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Ttc after an early miscarriage, any advice appreciated

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MrsAnderson22 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:00:25

hi everyone, my husband and I were delighted we'd conceived baby #3 3 months after having my mirena removed. Unfortunately I miscarried at around 6 weeks, my bleeding started on 6th July and ended on 15th July, my hcg levels never got above 143 so they left my system pretty quick, by the 18th I was having bfn at the drs. I wondered when should I expect my AF? before the mc I was always 28 days bang on! I have had no symptoms for AF, although I have had really bad heartburn for 4 days, this was my first symptom last time too, so could I be pregnant? I'm useless at working out dates and cycles and ovulation etc..... we bd'd on 15th July and have been pretty consistently b'ding every other night since then with the exception of a couple of days. when should a test show bfp given all these dates? thanks for taking the time to read, hope someone has some advice for me x

cheesysmile Mon 19-Aug-13 17:50:53

That's good Mrs A, you can start afresh now. Hope this is ur month.

Pretty sure I ovulated yesterday or day before, so abt 4 wks after mc started. However don't think I have much chance of a bfp this mth as have had some sort of bug yesterday and today, hideous cramps and feeling sick sad

MrsRV Mon 19-Aug-13 19:31:01

I think I have a very similar app... Again, I probably rely on it too much. I wouldn't bother with twice a day, I read that there is more chance of TTC with DTD every other day. Has worked for us!

Just about to google conceive plus. Sounds weird.

Have just eaten my body weight in chocolate digestives, despite being day 1 of being good. Bugger.

MrsRV Mon 19-Aug-13 19:32:39

Hope u feel better soon cheesy! x MrsA we are literally a week apart with everything!!!! Hopefully a week apart with BFP's at the beginning of September too!?!?!?!

Positivementakattitude Tue 20-Aug-13 22:59:32

Yeh that's my app period diary well sounds the same intimate days but I found ovulation cycle day on settings and well thought I ovul cd 17 changes it and recalculated so depends what setting you have it on and I read depending on cycle length we can ovulate diff days ? I think I may have cd 8 ??? Faint lines on ovul but then nothing !!! Now one line yday and today so have missed it I think !!! Only dtd sat beige mon which was last one had a line on.

Concieve plus great reviews - much better than pre-seed mine hasn't arrived so still hoping haven't ovul anyone using cheap sticks found faint line then none and then dark one I believe not positive until darkness matches ?

Xx hoping a miracle baby has managed to appear if I have ovulated !!!!

MrsRV Thu 22-Aug-13 21:41:58

Oh god, ovulation tests sound complicated. Not sure I have the patience. We're on "just keep shagging, just keep shagging". Have been keeping an eye on knicker snail trails. Pretty non-existent so am confused... Confused, but chilled, had lots of things to think about and keep me busy which is good!

How are we all doing? grin

rb30 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:51:18

Hi ladies. Can I join your convo? I hope you don't mind. I had an mmc and baby was finally removed (though medical management) after 3 weeks after I found out in july, on 2/08. can't say how far gone I was( sac was 15 foetus much smaller). It was so traumatic because my body was still pregnant until I went into hospital for treatment. It came out in 1 go like I almost gave birth in a bed pan. Anyway after a courses of antibiotics and 2 weeks of very light bleeding hubby and I started ttc again. Is this wrong? Should I wait til af? I was told my af could take c8wks to come but I can't wait that long. I hope you all get positive news soon. Xxxx

cheesysmile Thu 22-Aug-13 23:07:00

Hi ladies and welcome rb. I'm really sorry you've had such a tough time.

My mc was only at just over 5 wks but when I asked at the scan I was told that the only reason to wait for af was for dating purposes, no extra risks. I think you have to wait for bleeding to stop but thats it I think unless advised otherwise by doc.

I've been temping and think I ovulated on cd 27 if counting 1st day of mc as cd1. So I guess this will be abt a 6 wk cycle based on that. Abt 10 days to go til af due for me ... starting to get impatient!

MrsA, MrsRV, Positive, where are you in your cycles now... Is it dtd time wink

cheesysmile Thu 22-Aug-13 23:11:22

MrsRV knicker snail trails made me laugh grin

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 00:05:58

hi, I am 7 days into my cycle, 8 days until ovulation and 22 days til next period. we're pretty much taking the same approach as MrsRV and keeping everything crossed......except the legs of course ;)

No snail trails for me either MrsRV, I almost feel I'm missing out on something haha! It's another week until I'd class myself as in the 2ww stage, then the horrible wait!

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 00:09:58

hi rb30, welcome to our discussion! no doubt you'll vent, compare, discuss and often laugh (at the expense of MrsRV usually haha grin ) with the rest of us!

I was told by my dr I didn't have to wait, like already stated it's just for dating purposes unless told otherwise! we were ttc straight after bleeding stopped but AF came on time!
good luck! where are you in your cycle? x

MrsRV Fri 23-Aug-13 17:40:04

Sitting in the garden with DD digging in a flower pot filling her very expensive clark's sandals with mud. Thinking wouldn't it be ace to have a 12 week scan around the time of my birthday in November & wouldn't it be super ace to find out I'm preggers while we're away for the weekend in September.

However, Just not feeling it this month. According to "shag app" ovulation should be today... Lack of knicker snot is not giving me much hope so will endeavour to DTD tonight. I did say we'd DTD every other night til next AF. Can't be arsed already!! Yawn.

Welcome to newbie (can't scroll back to see your name!) sounds like you had an awful time :-(

Shit. DD is now showing signs of having eaten mud. Must dash!!!

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 18:13:57

hi ladies smile no sign of cm but just 5 mins ago, pee'd on an ovulation stick, faint line came up straight away!

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 18:32:44

p.s not due to ovulate til 1 week today, but tests came in the post and I couldn't resist :/ never used them before, does the line get darker the closer you are to your peak day? or......? I don't know what to think x

MrsRV Fri 23-Aug-13 19:10:31

Exactly what I mean, complicated. As if testing each month isn't painfully frustrating enough!!! (She says, planning to check out eBay for ov sticks later) grin

cheesysmile Fri 23-Aug-13 20:01:43

Hey MrsA, im not sure abt if it gets darker and darker but I do know the line has to be as dark or darker than the control line to be positive. I used them for a week this cycle when I thought I might ov but then didn't buy anymore and I actually ov'd abt a wk later so don't know if they wud have worked for me or not. Where have you got urs from coz the ones in boots / superdrug get quite expensive.

MrsRV it wud be super ace to have a 12 wk scan for your birthday. I keep thinking I want to have mine before Xmas.

cheesysmile Fri 23-Aug-13 20:04:44

So do you ladies all have children already? I'm trying for my first so have no idea what to expect at any point.

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 20:10:35

hi its not like a hpt then? where a line is a positive whether faint or not, no? jeese! I'll just keep peeing on the buggers anyway. I got a pack of 30 sticks off ebay for less than £5 inc p&p so don't mind using them up! I have 2 children already, DD aged 12 and DS aged 9.

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 20:22:36

ok so ive done what I should have done in the first the instructions! so my faint line means negative, glad you told me haha! how strange though! x

MrsRV Fri 23-Aug-13 21:13:02

DD just coming up to 18 months here!

Therefore, I kind of know what to expect but no doubt I shall blunder through... Just like last time! grin

cheesysmile Fri 23-Aug-13 22:10:34

Ha ha MrsA, yes annoying how everything has different rules!

You guys are experienced with this ttc malarky then. I'll be looking to you to help with my obsessive symptom spotting over the next 9 days then wink

MrsAnderson22 Fri 23-Aug-13 22:45:55

hmm I have 2 kids to my husband but definitely not a pro at ttc!! both were conceived whilst on the pill and antibiotics/stomach flu! haha lovely little surprises though, this is why I'm so excited this time round! eventually having one that's planned ahhhh <3

cheesysmile Fri 23-Aug-13 22:51:21

Ah well lets all muddle through together smile

Positivementakattitude Sat 24-Aug-13 09:55:25

Cheesy smile I am on cd 14 .... Slight snail trail lmao that made me lol too !

Frankly these sticks are shit lol last month I used cb digi ovula and from day 11-18 if you count mc as day 1 I had flashing smily - high fertility but no peak !

Now I tried 25 ovul from eBay like mrs a for under 5 quid (the cb was almost 25 for 10 sticks !!!! Eeek )

I've tested from day 8 and had faint and quite darkish lines on and off and also too faint to really see only us poas obsessive would see the line lol but today is building back up but still negative the darkest was on cd 9 and just hope didn't miss it - I was Mega moody and DH couldn't come near me lol

I'm hoping as per 'shag app ' another lol says Sunday am hoping this is right

Am also stalking the fertility monitors on eBay as can grab bargain on them loads say that they fall preg in first month, found a good site yday about ovul will copy and paste for all of you. I am trying to prepare for having another month, grrrrr

After mc we tried the shag every day method didn't work just scared I'm not even ovul but then there's constant LH present so hoping to catch the surge I'm even testing 2 times a day

OMG this mall archly is hard work - ttc #1 beginning to wonder how I got preg without all of this trying not to get too stressed .... Does anyone find their moods change one min I'm excited then down then grrrrrrrrrrr

Fx we all ovul over weekend and get ready for shag fest hahaha xxx

MrsRV Sat 24-Aug-13 10:57:32

Positive I'm the same, one minute I'm obsessed next minute I could give a flying.... Kite!?! (Substitute 4 letter word).

At the moment I'm pretty relaxed about it to be honest. Can't be arsed with the ov sticks or temperature or lubes etc. DTD every other day has worked for us twice now so we'll stick with what we know for now. I may not be saying that if AF arrives however!

Desperado need to lose this half a stone I seem to have acquired. She says standing in the kitchen while DD naps. hoofing a whole load of sushi which was meant for lunch. Oops. Could be worse. Could be cake!!

Go go go everyone & happy happy shag Fest!!!!

(Last night, hubby & I were getting frisky... Then I made him brush his teeth & wash his hands before I'd let him carry on... I'm known for my passion & romance u know!) gringrin

cheesysmile Sun 25-Aug-13 10:32:43

I know what you mean abt being up and down Positive and MrsRV. We dtd 2 days before I ov'd this mth coz got poorly on ov day and tbh I've been feeling crap ever since which is a week now. Had stomach cramps with range from uber painful to just uncomfortable but don't seem to actually disappear.

DH thinks with me being poorly we've got no chance this mth and altho I agree a small part of me is clinging on to the hope I'll get a bfp next week.

Anyway just have to wait and see and even if bfn im just hoping I will at least feel better this week.

Happy shagging ladies grin

p.s. Mrsrv I've been known to send DH to clean teeth!!! Lol

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