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Posifrickentivity all round, with a good healthy dash of project desperate. New thread, new luck, new BFPs! TTC after MC

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alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:02:40

Come one, come all and join our rollicking new thread with slightly updated brand new rules

(1) A lady may only POAS on a Friday.
(2) Friday means the day that everyone calls Friday in the time zone where you spent the night.
(3) Rule (1) does not apply to POA-OPK-S, UNLESS they are being illegitimately used as surrogate HCG detectors, in which case Rule (1) most definitely does apply
(4) Rule (1) does not apply following a BFP because if you want to waste £25 a day POADigiS that's your prerogative <<refuses to admit that's what I'll do>>
(5) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady is POAS in an attempt to get a BFN to prove she can start DTD with intent
(6) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady wants for unknown reason to pee on an actual stick, like a twig or some such, if that lady is unexpectedly caught short whilst tramping in the forest looking for bears.
(7) These rules (including Rule (1)) are subject to the change at any time if the ladies of the Posifrickentivity thread decide on a whim come up with empirical evidence to prove that it is luckier to POAS on any other day of the week
(8) Violators of Rule (1) shall be subject to fish throwing.

And as a grand finale, why not pledge to NEVER POAS before 14DPO?

fedupofrainydays Thu 22-Aug-13 18:04:48

sal ha ha ha! Amazing!!

Penguinita Thu 22-Aug-13 18:13:16

Big brownie points aly for starting the new thread!

Bumping the Project Desperate list so we can all follow it.

Project Desperate
meets acupuncture
meets chinese medicine
meets chinese massage
meets reflexology
meets fertility nutritionist
meets fertility hypnotherapist
meets grapefruit
meets evening primrose
meets pineapple core
Meets vitamin B6
meets Agnus Castus
meets 'the syringe method'
meets Preesees/conceive plus
meets legs in the air after DTD
meets temping
meets pigeon poo...

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 18:21:04

Meets poo in a bush grin

Penguinita Thu 22-Aug-13 18:23:19

Omg sal, you are hilarious! Although at first i read it wrong and thought you were viewing someone else's house and pooed in their garden! grin

Good luck to my fellow POAS ers tomorrow sundance and fedup (and triple?). I'm super nervous. Trying to convince myself it is a bfn so I'm not too disappointed when the inevitable single line appears.

I don't think I like this new 14 dpo rule though! If Friday falls 13 dpo there is no way I could wait another seven days. So it is just inviting fish slaps. I'm taking that as an optional rule smile

fedupofrainydays Thu 22-Aug-13 18:29:47

I too cried on my gp (female) and I was granted a scan and a blood test too. Had my blood test on Monday so don't know the outcome yet. Scan was non conclusive and have to go back day 5-8 of next cycle. Think gp felt sorry for me but also said I had been ttc since nov and no luck apart from mmc in feb. think she felt sorry for me.

aly sorry to hear bloods were on your EDD, mine is creeping up on me too (early sept) but oddly think once its passed it will lift some pressure I put on myself to be up duffed by then...

fedupofrainydays Thu 22-Aug-13 18:32:30

Hasn't seen the new rule.... Nooooooo! I'm only 12 dpo tomorrow!! I'm not waiting another week, no no no! <toddler tantrum alert> Plus am going away for boozy weekend so kind of need to know and worth some fish slaps right?!

Penguinita Thu 22-Aug-13 18:37:53

If it hasn't got a number in front of it, I don't think it counts as a rule wink

Daisychain44 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:43:09

Hi all, marking my place on the thread, tomorrow's only 7 dpo so no point testing till next week. So slow, so annoying, never needed a boozy weekend more!! The irony!

Just found out a good friend of mine mc at 12 wks today - so so sad for her :-( is it weird I'm glad at my reaction as it makes up for feeling annoyed when other friends keep announcing their pregnancies to me?!

Cosmic - I agree the nhs is just too too slow. They just aren't interested - I'm constantly fobbed off with " you realise it can take 2 years?" When I launched into my "luteal phase / progesterone" chat - he reached for the bookshelf to refresh his memory! Not sure how many months to give it before sucking it up and finding the cash to go for private tests? Just keep telling myself "next month all this worry will become academic"

Hoping for some bfp's on here tomorrow - feel we're in a queue and you guys are all first!

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 18:50:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fedupofrainydays Thu 22-Aug-13 18:53:24


cosmickitten Thu 22-Aug-13 19:03:47

Olt ovarian reserve was done at clinic i dont tjink gos can arrange that. Everything else was via gp and 5 month wait was for first consultant appiontment after bad results. I feel like time is running out for waiting another year.

alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 19:41:42

Fedup I think under extreme circumstances the 14dpo rule/pledge can be broken wink. For example, my af usually turns up around 11dpo so if on Friday I was 12dpo then I'd be perfectly within my rights to poas...
Your excuse is pretty good too - although I'd like to point out that if you waited til next week and af didn't arrive you'd be looking pretty solid for a bfp

triplespin Thu 22-Aug-13 20:03:57

cosmic I totally agree on GPs not knowing anything. Have you been given any treatment for the low progesterone levels? Shouldn't this be taken more seriously by your gp and you should be getting the appropriate referrals?
oltt aly I feel in the same boat as you. Conceived in first and second cycle last two times and now it's only been 2 months so far but I do think the mc has messed things up.

penguin yes will be poas tomorrow even though it will be a wasted stick (thankfully an Internet cheapie) as my cycle (according to the temps) is all over the place at the moment.

Penguinita Thu 22-Aug-13 20:13:41

Don't lose hope yet triple. On the cycle I got pg last time, my temperatures went loopy and I thought my thermometer had broken. I knew I wasn't pg last cycle because my temps were very well behaved. Fx for you!

OveranxiousUnderated Thu 22-Aug-13 20:47:32

Hi Everybody...

Not been on for a few days as been having a very busy/hectic time in real life. Not had chance to read through everything, but crossing everything for those who have possible BFP'S and those still waiting. Thanks aly for new thread...maybe you will catch some luck this time around?!

Totally agree with the 'broken fertility' oltt, I have been ttc for 14 months almost now, and rather than 'nothing to show for it' I have one miscarriage, 1 ectopic and one less tube! When I truly think about what I have been through I could literally cry all day long. I manage to keep myself together most days (although I am utterly miserable inside) I don't know how I keep plodding on each month.

I was really really hoping I might have gotten lucky this month as I thought I was getting Ov pains on my left side...where I still have a tube. Although I am not due AF for a few days I already know I'm not pregnant. yes, yes, I know, it's not over untill AF arrives, but I KNOW!! Possibly a combination from POAS early as usual and also obsessive opk'ing and lack of any symptoms. I just feel so pissed off this month. My best friend's due date is 4 weeks away and my other close friend who was also struggling to ttc is having her 13 week scan tomorrow. I smile - and don't get me wrong, I genuinely am thrilled for them, but at the same time it is like a knife through my heart.

According to my charts etc I am around 9dpo, but I'm really not sure. I think we stopped dtd too early (last day of peak) and we really should have done a couple more romps - we haven't had sex since. My temps are also all over the place, feel like giving up on temping too.

Does anyone else ever just think what is the point anymore, why do I go through the same ritual every month, the stress & pressure for absolutely nothing?! But I cannot stop. I need to get pregnant. It has to happen soon...please, please, please! I don't know what else to try. Seriously thinking of booking in for some reflexology, can anyone recommend/share experiences?

I might POAS tomorrow, although there is not much point. I think I will be about 4 days before AF. It's my first wedding anniversary on Sunday was really hoping for a BFP this weekend sad

Gosh, that was long. Sorry. Ranting feels good sometimes, DH is sick of it!


P.s... Sal Thanks for making me smile with your poo-in-the-garden tale. grin x

OveranxiousUnderated Thu 22-Aug-13 20:51:25

Oops, just realised POAS Friday is forbidden before 14dpo! I will not be POAS untill then. I will try very very hard blush

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 20:58:13

overanxious Does anyone else ever just think what is the point anymore, why do I go through the same ritual every month, the stress & pressure for absolutely nothing?! But I cannot stop. I need to get pregnant.

That's me sadly.

Bezza2508 Thu 22-Aug-13 20:59:13

Oooh a new thread.

Good luck to all those testing tomorrow. I have everything crossed for some BFPs.

Can I just ask who has a clear blue fertility monitor and what they think of it? I'm thinking of getting one as it took us 8 months to conceive last time and I'd really like to try and speed the process up this time.

OveranxiousUnderated Thu 22-Aug-13 21:08:31

OLLT - sad It is like a vicious circle, over and over with no way out. It is totally ruining my sex life. We do it like unenthusiastic rabbits for a week of the month, and then if it's not 'fertile' time I'm just not interested because I've had enough of it! I'm so sick of everything, thinking about cycle days, ovulation tests etc but I just can't stop. Everyone says just stop thinking about it etc but I CAN'T. angry

Bezza - I have a CBFM. I quite like it, I like the clarity of peak days etc. I used it once and got pg first time, however unfortunately ended in an ectopic pregnancy. I'm just using it for the second time, and have finished my first box of sticks. Would like to buy another box of sticks to use it again next month but at £25 a box I'm not sure it's an expense I can keep up...


OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 21:31:34

Bezza I have the CBFM and I like it. But I'm comparing it with the internet cheapie OPKs where I never got any positives. Also readings from the CBFM confirms my BBT. However I still haven't got a BFP, so I might not be the best person to recommend it sad.

Overanxious it's £19.38 a box at amazon if you sign up for regular delivery. (I'm fairly sure I paid £18 last time, but prices might have gone up).

OveranxiousUnderated Thu 22-Aug-13 21:39:12

Ahh okay thanks, I will have a look. I will most likely end up buying another box!

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 21:39:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NerdyBird Thu 22-Aug-13 21:43:28

Wow, a new thread already!

Tonight I made an appointment for acupuncture, I mentioned fertility to the lady but I think it will be good for me anyway as things have been a bit hectic for me recently.

seaside lily your DH sounds a bit like my boyfriend. I'd told him it was the fertile window but he didn't seem that bothered. I made him do it on tuesday but I could tell his heart wasn't in which upset me.
We did talk about it, and he says he doesn't like having to do it on demand and prefers things to be more spontaneous. Which is all very well but you don't necessarily get a baby that way!

I think part of the problem is that he's used to it happening easily. His ex got pregnant at the drop of a hat it seems, so I guess he doesn't really understand my need to make it happen. Especially after MC.

But I am a bit more reassured that he still wants a baby, I'd begun to wonder if he'd changed his mind! And last night we DTD with more enthusiasm.

Not quite sure if I really am getting positive OPKs, looked it tues, but less so yesterday. Not had a chance to test today. Boobs have been a bit sore, which I think I may have had when I got pregnant before.

Good luck to everyone who is POAS tomorrow!

triplespin Thu 22-Aug-13 21:44:30

overanxious I can totally relate to what you are saying. I think about it every single second, if its not the figuring out ov dates then its the symptom spotting or just aimless reading or poring over other's charts on FF. In short it's become like an obsession but one which I rely cannot control the outcome of.

I don't know much about reflexology. Was thinking of acu instead which I have read good things about on mumsnet.

Bezza2508 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:09:07

overanxious it sounds as though you have been through so much. I've never had reflexology but I have acupuncture and I like it. I find it relaxes me, if nothing else. Worth a try!

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