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First Month

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keepswimming1 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:22:21

Hi everyone,

I have just joined the site, and would love to hear your stories.

I came off the pill in May, and started trying this month, how do you calm yourself in not getting your hopes up for AF not to arrives (she's due any where between tomorrow and Sunday)

I don't like waiting lol

keepswimming1 Sat 03-Aug-13 23:27:22

woo woo

ItalianWiking84 Sat 03-Aug-13 21:33:10

Happy smiley today on my stick smile

ItalianWiking84 Sat 03-Aug-13 13:42:47

Thanks blueamber, amazon it is next month ;)

blueamber Sat 03-Aug-13 13:08:41

Amazon sells cb ones, £21 for 20 sticks, which should last 2 months. They're the cb advanced.

ItalianWiking84 Sat 03-Aug-13 00:01:22

I just tried the cb this night and must admit they are really easy to use and follow... So do think they are the price worth, or at least when on sale smile

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:03:10

I paid 4 pound for morrisons, they are easy enough to under stand but sounds like cb are much easier. I brought them just to try them out, you only get 5 in a pk so you need to understand your cycle really.

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:43:27

Hmm, don't think I'll be buying them anytime soon then!

ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:06:39

I found them on clearance today in my local tesco for 8 pounds but they were normally 35 pound :O

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:02:28

Thank you,that's helped a lot. How much are the cb ones?

jaykay987 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:54:09

The CB ones are quite expensive though can be found on sale sometimes.

You get test sticks (how many depends on which packet you buy) and a "holder". The instructions tell you when to start testing (depends on your cycle length) so you don't start testing to late or too early.

You put a stick into the holder each morning and the POAS. They either show nothing, high or peak fertility. Typically you get two days high then two days peak (though this does not work for everyone there's a whole other thread about that). High is a flashing smiley face, peak is a solid smiley face.

Then you stop testing until the next month.

There are other varieties which are much cheaper but some people find them harder to read. I'm sure someone with experience of these can tell you more.

I've used CB ones this month and will do so again next month, as I know feel I understand my body better, but the cost would definitely prevent me using them every month.

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:39:41

Could someone tell me more about opks please? What actually comes in a packet? What do you do with them and how do they work? Also, how much should I expect to pay? Thanks.

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 18:04:49

Oh well done. I used the morrisons ones last month, not bad. Though by my o day oh had left the country but couldnt resist on trying them out lol
God I sound like a nut job.....

ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-Aug-13 17:09:12

Just found clear blue ovalation pack with 20 sticks in it in clearance sale at tesco for 8 pounds, normal price 35 ... So bought them, they look a lot easier than the tesco own brand ones smile

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 14:03:38

I'll try not to get my hopes up - I'm sure she will be back !!

ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:57:59

keepswimming1 I have heard of some where they think they have their AF and then in reality didnt have it, so might be a small chance of that smile

ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:56:38

blueamber Thanks for the description, makes it more understandable now... And happy to know, that 5 minutes laying down can do the trick smile Seems more durable than laying the whole night...

Never heard that one with orgasm, and I usually always get an orgasm under dtd, so would not fancy having to do it right after again...

Thanks also for the advice on folic acid, then it is just my iron and vit C I need to take with the pregnacare, I should be able to manage that lol

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:43:02

Ah cool, thanks blueamber!

Yes, forgot to mention that to you, Italian, regarding Pregnacare containing enough folic acid. I have to have extra because I'm diabetic bit for the average person, just the Pregnacare on its own is enough.

blueamber Fri 02-Aug-13 13:39:10

There is no proof orgasms increase the chance of conception, but it does make dtd more fun smile

blueamber Fri 02-Aug-13 13:38:07

Italian, pregnacare has enough folic acid in so if you take those you wont have to take the folic acid as well.

What might help you to recognise your fertile days is cervical position. This should be a pretty clear sign once you start understanding how it works. It does involve feeling the cervix with your finger. When you're not in your fertile time, its lower down, feels hard and the opening is closed. Then closer to your fertile time, it rises, goes softer and the opening goes wider. If you google it it will give you more info.

Also, you don't have to keep the sperm in. Just lying down for 5 minutes is enough. The sperm will immediately swim up the cervix anyway. The stuff that comes out is the fluid, not the swimmers. It's also best to go to the toilet after sex to prevent urinary infections.

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:37:21

I've never heard it before, I guess anything is possible though!

Hey I have just been to the loo and notice af is very light (I mean very light) do you think I could still be in with a chance? unless she comes thick and fast in the mean time of course.

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:32:27

Thanks ladies - I am thinking of you both too!

Here's an interesting thing my friend told me - after the guy has ejaculated, the woman should orgasm because this widens the cervix and encourages more semen through. What do you reckon? She said she made herself orgasm using a vibrator after her husband had ejaculated when they were ttc.

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:25:39

Hey VJONES don't be sad, theres every chance you are the lucky one here. You could be in your fertile window very soon, dont give up hope!!

You want the swimmers to be able to swim down rather than an uphill struggle!

ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:16:10

VJONES1985 You could be one of the lucky on, of course :D I am cheering for you....

VJONES1985 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:13:55

Yeah, I'll be doing the pillow thing too!

Aww, I was hanging on to the thought that I might be one of the lucky ones this month after just stopping the pill but the thought of dtd so regularly and possibly not even releasing an egg at all this month is making me a bit sad!

keepswimming1 Fri 02-Aug-13 12:55:21

Clareyfarey - sorry to hear that, roll on next month xx

The thing us women go through a!!!

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