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Ttc after an early miscarriage, any advice appreciated

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MrsAnderson22 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:00:25

hi everyone, my husband and I were delighted we'd conceived baby #3 3 months after having my mirena removed. Unfortunately I miscarried at around 6 weeks, my bleeding started on 6th July and ended on 15th July, my hcg levels never got above 143 so they left my system pretty quick, by the 18th I was having bfn at the drs. I wondered when should I expect my AF? before the mc I was always 28 days bang on! I have had no symptoms for AF, although I have had really bad heartburn for 4 days, this was my first symptom last time too, so could I be pregnant? I'm useless at working out dates and cycles and ovulation etc..... we bd'd on 15th July and have been pretty consistently b'ding every other night since then with the exception of a couple of days. when should a test show bfp given all these dates? thanks for taking the time to read, hope someone has some advice for me x

cheesysmile Mon 12-Aug-13 22:53:21

Oooo how exciting, really hope its good news for you!

MrsAnderson22 Mon 12-Aug-13 23:25:18

thanks smile
going by your method I am CD38! And 53 days since my last period. I did bleed for 10 days during my mc though...

MrsAnderson22 Tue 13-Aug-13 00:30:50

just ordered my super sensitive tests!! I'm a night owl, I do most of my work at night, going to sleep around 3am and waking at 7am, now I'm rambling, while working and watching tonight's soaps in my bed!! multi tasking.....or procrastinating.... probably the latter confused

cheesysmile Tue 13-Aug-13 07:56:04

Hope the tests turn up soon then MrsA. How do you survive on such little sleep, I'm still tired when I wake up at 7am even if I've gone to bed at 11pm! Although hopefully I will have to get used to less sleep sometime soon - TTC #1.

My method for counting the days is probably wrong after mc, just feel I need to count from somewhere!

MrsRV Wed 14-Aug-13 19:23:02


MrsAnderson22 Wed 14-Aug-13 23:43:03

nope, no news. tests haven't arrived yet BUT I'm cramping tonight :D boobs still super sore! fingers crossed for AF coming soon!! think I'll feel 'back to normal' if it comes! where are you in your cycle/ttc/ovulating MrsRV? x

Positivementakattitude Thu 15-Aug-13 04:44:20

Hi mrs A and cheesy and rv hope you all ok I'm still bleeding very heavy 6 days now worried usually 2-3 day AF. How are we all anyway ? We all doing ok ?

Fx for BFP I've ordered conceive plus lube anyone tried these ? I'm re- thinking even trying again tbh fear maybe just disappointment tbh it's such a high and low and this AF is depressing me xxx

6 days heavy tampon and pad when would this become worrying !?

MrsRV Thu 15-Aug-13 06:58:22

Positive don't worry!! I'm the same, day 6 of AF for me and the last 4 days have been unusually heavy and AF is usually only 3-4 days like you!!

I'm also feeling all over the place & crying loads. Feel really quite down too. I think it's the hormones. Lets hope we all get back to normal soon! Xx

MrsAnderson22 Thu 15-Aug-13 18:54:51

hi ladies, this might be quite confusing but here goes...

if I'd had a normal AF in July I would be due my AF again tomorrow, cramping last night and a little today made me feel it was going to happen soon. However, I went to the loo this morning and when I wiped it was very very light pink, watery, so I thought, ok this is different, I dont4 normally spot before AF but at least I know it's coming. BUT I've just gone again and this time it was like a brown discharge when I wiped :/ this looks the same as last time which was implantation bleeding!! its been 10 days since we bd'd because I've been feeling quite grumpy and low it even possible it could be implantation bleeding? obviously I know it could also be spotting before AF which isn't normal for me but then again I'm not expecting this month's AF to be normal!!

hope everyone's mood lifts soon smile xx

MrsRV Thu 15-Aug-13 19:47:58

Mrs A, could be implantation but that's exactly how my AF started this month too & a few days of that followed by a few days of heavy bleeding & its just tapering off now. My AF has been far from normal. Still feel shit. sad At least the end is in sight now. Have put on weight, look like crap & have a wedding on Saturday. Amazing.

MrsAnderson22 Thu 15-Aug-13 19:54:43

yeah my cramping is pretty bad, not like sharp pains just really really dull aching and almost like a pulling sensation! oh well, I'm sure it'll come to a head in the next few days. hope you have a good time on Saturday though, might take your mind off things xx

cheesysmile Thu 15-Aug-13 20:07:57

Evening ladies, sorry you're not feeling good MrsRV and Positive. Hope AF leaves you both soon and you can try to get back to normal. Its no wonder you feel down right now, having AF hormones plus I think it probably bring back the MC memories. So be nice to yourselves!

I've started to exercise again lately which has actually made me feel better about myself. I used to do quite a bit, but one thing and another meant I haven't done much for a few months. Was feeling quite down after the mc and also kinda frumpy so the exercise really has helped. Going to try and make an effort to keep it up.

I think I'm at ovulation stage of my first post mc cycle right now as getting all the signs. So based on that think I'll be testing on about the 30th (if AF doesn't show up before).

cheesysmile Thu 15-Aug-13 20:09:04

Mrs A - hope you find out one way or another soon! Keeping FX for you its a BFP rather than AF.

MrsAnderson22 Fri 16-Aug-13 14:14:52

well as predicted by my app, my AF arrived this morning! THANK GOD! I was in agony last night, cramps in my stomach, aching legs, sweating!!! urgh! so my cycle looks to be pretty spot on, if I'd had AF last month it would have been due again today, so looks like we're all having a POAS date within the next month or so haha, good luck ladies smile xx

Positivementakattitude Fri 16-Aug-13 20:13:02

Mrs A sorry AF turned up but hopefully good sign for you when will you expecting your bfp ?

Mrs rv thank you I've been the same like my body doesn't know what to do have 4 massive pimples probably 4 months worth normally get one during period my face looks like a dot - dot picture haha

Cheesy smile sorry same for you and exercise is a good call to be honest haven't myself either

Thankfully I've stopped bleeding today yayyyy massive clear out hoping a good thing means ready to conceive again I'm hoping, ovulation sticks and preg tests have arrived yay !!! Next week is the time.

I was speaking to lady on mn we misscarried same time she got her bfp chuffed for her but also gutted obv BUT she said they used conceive plus and worked - worth a shot I suppose anyone got any experience with it never one for lubes lol but always worth a go

Busy busy opening new office hiring and recruiting but always time for baby dancing ! Ovul should be next weekend so plenty chance too hopefully bank holiday yay lol when you all ovulating !?

Also lady used to prop her bum after didn't do that maybe also worth a shot haha so to speak

Baby dust smiles and hugs first AF after was definetly roller oater hopefully out next ones will be so long ago will be a distant memory

Thanks for helping me through ladies makes hard time easier .

Mwah xxx

Positivementakattitude Fri 16-Aug-13 20:21:24

Also we say mc was latest AF was 31 days are you counting what last time was between mc and AF or usual one to calculate ovul? Ill just do sticks anyway but they let me down last month but got hormone one smily face just got normal cheaply ones

Also with the ovul sticks what time of day best as clearblue say morning and read somewhere morning not good ? Work 12-8 so will do in evening if that's ok ?

Trying to get excited for ovulat now finally bleeding stopped was worried never experienced amount of blood like it xxxxx

MrsAnderson22 Fri 16-Aug-13 23:26:52

hi, so how long was everyone's first AF after mc? I am definitely on but nowhere near as heavy as I usually am, it's normally no spotting whatsoever, cramps the night before then wake up with AF, 3 days of really heavy bleeding then stop! no getting lighter or easing it's way in! so far this one has been light pink spotting and brown discharge yesterday, today has been bright red but light. if all goes to plan I should ovulate in 2 weeks, then be in the 2ww!!! exciting stuff :D all tests arrived, I now have a bathroom cabinet full, 2 different types too! xx

Positivementakattitude Sat 17-Aug-13 00:04:35

Mine was 7 days in total 2 days of what u describe pink light red and brown and then came the flood dtd triggered mine but was so light took us while to realise what it was sorry if tmi 4-6 day worst was filling tampon and pad and if carried on past 7 Wa a going to go to the hosp as doctor just sent me away !!! But stopped today finally xxxx

MrsAnderson22 Sat 17-Aug-13 18:39:42

day 2- scared to stand up, scared to go to the toilet.....what a mess :/ bright red and very heavy sad

Positivementakattitude Sun 18-Aug-13 01:59:11

Thinking of you mrs A I know the feeling ten times more bleeding than my mc and even normal AF

Good news is I read that it means fertile bright red blood so hopefully you're body clearing out ready for new passenger lol fingers crossed.

Cd8 and a faint line on ovulat!!!!! Woop so you not far behind me either hopefully it won't last 7 like mine did ! Xxx

MrsRV Sun 18-Aug-13 20:24:42

All sounds like we've had really similar experiences with the AF's.

I stopped bleeding end last week. Can't be arsed with ov tests. Hubby and I have been doing lots of practising these last few days - although secretly I have been thinking that we should be saving our best shagging and that we may have peaked too soon. I keep singing "just keep shagging, just keep shagging" in my head in the style of finding nemo and "just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Amusing myself anyway! grin So yes, plan is to do deed every other night until next AF is due. Give me strength.

MrsAnderson22 Sun 18-Aug-13 21:46:49

wow it sounds like you'll need that strength haha!! love the song too, great choice ;)

well day 3 of AF and it's pretty much non existent now, I'd usually finish night 3 early day 4 anyway so fingers crossed it's done!! smile never used ovulation sticks before, I rely heavily and probably too much on my app! we just dtd a lot in the time between AF's and hope for the best! x

Positivementakattitude Mon 19-Aug-13 01:08:22

Hahaha love it keep shagging and the. Keep swimming to the swimmers hahaha

Good news hopefully done wouldn't wish 7 days of what I had on anybody !

Yeh good shout was going to go for 2 a day during the 4-5 hot days ?? Haha maybe kill us both possibly not best idea we dtd every day anyway bar a few but not many

Only used as have nnnnooo idea when I do ovul and also apps depend on you inputting what day you ovul and can vary so much so for 4.50 for 25 worth a go!

Got some conceive plus on order too anyone tried it ?

MrsAnderson22 Mon 19-Aug-13 01:23:35

I've never used conceive plus (never actually heard of it) but it's definitely something I'll be looking up!!

the app I use only asks for first and last day of AF and turns the days you 'should' be ovulating yellow, to give an indication, it plots when you are due AF and ovulation for every month thereafter too, obviously it can be wrong but I tend to just dtd around those days anyway. my app has never let me down in terms of AF due date since I started using it 4 months ago smile it does allow you to enter temp too but I dont, I also select 'intimate' on days we have dtd and it puts a little love heart on these dates on the calendar. can you tell I love my app? haha xx

MrsAnderson22 Mon 19-Aug-13 17:29:40

AF done and out the way! so pleased it wasn't any longer than normal AF x

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