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Fertility after depo and starting clomid

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persian01 Wed 14-Jun-06 15:44:30

Hi Girls
This is such a great site and is such a comfort as well as mine of information.
Sorry about post - TMI
I am ttc and have been off depo since August 2005. I had a v light bleed last month but no other symptons of cycles..7 months later
Bit I went to infertility clinic today and am so pleased I did.

The doc was great and I had an ultrasound to look at my womb (empty) and ovarys - it was interesting but he said he could see they were not looking very active
I am having 5 days of pills to get me going (make me bleed) then a blood test and then clomid ...i was hoping for anyone who wanted to share experiences and sucesss
on this method.
Thanks x

Natty1806 Wed 14-Jun-06 16:40:59


Just wanted to know if this was all done on NHS (as i have been waiting to see someone for ages now) or have you don this private? If so can i be rude and ask how much it cost?

persian01 Wed 14-Jun-06 16:46:57

Hi Natty
I couldn't wait till November which was the appointment I got through NHS so we decided to go for it ..consultant is doing as much on NHS as poss to save money ie blood tests etc but fee is £120 for appointments plus £180 for ultrasound scans, he says I will need another appointment and then another scan to see how I react to clomid and then he will either up the dose or not and then we will be on our own for 6 £ 600.00 in total - but fingers crossed we will not need to go to next level (IUI etc ) I think its worth it don't you ? The treatment is the same but you just get it qucker

persian01 Wed 14-Jun-06 16:48:05

sorry - should read quicker LOL

Natty1806 Wed 14-Jun-06 16:51:29

£600 that's not too bad (if it works)which i hope it does.

Any question - sorry.

When did you get you letter through for your appointment?

The only reason i ask is cause my letter is due sometime in July (they said the waiting list is 8 weeks, and that after all the doctors test and letters) and i thought that the appoinment would be 2-6 weeks after i get the letter. Am i being thick?? Also what county are you in?

thanks for your help.

persian01 Wed 14-Jun-06 17:01:34

I think everywhere is different I am in West Sussex , my letter for NHS appointment came through last week - so 5 month wait to see consultant thats when we decided to go private and i got an appointment this week ..
I hope it works too -Thanks
Good luck with your appointment i hope it comes through quicker - whats your situation ?

Natty1806 Wed 14-Jun-06 17:22:47

5 months!!! I can't wait that long. Guess i will just have to wait for the letter and then see. How long did it take from your Gp sending his referal letter to hosp to you getting appointment?

My situation: Came off pill July 05, periods between 46 and 70 days apart. Went to see Gp end of Feb, started doing tests etc, (boyfriend had test - he is okay) this took about a month or so, middle of April 06 Gp wrote to clinic, begining May 06 clinic wrote to me and ask me to fill in some forms, middle of may the wrote back saying the waiting list is 8 weeks.

Have just started to have acupunture to see if this helps, secon d session tonight at seven.

The only thing is this is £40 a session and not sure if i would be best off saving my money and going private and spending the £600 on that.

Also do you have to pay for the clomid or do they write you a prescription to get on nhs?

Natty1806 Wed 14-Jun-06 17:24:19

Forgot to say results of tests were : progestrone level 1 (think this should have been between 14 and 90 for ovulation)
so i need clomid to help me ovulate

Natty1806 Thu 15-Jun-06 07:47:30


persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:21:28

My GP referred me to private clinic and I made an appointment same week just had to take letter along from GP.Check the prices first as they all are different and i wouldn't want to mislead you .. If waiting list is NHS 8 weeks you should get to see someone soon and get things started
I have found out yesterday I have mild PCOS which is stopping ovulation and need to lose a stone as well so we would have struggled without any help so for me personally I am glad i didn't wait .. sounds like you may be seen quite quick though .
Acupuncture is highly rated for fertility issues on this board i think and anyway it will relax you and de stress you if nothing else..

persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:24:54

Also I was told that if your cycle is over 40 days you will not be ovulating ...but you know you are not from your blood tests.

persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:30:09

Also ! All prescriptions are private so have to pay for those as well ..

josben Thu 15-Jun-06 09:33:31

I was on the depo contraceptive for around a year, then I decided to stop having the injections as we were thinking about trying for another baby - it was almost 10 months later and I had still not had a period, so I went to the doctors and they gave me the pils that give you an artificial bleed, this happened and then I had another bleed naturally a month later - then no period after that - the reason? Much to our surprise and delight I am now 36 weeks pregnant!

persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:40:44

Brilliant congratulations !!
Its great to hear success stories after evil depo !

Natty1806 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:42:54

Congrat Josbean.

How much is a private perscription? Sorry if i am asking too many questions. x

josben Thu 15-Jun-06 09:46:39

Yes! I just wanted to share my experiences - I would NEVER go on depo again and would advise anyone not to go near that contraceptive - I felt really low at times wondering if my periods would ever return? and Had I messed up fertility for ever? But happily they did and we concieved really quickly after I had those pills

josben Thu 15-Jun-06 09:48:35

I just went ot my GP and got a presciption for pills that would give me an artificial period like bleed to kick start my system - I didn't go private. Sorry, I can't remember what they were called - do they sound like clomid?

persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:54:09

Natty I don't know the price yet .. I am picking up my prescription later so will let you know , I am not sure if its a fixed price or you pay RRP for the drugs ..
Depo is horrible and I would never recommend it to anyone and waiting for any sign of a period to return is awful , like you say you begin to think you have messed up your body for good .. but you are proof - there's hope for us all !

persian01 Thu 15-Jun-06 09:59:52

Josben - you sound like you had what I am about to have which is a hormone to give you a withdrawl bleed after 5 days of pills..

Clomid is the next stage and is ovulation induction which hopefully will wake up my ovarys.I need the other pills to give me a cycle (as you have to take clomid on a particular day of a cycle) which at the moment i don't have..

ann5 Sun 06-Aug-06 00:26:32

Got my last Depo Injection June 2004.Took 1 yr for periods to return.Came back very light and Progesterone levels low.Went to clinic in April 2006 started me on Clomid for 3 months but did nt monitor me so i now have a new apt for Sept 20th in a different clinic have previously had Accupuncture and Reflexology very relaxing.Glad to hear others are in the same boat as me it is reassuring.i ll keep my fingers crossed and looking forward to 20th of Sept !

nikk Tue 05-Sep-06 02:16:30

Hi there,

I am new to this, so please bare with me. I had my last depo injection in february 2005. whilst on the injection i never had a period but after I missed my injection in the june I had a bleed for almost 4 weeks, I had one period 2 months after that and since one in nov, feb, may, n july and nothing since, I visted my GP in july who said that even though I am not having a period I could still be ovulating so I started home ovulation tests since then, however no positive results, my husband and I have been trying since july just incase but to no avail. My GP, has said to keep trying and if after another 4-6 months nothing happens to visit him then. I just feel like I cant wait that long to get things moving especially after reading on here the length of the waiting lists for the NHS. I should also mention that we concieved our 3 year old after 1 attempt. I just dont know where to go from here, and was wondering if anyone else has had the same reception from their GP. Thanks Nik

minxi Fri 08-Sep-06 09:47:39

I had my last depo injection Nov 2004 - went to doctors June 2005 and they gave me microgynon pill to activate my periods I guess - I did start to have periods (veru erratic and light) then January 2006 stopped taking the pill - had on off periods until May - 2 weeks heavy bleed - then 6 weeks off, then 1 week bleeed, then 5 weeks, then 1 week bleed, last month cycle was about 24 days long and a 4-5 day period, am now on cd 17 so will see what happens. Did go back to doctor in may and she laughed and said that the depo would be out of my system by now but if nothing happens when you hit 35 (next january) then coem back and see me - very unsympathetic and still none the wiser, feel stupid going back to discuss again - but it is nearly coming up to two years!! Both my ds took 9 months to conceive which is longer than some couples but my husband works away Monday to Friday so not bad really!!! DEPO is a nightmare though and although this is will be our last one, feel the gap between 2nd and 3rd will be quite large at this rate - never again!!

ann5 Sun 24-Sep-06 16:27:45

Hi all,
Had my apt on 20th Sept.Seems i am ovulating which is good.My periods are still very light but regular.I am booked in for a Laparoscopy with dye,Hysteroscopy+- D+C on 9 th Oct.Hopefully this might throw some light on why i am having so much trouble concieving.Hoped i would nt have to go this route but at this stage its the next logical step.Its now 2 years and 3 months since i got my last Depo injection i would definitly not recommend it.

vquebec Thu 01-Mar-07 06:47:39

HI, I am glad I am not the only one destroyed by this drug. I took the depo shot in 1997, I only took it twice because in that 6mos I gained almost 90 pounds. I took it because I was in nursing school and about to be married a week after graduation and didn't want to become pregnant. Well here I am in 2007...10 years and two husbands later and I cannot get pregnant. I have have the hormone tests, the hysterosalpingogram, and they tell me everything is okay. That's funney, six months after my divorce from husband number1 he was expecting a child. I have not been on any birth control took almost three years for me to even have a regular period. Not to mention, the weight gain and hair loss. It has been horrible for me, I am going to be 35 this year and may have to face the fact that I may never have children because of this drug.

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