09:46:37

No expert, but it didn''t affect me at all. DS1 was a milk monster, feeding a lot, during his twos. It took a couple of months to conceive ds2, but not long - but AF had returned for me.

Best of luck smile

whatsagoodusername Fri 30-Aug-13 09:54:31

I got pregnant with DS2 when DS1 was 3 months old, mixed bottle and breastfed. Didn't seem to be difficult at all.

Flowerface Fri 30-Aug-13 19:10:37

I should just boot him off altogether but it seems a bit mean to say "you're not a baby any more - move along please!"

We are probably to tired to have enough sex to conceive at the moment, anyway! smile

starlightloz Fri 30-Aug-13 19:41:08

I got pregnant whilst breastfeeding before I had knowingly had a period.Breastfed son was 9 months old.I think the things that made it most likely was that he went from co sleeping to his own bedroom and so the night feeding dropped. Hope it works for you as easily OP smile smile

Flowerface Fri 30-Aug-13 20:04:50

We did stop co-sleeping at about 12m. I was a complete mummy-dummy - he slept attached all night! Now DH goes in to settle him and I have given up the night feeds... smile

I guess it's a very personal thing. I have felt very VERY PMTish on occasion... But no actual AF.

eggsnbeans Sat 31-Aug-13 23:04:49

Hi Flower... there is a TTC while BF thread if you want to come and join us grin Lots of ladies on the thread have got pg while BF, some are bf quite a lot too so def is possible. There doesn't seem to be much you can do to get AF to come back earlier, I know one lady who conceived within 3 month of giving birth whilst full time BF, but some people seem to have to stop altogether. And even once it does come back there are still other issues... my luteal phase is only 7-8days at the moment so nowhere near long enough for implantation to happen yet!

If you are getting PMTish feelings and bouts of EWCM you're probably not far off anyway!

SunnyIntervals Sat 31-Aug-13 23:08:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsmindcontrol Sat 31-Aug-13 23:14:06

I got pregnant with DS2 while BF DS1 who was 6 months old. He was on solids but still having 4 or so BF per day. I'd never had a period & it was only the first time I'd had sex since giving birth to DS1. Was shock to say the least.

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