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Anyone trying for no 3?

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ELR Tue 30-Jul-13 15:10:41

Going to start trying for a third in August, I already have a dd10 and a ds7. I don't mind a boy or a girl but if I could choose I would choose a girl as still have all dd gorgeous little dresses and cardigans don't know what happened to ds clothes!
Anyone else mad enough to try for a third??

Sparky321 Wed 30-Oct-13 12:32:59

I'm in the 2ww also due to test 10th nov although I'm sure to try a sneaky ic before then. Impatience is my middle name, and if not successful this month I will be impatient to get af out of the way so we can try again!

BunnyBaby Mon 04-Nov-13 11:03:33

Hi everyone, last month wasn't meant to be, and I think we need to be a bit more serious about getting it on more than one or twice.

CD12 here of a 25 day cycle..

Sparky, 2 boys here too, 5 & 2, and I keep thinking about the sleepless nights versus my two little sound sleepers at the moment.

DH very broody too, so very supportive.

Good luck everyone, and congrats the recent BFPs. :-)

OrangeFizz99 Tue 05-Nov-13 16:02:05

I had totally forgotten that the 2ww lasts approximately 6 months! Urgh! 6 dpo and trying not to symptom spot.

I have two dds both under 4 and quite a big job. Wanting a third child is utterly illogical but I think if I don't do it I'll regret it hugely in the future...

ELR Tue 05-Nov-13 16:23:59

Hi all, is anyone else finding it difficult to find the time to dtd?
It's a nightmare, as my kids are older they aren't in bed till 9ish and then often not asleep until 9.30pm. Managed to do it on cd10 and then last night cd11 but then hubby could not finish the job as it was nearly midnight and he was shattered! Don't think we will get a chance now again until Sunday as we have the inlaws arriving tonight for dd birthday tomorrow.
Really strange too but usually my boobs are really tender on about cd14/15 which coupled with eWcm indicates I've ovulated. But this month boobs were super tender yesterday morning cd 11 do you think I could of ovulated early?

OrangeFizz99 Mon 11-Nov-13 20:59:34

I get ovulation pains so although I use opks (I like to poas!)I generally know. We travel a bit for work and it seems to coincide a lot with ov so Dtd not easy here either!

Af due tomorrow. Will poas with fmu!

How were inlaws ELR?

OrangeFizz99 Tue 12-Nov-13 12:39:45

BFN this am - boo! I now want af to arrive very quickly and go away again very quickly so we can try again!

ELR Tue 12-Nov-13 16:38:57

Hi orange sorry it's a bfn but hoping it's too early to test! The inlaws were fine they didn't arrive till lunchtime and DH was working from home so managed to dtd in the morning on cd12 had ewcm on cd13/14 so think I ovulated then. Hoping dtd on cd12 will have been enough! Have been ill wih vertigo and feeling sick since Thursday so that's making the 2ww speed up a bit as no time for symptom spotting.

OrangeFizz99 Tue 12-Nov-13 17:58:01

oo sounds good elr! Af heeded my plea and arrived this pm.

Out for the night on Friday so at least I can get tiddly now.

On with cycle 2 of ttc no 3 then. Dh has a work trip planned for cd 12-14.. Am working on getting him to rearrange it already smile

dines Wed 13-Nov-13 21:02:18

iv been trying for baby no 3 since end of august. im now 6 weeks pregnant! grin wasnt expecting it to happen so soon.

BunnyBaby Tue 19-Nov-13 12:53:47

Well, I got AF yesterday, so off we go again, but I think this month we're going to make a concerted effort as we've only SWI'd at the most twice a month since August, and both DS1 and DS2 were the results of more concerted efforts ;-) Mr Bunny will be pleased!

Sparky - Any news yet?
Orange - Sorry to hear BFN
ELR - Fingers crossed for 2WW
Dines - Congrats

Here's to some lovely early Christmas presents!

I've worked out that I should be able to test just before Mr Bunny's works party, and a week before my Team and Departmental do's, so won't have to worry about getting tiddly and unknowingly PG.

Nordicmom Sat 30-Nov-13 03:23:11

Can I join? We've just started TTC 3 . Am 38 y (DH 34) and have a DS nearly 9 y and DD 19m . Long story short had DS quickly with no problems but DD took 5y and was in the end born via gestational surrogate from our egg and sperm after I had 10 early mc and developed a chronic illness. Now after 5y break from trying naturally just feel like I'm not done and actually have just managed to convince dh ( I'm surprised smile ) and want to see if things are still the same (conceived easily but always mc) before moving on to other methods like ivf on myself which i never tried and possibly more surrogacy. I must be mad putting myself through this again but just don't feel we're done and don't want regrets later . Also now that i know it's possible at least via surrogacy feel more positive. It'll be a long road for us if it ever works out . God i feel so tired now , i don't know how i'd manage if it by miracle worked soon since dd would only be 2+ and she's a handful , ds is a picnic compared to her;0.
Anyway here we go again lovely 2ww! i feel like I've done this a thousand times . Best of luck to all and congrats to the ones now happily expecting smile!!!

BunnyBaby Sat 30-Nov-13 20:03:57

Hi Nordicmom, it's all gone a bit quiet on here recently. Welcome!

I had a MMC between my two which they think happened at 10+2 so understand the heartache, but haven't been through that the number of times you have. It sounds like you've been through a huge amount, and I understand the 'just one more / not finished yet feeling'

We've been trying half heartedly since August (only getting into gear once a month).

I'm in the 2WW just and we've managed at days 8, 10 and 12, my cycle is only 26 days so we'll see where we get this month.

I'm 37 and DH is 39. Our two DSs are almost 6 and almost 3.

Hopefully a few more will drop back in :-) or give us some pg updates.

BunnyBaby Sat 30-Nov-13 20:40:59

Anyone visiting this thread, please go to this one:

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