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Is it to early to have symptoms??

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chilipeppers Mon 05-Aug-13 11:54:29

My time of ovulation was last Wednesday/Thursday. Could I have pregnancy symptoms this early? I felt a bit sicky yesterday morning and am very tired. Is it to early to have these symptoms?? Thanks

Metalhead Wed 21-Aug-13 11:06:52

Any news *leezl?

KedenTTC1Cycle2 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:22:45

Congrats MissCalamaity!!! How exciting grin

Metalhead Sat 17-Aug-13 13:14:09

Whoohoo! Many congrats Miss! :-)

leezl Sat 17-Aug-13 10:54:20

SO PLEASED FOR YOU MissCalamity!!! Enjoy the party tonight gringringrin

MissCalamity Sat 17-Aug-13 10:36:00

Hi Metalhead The digital test says Pregnant!! 2-3 weeks grin

Until I had the definite proof with the words, I was a bit in denial.

I've got a 40th birthday party tonight, thankfully I can hide the not drinking as DS is coming with us and one of us has to drive, hopefully will get a nap in later so I'm not yawning my head off!

Keden sorry to hear about AF rearing her ugly head, I was exactly the same first cycle, utterly convinced I was pregnant and then she came along 2 days late I hasten to add...

leezl hang in there until next weekend, I know exactly how you feel wishing the days away!

Thanks for all the good wishes ladies, fingers crossed I'll be seeing some more BFP's from you all soon. thanks

Metalhead Sat 17-Aug-13 09:08:42

What did the digital test say MissCalamity?

leezl Fri 16-Aug-13 11:19:48

Keden sorry to hear that sad best of luck for next time!

MissCalamity I am testing on 24th as AF is due on 26th, unless she comes early. Gah seem like a lifetime away!!

Good luck everyone!

VJONES1985 Fri 16-Aug-13 11:19:01

I have had symptoms for a few days but am not even sure if I've ovulated yet so who knows what's going on.

Keden Fri 16-Aug-13 11:10:32

sad Well AFs made an appearance then. I'm out for August ladies. Better luck to those still hanging in there!

MissCalamity Fri 16-Aug-13 10:14:42

Sorry the hear about AF chilli hope you can have a good holiday guzzling the vino wine
kedan have you tested again yet?

leezl when would you be testing? I think when we want to be pregnant our bodies do play tricks on us!

I'm still a bit in denial, as POAS yesterday afternoon, same brand as Wednesday & nothing at 3 mins but then the faintest pink line ever..
Splashed out on a CB digital (2 for £10 at Asda) and will know once and for all tomorrow morning... eekkk!

leezl Thu 15-Aug-13 08:29:37

Thank you metalhead grin

Metalhead Thu 15-Aug-13 08:24:22

leezl I think generally early symptoms mean from 4 weeks as you say. Before that it's very hard to distinguish from PMS symptoms, as I found out this month... (had unusual cramps, spotting, sore boobs, tiredness, vague nausea and still not pregnant!)

Sorry about the BFN keden; fingers crossed AF won't come!

MissTweed Thu 15-Aug-13 04:50:04

I knew I was pregnant about 6dpo (I didn't think I could have children but was giving TTC ago so had really low expectations) my boobs grew overnight and got tender! Also my dog starting acting strange around me and wouldn't leave me alone!! I'm now 30w grin

Keden Thu 15-Aug-13 02:54:08

Hiya...POAS today (14 DPO and AF due) and got a BFN :-/
But no sign of AF just yet, so will test again on Saturday (If AF doesn't show that is.

leezl Thu 15-Aug-13 00:30:10

More nausea today. I've had it every day for eight days, but of course IT'S TOO EARLY SO I'M IGNORING IT. Hnnngghhh!
When books talk about "early pregnancy symptoms", I assume they mean four weeks onwards, but do people have symptoms before then? I literally know nothing.
I was pregnant once before but I had no nausea (and no suspicion, though I wasn't looking out for it) until I was at least six weeks. Bleh!
Sorry for my late night paranoia ;)

leezl Wed 14-Aug-13 21:19:35

Sorry to hear about AF chile sad fingers crossed for you for next month smile xx

chilipeppers Wed 14-Aug-13 20:31:25

Congrats misscalamity! At least one of us got a BNP on this thread! My AF started today sad feeling rubbish! Welcome leezl and good luck for whenever you test! sad sorry metalhead maybe next month will be our month!

nightowlmostly Wed 14-Aug-13 11:52:52

Congrats misscalamity, a line is a line as they say!

leezl Wed 14-Aug-13 11:21:39

Metalhead, sitting on hands is right! confused Never thought I'd get so excited about POAS �� what an adventure! My husband thinks he's done the deed already and I bet him £20 we're not, so I win either way ��

Metalhead Wed 14-Aug-13 10:43:14

Oooh how exciting MissCalamity!! They say a line is a line so it looks like we'll get at least one BFP on this thread after all! smile

leezl I'd say better to save your money and wait until AF is due before you test, I certainly will be sitting on my hands next month after wasting quite a few tests this time round...

leezl Wed 14-Aug-13 09:37:15

Hi MissCalamity! Thanks for the welcome smile oh gosh I'm so excited for you! Best of luck when you test again grin

MissCalamity Wed 14-Aug-13 07:57:49

Good luck today kedan

Sorry that AF had shown nightowl it sucks doesn't it?!

Hi leezl welcome to crazy club grin I personally wouldn't buy expensive tests but that's just me, I rather try & wait as near to AF due as I possibly can! The only symptom I remember with DS was the extreme tiredness & that was two days before AF was due.

I've caved in and POAS this morning, I'm not overly sure when AF is due as my last cycle was 30 days meaning this Saturday, always 28 days with my pill bleed through so to be fair I wasn't expecting much but I think I can see the faintest of the faintest line!! Showed it DP and he agreed he could see a really faint line, arrgghhh! May have to wait until Friday to re-test, Fingers crossed!

leezl Wed 14-Aug-13 01:34:03

Ack sorry Nightowl sad xx

nightowlmostly Wed 14-Aug-13 01:29:01

Alas, AF has arrived. So stressful waiting and second guessing every little thing!

Good luck to all those still with hope for this month being the one x

leezl Wed 14-Aug-13 00:37:03

Hi all, been reading this thread with interest as I too have been thinking myself very silly for possibly imagining symptoms!
This is our first time and first cycle TTC so I really don't know what to expect. It doesn't help that we're trying to keep it secret so I can't ask my mum!!
Anyway I supposedly ovulated on 9/8/13 so I guess I have about two weeks until I can test? But man, I feel like I have every symptom going already!
Anyone recommend the expensive tests you can allegedly use four days before your period is due? Or should I save my money and wait and see if my period even comes? Gah I am definitely getting ahead of myself, eh? wink
Thanks for your inevitable patience!
Good luck everyone!

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