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Posifrickentivity all round, with a good healthy dash of project desperate. New thread, new luck, new BFPs! TTC after MC

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alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:02:40

Come one, come all and join our rollicking new thread with slightly updated brand new rules

(1) A lady may only POAS on a Friday.
(2) Friday means the day that everyone calls Friday in the time zone where you spent the night.
(3) Rule (1) does not apply to POA-OPK-S, UNLESS they are being illegitimately used as surrogate HCG detectors, in which case Rule (1) most definitely does apply
(4) Rule (1) does not apply following a BFP because if you want to waste £25 a day POADigiS that's your prerogative <<refuses to admit that's what I'll do>>
(5) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady is POAS in an attempt to get a BFN to prove she can start DTD with intent
(6) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady wants for unknown reason to pee on an actual stick, like a twig or some such, if that lady is unexpectedly caught short whilst tramping in the forest looking for bears.
(7) These rules (including Rule (1)) are subject to the change at any time if the ladies of the Posifrickentivity thread decide on a whim come up with empirical evidence to prove that it is luckier to POAS on any other day of the week
(8) Violators of Rule (1) shall be subject to fish throwing.

And as a grand finale, why not pledge to NEVER POAS before 14DPO?

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 09:10:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:11:22

damnit i forgot to put TTC after MC in the thread title. blush Hope newbies find us.
Anyone know how i can edit it?

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 09:19:18

alyant you can report the thread and ask the admin to change it.

Sundance2007 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:36:51

Woop, brilliant new thread aly - though reading it makes me want to go have a pee on a twig in the woods now, hope I can suppress that urge!! Eek.

As you've posted the link - I'm sure people will find us alright

Hoping this is the one where everyone gets pg before we reach 999 comments - good luck girlies.

ArkadyRose Thu 22-Aug-13 09:44:30

Yay, shiny new thread! Congrats to all the BFPs - and here's hoping we have more tomorrow!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who was so supportive over my hellish job and thank you for the congrats on quitting it. I feel so much happier already, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I've been tipped off to a couple of positions at a publisher that would be just perfect for me - one is writer/editor, the other is children's book designer.writer/illustrator, so I'll be busy over the next few days working on new things for my portfolio. But mostly I'm just enjoying this huge sense of FREEDOM!!

And AF has nearly stopped already, so I think we'll be launching into DTD from this weekend. Going for every couple of days right the way through until 14DPO I think. I really think that this is going to be the cycle - especially now all that job stress is gone! I'm brimful of posifrickentivity! grin

DearlyDepartedMrsFinch Thu 22-Aug-13 11:25:05

Just marking my place on the shiny new thread. Fingers crossed for sundance and penguinita and I shall see you all in a week smile

<<rushes off to pack>>

fod27 Thu 22-Aug-13 13:00:10

Ark all you need now is some Braveheart make up ;)

ArkadyRose Thu 22-Aug-13 13:21:12

Fod Argh, nooooo, don't mention that terrible travesty of history to me! I grew up with Scottish history being drummed into me from infancy thanks to a Scots dad and a mum who was mad keen on Scots history & folk music.

That said, the Celtic tribes in England such as the Iceni and Catavellauni around Roman Verulamium (site of modern day St Albans in Hertfordshire, where I grew up) were far more likely to wear woad than 13th-14th Century Scotsmen. Closest I get to warpaint though is dyeing my hair and going a little outre on my make-up for a goth nightclub. wink

SeasideLily Thu 22-Aug-13 13:29:56

Wow Ark check you out just flinging those very specific and historically accurate Scots references into the mix! Lived in Edinburgh for 8 years now, and getting over-excited with the eyeliner is the closest I get too. Those jobs sounds really lovely, best of luck with them and well done for quitting, sounds like a fantastic decision.

Thanks for the new thread Aly - SO hope we're all up the duff before the end of this one! Almost halfway through the dismal 2ww - af due the day we head off on my birthday weekend, so either we'll have an amazing--ly terrifying-- weekend or I'll have wine to console me. Though I have seriously been letting the no-drinking rule slip recently...I blame the Edinburgh Festival!

Sundance2007 Thu 22-Aug-13 13:38:07

seaside - I was at the Edinburgh fest 3 weeks ago and much more to drink than I should have, also had about 4 glasses of prosecco the other day which I shouldn't have done but was convinced I was getting af pains so took that as a green light. I figure that so many people must have loads of booze at the start of pg when they don't know they are, as long as you stop when you see the two pink lines.

It's soooo difficult not to get my hopes up, I worked out that if I do get the thumbs up tmrw, my edd would be 1st May, which is my dads birthday!

ark - you seem so much more lifted already, so pleased for you. I became a full time writer just over a year ago, I work from home now and love it (when I'm not procrastinating or walking the dog). I'm certain that leaving my shit job helped me with ttc last time too. Fx for you

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 22-Aug-13 13:55:21

ooh. A new thread to lurk on...

alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 14:29:46

Just had my day 21 bloods taken. She only had to stab me twice which isn't too bad considering my crappy veins.
What a lovely way to spend what was my EDD sad.

ark those jobs do sound lovely, esp the illustrator one.

on the topic of not drinking: i've just discovered that my favourite ever belgian fruit beer - Pecheresse - is only 2.5%. That's practically alcohol free!

am tempted to POAS tomorrow... but as i'll only be 8DPO i will restrain myself in the interests of my pledge. Which means no POAS before next friday, by which point AF will be well and truly late (positivity!!). Going camping over the weekend so, a la sundance, i'll have to find a twig to pee on to get my fix.

cosmickitten Thu 22-Aug-13 15:27:14

Ark- sounds so positive :-)

Aly - glad the blood test went smoothly, sorry its just a rotten way to spend EDD, hugs.

I've just made a GP's appiontment. It has dawned on me that the current situtation sucks. Currently I've been told to wait a year before any fertility treatment can start by my GP (we were due to start days before bfp after trying for 14 months and blood tests showed very low progestrone). I aslo know from my fertility clinic, that waiting a year makes me 34 and too old for IVF in my PCT. So basically we're stuffed and it just sucks.

It turns out the fertility clinic is happy to see me asap but my GP wants me to wait the year. I'm not daft I know that one natural pregnancy is a good sign and that fertility treatment is a last resort.

But I refuse to put myself through a another year's TTC without having my progrestrone levels and the scar tissue they found in the spring looked at properly. I do not have it in me to spend 2 1/2 years waiting and seeing (wondering if there is an underlying issue that has been missed). So I'm going to fight to get some answers!!!!

fedupofrainydays Thu 22-Aug-13 15:45:23

Just marking my place! Thanks for new thread aly.

I too am POAS tomorrow. Nervous nervous.

alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:01:10

cosmic i've heard others say that their GP wants to make them wait another year after a mc. Like it resets the clock. That's just outrageous. Good on you for fighting. You need to find a nice sympathetic doc like sal's.

OLTT thanks for the tip, they fixed it for me. now all the newbies can find us without a problem.

Good luck for POAS tomorrow fedup, penguin and sundance

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 16:25:59

cosmic can I ask why you need your GP when you already are registered with a fertility clinic? Is that an NHS fertility clinic so you have to go through the GP for it?

alyant is your blood thing also via the NHS?

I'm asking because I'm seriously thinking going to the GP if I don't get a BFP 6 months after my last MC. I don't know what they can offer though. I guess I just go and ask if they can check if they broken something in me from the operation? My 3 pregnancies all occurred within 3 months (2 were MCs), so I am seriously thinking now that something has gone wrong.

I'm already 38 so I've already given up on IVF. I'm just thinking maybe there's something else they could do. I've got the number for a private clinic in the area too. But I think I need to go to the GP first?

triplespin Thu 22-Aug-13 16:55:39

thanks for the new thread aly - I'm just marking my place too.

Not much to report here on the temperatures. Still staying low and no AF in sight.

I did visit an acupuncturist few days ago and was told that given no historical issues with my cycle (prior to mc), it was really up to me if I want to waste my money on acupuncture ! So I have decided to wait and see how this cycle 1 pans out as I am already at 30 days and counting. If it lasts longer than 40 - then I may have to go back !

cosmickitten Thu 22-Aug-13 16:56:48

Olt my first appiontment ( pre- pregnancy) was via Nhs. It simply got deleted from the system when I got bfp. It took 5 months to get the appiontment after day 21 tests came back with bad news.

Before ivf there are tests that can be done and medication to help with ovulation. I have regular periods and on the face if it all looks good. But 21 day test showed my progesterone was about a 10th of normal levels. I rarely have signs of ovulation (from temping and poas). Of course i ovulated in April when I fell pregnant. But assuming I will most most months for the next year seems daft to me. Also tests show I have low ovarian reserve (despite only being 32 when tested) so waiting until I'm over 34 seems scary.

Personally I find the nhs grindingly slow and if private was an option id take it. I so want to speak to someone who actually knows about these things instead my gp who reads off the computer screen. For now though some blood tests between now Xmas to check hormone levels would be brilliant!

Your gp should offer tests for hormone levels after 12 months but some will test as soon as 6 months. Not that 6 months feels soon when ttc.

Sal1977 Thu 22-Aug-13 17:01:23

Peeing on an actual stick?? Nice. I had to poo in my garden once. I had a house viewing at 5pm and suddenly 10 minutes before really need a poo. I didn't want the uncertainty of it being a stinker so trotted up behind the bushes at the end of the garden and pooped there. Liberating!

Can't believe I told you lot that.

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 17:09:25

cosmic the post is very helpful. I assume the 5 months wait after bloods is to the fertility clinic?

It sounds good they can test my hormone levels and ovarian reserve. I will have to go private as I think the NHS would be too slow for me. I really don't have time to wait 1 year, and then another 5 months for an appointment. sad. But I guess it all depends on how much private costs. Lets hope I get a BFP in the next two months.

alyant79 Thu 22-Aug-13 17:11:51

oh my god sal i just burst out laughing in the middle of my work and got some very strange looks.
i've pooed al fresco when camping but never in my backyard!

yes OLTT blood test was via NHS. Since it's now been 6 months since mc with nothing to show for it, having previously got pg first try twice before, I took myself along to doc. She said that i shouldn't be worried (statistically since i had such good luck i'm now due some bad luck) but i think she felt sorry for me since i cried and so decided to schedule a test. Also the fact that my cycles are a bit short perhaps helped? dunno. I really think it was the crying!

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 17:14:41

I meant to say I totally get why you think waiting for 34 is too long if you already have low reserve.

alyant I think they reset the clock on MC because if you have no problem getting pregnant, but have recurrent MC it is a different problem entirely. I didn't think I have fertility problems until now sad. I thought my eggs might just be a bit old and so I got two consecutive MCs. I got my first BFP after 3 months, MC at 6 weeks, then a BFP in cycle 0, followed by a week 12 MC. That's how I got to nearly 1 yr TTC now after another 4 months of trying. It is far too long..

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 22-Aug-13 17:16:49

alyant thanks for sharing. I might need to work on the tears grin. I think we are in a very similar situation then. I really do feel atm the last MC has broken my fertility, in some way sad

fod27 Thu 22-Aug-13 17:34:37

Ark I consider myself very specifically told hahaa

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