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Harry Potter and the rise of the BESH: Instadiffers, baby dusters and huns will be subject to the spell Evanesco!!.

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RaspberrySnowCone Sun 25-Aug-13 14:01:25

Expecto Patronum

If you are you over 30 and have been ttc for over 12 months, are witch like or even better a complete hag and willing to abuse your powers of wizardry to conjure up gin by the bucket load, then fill out the Beshionnaire and join us if you dare in our battle against BESH curse.

Instadiffers and baby dusters will be turned into frogs and used in a potion.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi!!!

MyNameIsWinkly Sat 12-Oct-13 09:31:38

Omg draf!!!

Reactions here pls...

evilgiraffe Sat 12-Oct-13 09:24:57

Umm... It's positive. It's quite a faint line, but there's definitely a line. Both of us completely disbelieving/baffled/astonished. Going to ring the clinic after I've finished my cuppa.

eurochick Sat 12-Oct-13 09:09:40

draf I think those instructions are for labs when they have had the specimen in the fridge. Surely you are at room temp (or thereabouts). G'luck!

eurochick Sat 12-Oct-13 09:08:34

Fab that's really shit. Surely as they cocked up, they should be bending over backwards to squeeze you in asap, at the end of a surgery or something. Good news about your dad's op though.

bugs I think we do need one another. I'm not around much because I'm between treatment cycles and I have lost the faith that trying the old fashioned way is going to get me anywhere, so I don't really feel like I am ttc at the moment.

I'm off to a friend's for the weekend. She has 2 toddlers, the second conceived a couple of months after we started trying, and is pregnant with her third. <sigh> They have also just got a puppy (something we would love but is just not possible with our working hours). It might be another "Look at what you could have won" weekend. But I'm actually in quite a good place mentally, despite the impending mc due date (week after next).

Have good weekends, BESH.

evilgiraffe Sat 12-Oct-13 09:07:25

Yeah, I'm up for staying here, but then once you've got me I WILL NEVER LEAVE <maniacal laugh> It does feel a little sparse what with having a few graduates and a couple of people MIA too.

I have weed in a pot, now following instructions to "allow specimen to reach room temperature" before we do the test. Complicated shit, this official test business. HOTB is making me a cuppa, hurrah!

FrankelInFoal Sat 12-Oct-13 08:38:42

I'm with you Bugs, I'm always here <saddo>, lurking away and rooting for you all.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Sat 12-Oct-13 08:21:59

D you know what I wrote that and immediately had 2nd thoughts are surely we need each other more than anything at the moment. We've had SO much shit thrown at us lately and we've got to stand tall.

Who's with me?

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Sat 12-Oct-13 08:15:58

The BESH are really really struggling at the moment which is why this thread is so quiet. Maybe we need a BESH holiday?

Fabuluce Fri 11-Oct-13 18:35:03

Blimey draf - that's sad isn't it. I was surprised to see it on FB but after having a good old chuckle at the first few pages I moved on - I didn't realise her children had been involved - that's just wrong.

That movie sounds good - I suspect we have some similar sci-fi tastes smile

AFM I'm steemingly pissed off with my clinic at the mo. my Chicago tests results came in on Tuesday and I was booked in for a phone consultation today at 4.30 to go through them with my consultant. No call by 4.45 so I called and they've screwed up! No appointment in the diary and he was with someone else. They can next fit me in, in 2 weeks time, at which point I'm supposed to be starting on microgynon in order to start my 3rd round of ivf but I won't know if there's any point in doing the ivf until I have the bloody results back. FFS!!!!! I'm fuming. confused

On the upside my dad's pacemaker op was a success smile

evilgiraffe Fri 11-Oct-13 11:54:03

This thread is the one I mean - there is a response from HQ on there too, so looks like it is genuinely the penis beaker OP.

evilgiraffe Fri 11-Oct-13 11:46:49

No news, Frank. We went to see How I Live Now last night, which stars Saoirse Ronan (her out of Hanna). Really good film, we were really pleased we'd gone to see it, especially as it's not being shown round here after today. Next on the list are Captain Phillips and Ender's Game, which are both out soon. Hurrah for film!

Oh, and I'd like to vote for Star Trek, Buffy, or funfair theme for next thread, and against penis dunking. I don't know if the "fallout from penis beaker has ruined my life" thread is genuine or not, but it could well be and so it might be nice to drop it?

FrankelInFoal Fri 11-Oct-13 10:19:21

Glad you've got an appointment Bugs, and dirty about droid.

Any news Draf?

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Thu 10-Oct-13 10:56:33

Morning hags. Just spoke to my clinic re endo scratch and I'm off to see the Dr in November to discuss it more. I think they probably offer it to women who've had failed cycles in the past.....which I haven't so suspect they'll say I don't need it. Droid is here so I think I ovulated earlier than I thought I did. Will be back on the CB piss sticks this cycle.

How about a girls band theme? Bagsy being Bolshy Besh!

FrankelInFoal Thu 10-Oct-13 07:59:39

Sorry, I'm thick and not reading previous posts properly blush

FrankelInFoal Thu 10-Oct-13 07:59:00

Lost you all for a bit there shock

Draf, glad to hear no news is good news, I've got everything crossed for you.

Driz is keeping a low profile at the moment! but she's ok.

We're going to need a new Fred imminently, anyone got ideas for a theme?

FizzyFeet Thu 10-Oct-13 07:53:54

Great theme choice. I shall have to save the penis thread for a long train journey...

draf I haven't seen the goldfish bowl bit! Just the upstairs reception area. Am excited about seeing the embryologists at work, though I can imagine that it's really annoying for them! Good luck for testing on Saturday if you hold out that long

fab hope your dad gets better soon. It's scary when parents are poorly.

I am off on holibobs so looking forward to checking out the new Fred when back! unless the hotel has wifi by the pool

Fabuluce Wed 09-Oct-13 22:14:01


MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Wed 09-Oct-13 19:27:41

I vote a penis dunking fred

MyNameIsWinkly Wed 09-Oct-13 18:44:58

The only fred themes I can think of are Star Trek or Buffy/vampires. However if I could think of a way of making penis dunking a theme I would... oooh BESH funfair feme?

FriendofDorothy Wed 09-Oct-13 17:57:26

Penis dunking thread is here.

Had my snorting my tea out of my nose.

Fabuluce Wed 09-Oct-13 15:04:39

The penis dunking thread is hysterical!!

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Wed 09-Oct-13 13:17:31

I'm on a Samsung galaxy ace and I have no idea how! Not sure I'll get chance today but its the first post in classics.

evilgiraffe Wed 09-Oct-13 12:02:48

Haha, I was laughing at that one too, bugs grin

Test day is Saturday, fab, I am bricking it. I know that any symptoms would be down to the fanny candles not diffage, but I have nothing at all. I think enormo-boobs were just in my imagination.

Can you not link from your phone? I've always been able to, on my old htc and now on my nexus. My ipad is fine too. It's a bit fiddly, granted, but definitely possible.

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Wed 09-Oct-13 11:02:50

Fantastic Fred in classics re penis dunking. Can't link from phone!

MyNameisBuggerlugsAndIAmABESH Wed 09-Oct-13 09:13:37

I may ring my clinic later to find out.

We need a new fred theme soon, any ideas??

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