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Ttc after an early miscarriage, any advice appreciated

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MrsAnderson22 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:00:25

hi everyone, my husband and I were delighted we'd conceived baby #3 3 months after having my mirena removed. Unfortunately I miscarried at around 6 weeks, my bleeding started on 6th July and ended on 15th July, my hcg levels never got above 143 so they left my system pretty quick, by the 18th I was having bfn at the drs. I wondered when should I expect my AF? before the mc I was always 28 days bang on! I have had no symptoms for AF, although I have had really bad heartburn for 4 days, this was my first symptom last time too, so could I be pregnant? I'm useless at working out dates and cycles and ovulation etc..... we bd'd on 15th July and have been pretty consistently b'ding every other night since then with the exception of a couple of days. when should a test show bfp given all these dates? thanks for taking the time to read, hope someone has some advice for me x

CallingAllEngels Sun 03-Nov-13 17:53:14

I'm so sorry mrsa . Didn't see your msg Friday (oh, I nced, but easy to spot!).

My mc is apparently not over (despite it happening 3weeks ago). Had last routine appt on Friday and my HCG levels went up instead of down. Scan shows nothing in womb or tubes, but something is hanging on somewhere so have to go back next week. Ready to move on and feel like I'm in limbo.
Only consolation right now is a big glass of wine

MrsRV Sun 03-Nov-13 19:21:45

Oh MrsA, I'm so sorry this is happening to you again. I can't imagine how you're feeling hmm

MrsAnderson22 Sun 03-Nov-13 21:51:58

not sure why it's happening again sad I never did have a positive feeling though, it's the weird shoulder tip burning I get! I actually knew I was pg before poas because of it! I never have problems with my shoulders, only in the last 2 pg's. hoping my hcg levels drop quick and the bleeding calms down. We've decided we will try once more, I can't be that unlucky for it to happen again, surely hmm

sucks that my body still thinks its pg and my breasts are just as sore as they were a couple of weeks ago sad

MrsRV Mon 04-Nov-13 08:09:47

The whole thing sucks hmm

MrsAnderson22 Wed 06-Nov-13 15:19:24

finally stopped bleeding! so back to ttc...again! sad this is our final attempt, can't go through this again so soon.

how is everyone doing? do we have any 2wwers? its been VERY quiet on here recently, I hope everyone is well

I've been busy with uni, hospital for myself re miscarriage, hospital for my 9yo DS who has tonsillitis and glandular fever sad he's in a mess with a huge lump just under his ear, poor thing sad


Leons Wed 06-Nov-13 20:36:00

Hello MrsA. It is quiet isnt it. I have been lurking but had nothing new to post so hence the silence. So sorry about your poor son, hope he gets well very soon. I had a scan last week due to irregular bleeding since my last mc in August, and it was all clear. Hoping my next cycle is normal as I havent been ttc, but the plan is to start next month.
When you say its your final attempt, do you plan on taking a break for a year or something or giving up completely. I know what u mean when you say you cant go through it again. Desperately want to be pregnant again, but at same time cldnt face the prospect of another mc (I have ds born in 2007, 1st mc Dec 2009, dd born 2010, 2nd mc March 2013, 3rd mc August 2013). Im 42 so I have age against me.
In your busy life MrsA, try to look after yourself too, get as much rest as you can.

lucyfluff Thu 07-Nov-13 09:45:08

Hi ladies, would you mind if I joined your thread?! If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated too smile

I had an early mc on the 4th oct @ 4+4...that would have been dc4 sad Bled heavy for two days then spotting for two so over pretty quick. Neg test a week later and started again ttc. Only now im on day 35 with no AF?? Has anyone on here experienced late af post mc?

I have poas today and bfn. Last week I had ov symptoms cramps and sore nips so Im maybe guessing it took a while to ovulate again and I will have a crazy cycle??!!

Sorry for long post and I will have a read through the thread to catch up smile

NellyOC Thu 07-Nov-13 10:00:29

So sorry MrsAnderson. My positive turned out to be a molar pregnancy so I'm off to have it removed today. I've put a thread on to see if anyone else has had one and can offer advice. I've not posted earlier as have just been dealing with all of this.

Good luck MrsAnderson I hope it happens for you soon xx

greeneone12 Thu 07-Nov-13 20:33:08

MrsA and NellyOC I am so sorry for your loss. I haven't been around as we have had various issues going on family wise. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that all gets back to normal quickly so you can start again when the time is right. So very sorry sad

lucyfluff I know every doctor is different but mine told me it could take up to 3 months to come back but to check back with him if I hadn't had AF after 8 weeks.

HollyBen Thu 07-Nov-13 21:30:08

lucyfluff I had a mc at 9 weeks followed by an ERPC on 11th Sept. It took 3 weeks for me to get a BFN and I am still waiting for AF to turn up - over 8 weeks now. I am going crazy waiting. I have never ever wanted AF to turn up more. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

Sorry to hear your news NellyOC xx

lucyfluff Fri 08-Nov-13 07:39:38

Thanks for replying! It's so frustrating isn't it hollyben sad My GP rang yesterday morning and said the same thing about waiting up to 8weeks and she was not worried in the slightest. I'm going to test once a week just to check but not feeling pregnant yet.

Hope your turns up soon too holly smile

cheesysmile Mon 11-Nov-13 16:02:28

Hi ladies, sorry not checked in for a while, so sorry for your loses. I hope you all have sticky beans very soon.

MrsA how are you doing? Sorry your son is not well, must all be very stressful. Remember to take care of yourself.

rb30 Thu 14-Nov-13 22:49:44

I'm so sorry MrsA and nelly for your losses. Sending you cyber hugs thanks

lucyfluff Fri 15-Nov-13 10:38:05

AF finally arrived six weeks today!!!! grin thank god I know where I am now with trying again. Good luck to everyone else grin

CallingAllEngels Sat 16-Nov-13 08:43:46

Good news lucy. 5 weeks and counting here -hcg finally dropping but still above 400, so getting checked at hospital next week.

Great that you can move must be ecstatic!

lucyfluff Sat 16-Nov-13 10:01:47

Thanks engels...Im just happy something happened, was starting to get a bit worried!!!

I hope you can try again soon, yours has really gone on hasnt it sad fingets crossed we both get a sticky bubba very soon x

HollyBen Sat 16-Nov-13 12:43:56

Hooray for AF lucyfluff Hope the witch is kind to you.

9 and half weeks amd counting here sad I have a gp apt on Tuesday. it us wearing me down constantly thinking it's been 4/5/6/7/8/9 weeks something is going to happen soon. feeling a bit sorry for myself at the mo sad sad

lucyfluff Sat 16-Nov-13 16:57:25

Urgh holly you poor thing sad thats so frustrating. I wonder what the GP actually does if it is too much longer?? Good luck when you go and let us know how you get on x

My AF has been evil angry im not going to complain though lol grin

HollyBen Sat 16-Nov-13 17:58:56

I'm not really expecting the gp to be much use tbh lucy but at least I'll feel like I'm doing something. I had 10 days of little amounts of bloodu cm which had stopped but just seen some again so who knows. l'll keep you posted on gp

CallingAllEngels Sat 16-Nov-13 20:03:13

Have they checked your HCG Holly ? Now I know that it's finally going down and may take a month or so I feel like I can just relax a bit (even though I feel like my clock is ticking!). I don't feel pg anymore which a bonus.

Plus DS is being a real terror at the moment re: sleeping (the terrible 2's) so it's actually making me feel like I'd be nuts to have another one right now when the one I have is drigin me crazy and keeping me up half the night!

Good luck Tuesday.

HollyBen Sat 16-Nov-13 21:59:00

Thanks callingallengels. I haven't had any checks done - Tuesday will be my first to gp (except to get sick note). I got my first BFN after 3 weeks to assume hcg levels have dropped.

HollyBen Sat 16-Nov-13 22:06:37

And I know what you mean about thinking twice as I am the same with DD. She had a run of not sleeping/tantrums/wetting herself (aftet being dry for about 6 weeks) recently and I thought maybe just as well

MrsAnderson22 Sat 16-Nov-13 23:59:14

hi ladies, sorry haven't been on for a while! ds had glandular fever and tonsillitis, and is also recovering from a post viral rash which covered his entire body including soles of feet and palms of hands! scary stuff!

anyway, I am still waiting for AF to appear, have no idea when that will be :/ xx

HollyBen Sun 17-Nov-13 15:57:06

Hi mrsA been a rough few months for you and your family. I hope your DS is completely recovered soon and AF shows quickly. Sending positive thoughts your way and some cake

MrsAnderson22 Thu 28-Nov-13 17:25:10

hi everyone! how are you all doing? It's been a bad few weeks for the Anderson household! my son had glandular fever and tonsillitis, then my daughter ended up in 2 different hospitals at the same time! her with flu and respiratory problems and me with flu, chest infection and a cyst burst and bled in my right ovary causing acute abdominal pain they suspected was appendicitis! so, I was discharged last night, my daughter just today so we're getting back to normal and will be ttc as soon as I have got rid of this flu!! still no sign of AF since my mc sad

hope all is well, where are we with ttc? 2ww? xx

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