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Ttc after an early miscarriage, any advice appreciated

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MrsAnderson22 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:00:25

hi everyone, my husband and I were delighted we'd conceived baby #3 3 months after having my mirena removed. Unfortunately I miscarried at around 6 weeks, my bleeding started on 6th July and ended on 15th July, my hcg levels never got above 143 so they left my system pretty quick, by the 18th I was having bfn at the drs. I wondered when should I expect my AF? before the mc I was always 28 days bang on! I have had no symptoms for AF, although I have had really bad heartburn for 4 days, this was my first symptom last time too, so could I be pregnant? I'm useless at working out dates and cycles and ovulation etc..... we bd'd on 15th July and have been pretty consistently b'ding every other night since then with the exception of a couple of days. when should a test show bfp given all these dates? thanks for taking the time to read, hope someone has some advice for me x

cheesysmile Wed 07-Aug-13 19:22:32

Hello MrsA, I'm not really sure, trying to work dates out myself after MC, but if you assume 6th July to be CD1 then if I've counted correctly you are currently on CD33. Of course dates may be a bit mucked up with the MC, but I think I would take a test with FMU tomorrow and see what it says. Fingers crossed for you let me know how you get on smile

MrsRV Fri 09-Aug-13 06:28:04

OMG, I hope it's a BFP for you MrsA. I see you have returned to TTC... As have we. Still no sign of AF for me either - tested last weekend and big fat horrible NEGATIVE. Boooooooo!!!!

MrsAnderson22 Fri 09-Aug-13 15:15:04

hi ladies smile thanks for your responses, I'll probably test in the next few days as I still have no sign of AF appearing :/ MrsRV when will you be testing again? x

MrsAnderson22 Fri 09-Aug-13 15:15:55

cheesysmile, are you ttc? x

MrsAnderson22 Sat 10-Aug-13 12:44:02

Bfn this morning sad just have to keep plodding on and waiting for AF I suppose! I really thought it would have been here by now! how are you ladies?

MrsRV Sat 10-Aug-13 14:57:54

It's a bloody rollercoaster isn't it? One minute you think you are, next minute u think you're not, then you do a test and even though its negative you cling to the hope its just too early! Anyway, AF arrived for me last night... At least this will start my cycle again so I know when I am and can revert to trusty shag app grin good lunch Mrs A. Keep me posted. Just finished a soft play session with DD and shattered, remind me why I want another one??? Mrs A I didn't realise you already had 2 little ones! How old are they? Girls or boys? NOSY. Sat in car at Sainsburys while DD sleeps and hubby is buying Saturday night supplies - hence the essay and all the questions... I have 5 spare minutes! grin

MrsRV Sat 10-Aug-13 14:59:30

P.s. good luck not good lunch! Although, not wishing you a bad lunch... A good lunch is always nice. Seriously, 5 minutes spare time is clearly too much!! grin

MrsAnderson22 Sat 10-Aug-13 18:30:42

hi MrsRV!! You're comments always make me smile smile no AF for me yet, just wish it would appear! I have a DD aged 12 and a DS aged 9!! big gap but I'm only 28 and hubby 35 so still feel young enough to do it ha! I'm also full time at uni studying for a degree in social work, hubby is a stay at home dad as DD is disabled and needs round the clock care, he's more than happy to be at home with #3 too, DD does go to school from 9am-3.15pm so he will only have 1 child to contend with haha!!.....

p.s I had a lovely lunch anyway lol, i made tuna and bean salad with baby spinach :D

p.p.s.....hoping my AF will be here in the next week, we do seem to do things a week apart, me and you! smile

MrsAnderson22 Sat 10-Aug-13 18:45:13

MrsRV....I meant to add, how long was it from your first day of bleeding to AF? x

MrsRV Sat 10-Aug-13 20:16:59

Defo young enough for another! maybe even a couple! grin One of my best friends is 30, same as me, her eldest is 16 in October and she's pregnant with her 5th!!! Crazy girl. She's just had some news that her new little girl is going to be born with severe disabilities and baby is having to have blood transfusions every 2 weeks via a huge needle through her tum. Tough times but shes so positive & upbeat. I kind of feel like its put MC into perspective. I haven't told her about being preggers or the MC as I don't want her to play down her pregnancy in anyway. She needs to be as positive as she can without having to watch what she says for fear of upsetting me.

Get you with your posh lunch. We went to the harvester.... Needed a little treat after the traumatic morning I had. Decided it would be a great idea to take some old clothes to "cash4clothes". An experience never to be repeated. Next time I shall stick with being a good person & giving my crap to charity!!!!! grin

Anyway, AF exactly 4 weeks almost to the hour from my heavy big bleed. Must be 6ish weeks from when I first started bleeding just a little bit.

Ordered a million pregnancy tests off of eBay in readiness for this cycle.

MrsAnderson22 Sat 10-Aug-13 22:26:44

it's been 5 weeks to the day since my initial bleed, 4 weeks and 2 days since my heavy bleed! so hopefully I'll get AF soon!

I feel for your friend, I really do, she sounds like an amazingly optimistic person though! good for her!

I have never wanted to feel niggling cramp so much in my life! I really want sore boobs, cramps, mood swings....the lot haha! I feel like I need my AF to come so I can start to feel normal, and get my cycle back to normal! either that or a bfp!! it's so hard when you don't know when to test! x

MrsRV Sun 11-Aug-13 07:07:20

I was exactly the same. Never been so happy to see AF! AF is a bit weird and not like normal but hey ho, it's still AF and a sign that all has returned as it should be. I'm sure yours will arrive shortly too!

MrsAnderson22 Sun 11-Aug-13 21:01:11

woop woop! ( never thought I'd celebrate this but....) I have woken up with sore breasts, on the sides and under my arms! could be AF coming smile could be pregnancy :D, wee'd an awful lot today, feeling like I'm never 'empty'...could be infection I suppose :/ could be pregnancy :D, heartburn day 6 now, could be acid reflux (I am on lansoprazole for this anyway...), could be pregnancy :D....phew haha!

Positivementakattitude Sun 11-Aug-13 21:13:20

Hiya mrs A and mrs rv can I join in please? Xx

MrsAnderson22 Sun 11-Aug-13 21:37:50

of course you can smile the more, the merrier as they say :D x

Positivementakattitude Sun 11-Aug-13 22:14:56

Thanks Mrs A I mc my angel July and first AF since arrived yday feeling strangely ok ? Or maybe trying too not quite sure was hoping wouldn't come obv tried poas 3 times all bfn not sure if u ovulated. Or whether to test this month or even when,

On other hand glad AF here as should be all systems go for next month.

Fx bfp coming soon mrs a when are you going to test ? X

Loved reading all posts

MrsAnderson22 Sun 11-Aug-13 23:43:04

sorry if TMI but I have literally pee'd 5 times in 1 hour!!!! I might just set up a bed in the bathroom :/

I think I'll be testing again possibly tuesday? wednesday? I don't know.....the waiting kills me!

p.s sorry for your loss, hugs to you! AF will hopefully bring you some comfort, knowing your cylce will be back to normal.....wishing you all the luck in the world for a bfp in the very very near future :D x

Positivementakattitude Mon 12-Aug-13 00:06:42

Lol oh gosh annoying but hopefully a very very good sign ? I know what you mean I have been poas crazy even a week before AF due in the hope my imaginary heartburn and residual symptoms were preg.

When was your AF due ? I even had a period with my first preg and tested 2 days before bfn so may test again(just as an excuse ) but have to make sure dont we lol

And thanks Hun yeh defo comfort in that been quite lucky in sense wasn't as horrific as some some experience and was expecting blood bath of a AF but has been pretty normal tbh hopefully means back in full working order xxx

MrsAnderson22 Mon 12-Aug-13 00:24:42

not really sure when AF is/was due :/ my mc lasted from 6th-15th july, before then my cycle was bang on 28 days every month! I'm useless at working out dates so completely clueless really. I just assumed it would have been here by now, or at the very least, my normal pre AF cramps would have! xxx

Positivementakattitude Mon 12-Aug-13 00:58:36

Yeh I was the same never needed to mark as would like clockwork nurse did say after mc can be 4-6 weeks for period but I did have sore back cramps and my usual period spot! Don't know how you haven't caved and tested but fingers crossed AF doesn't show and you have BFP positive soon

I just ordered 5 early preg test 10miu for just 1.70 amazon !!! Not worth wondering for that price ! Xxx fx for u Hun xx

MrsAnderson22 Mon 12-Aug-13 10:22:49

aaaah....I caved and tested this morning! couldn't see a line but still convinced I'm pregnant!! could be that I've tested too early, I used an Answer test 100mIU... :/ anyway it might all be in my head BUT my boobs are telling me different! x

MrsRV Mon 12-Aug-13 19:36:44

Now you've tested you won't be able to stop! Get yourself on eBay & buy some early tests, they are so cheap. I have mine at the ready for a few weeks time.

MrsPositive grin welcome! I was expecting a horror show too with AF but its also been fine although bit heavier today and sure I saw a bit of clotting earlier. Hope it trails off soon as normal and then I'm on it... Literally grin ha!!!!

For now though, I will take advantage of going to bed & being able to let myself fall straight to sleep!

MrsA, keep us posted wont you. The sore boobs was my very first symptom with DD... Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh EXCITING.

cheesysmile Mon 12-Aug-13 22:28:44

Evening ladies - lots going on here since last week.

MrsA sounds like you didn't use a very sensitive test, aren't the superdrug ones 10mIU? So still could be BFP! Will keep my FX for you.

Yes I'm also ttc. I didn't want to wait after the mc, just wanted to get back on it as soon as I could. My mc started on 23 July at about 5 wks and then at a scan on 2nd Aug I had a negative test and was told there was nothing left. So I have assumed CD 1 to be 23rd which puts me on CD 21 today, but as I don't think I've ovulated yet I'm wondering if maybe I'm about a week out or something.

Do any of you take your BBT? Starting taking mine again day after bleeding started and has been a bit all over the place, although does seem to have gone down now so hoping I will still be able to see it rise after ovulation.

Good luck MrsRV and Positive for your new cycles and hoping we will all have sticky beans soon smile

MrsAnderson22 Mon 12-Aug-13 22:38:03

hi smile nope, not a very sensitive test but hubby bought them and to him a stick is a stick grin I will be on ebay/amazon tonight to order some cheap super sensitive ones!

symptoms aren't getting any better, in fact boobs are more tender under my armpits and on the sides, and the heartburn is a nightmare! will keep you all posted though smile

good luck everyone!!!! x

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