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TTC after miscarriage

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MrsRV Mon 29-Jul-13 20:00:17

So the whole "we're just going to see how it goes" thing has gone out of the window & whilst hub & I daren't say it out loud, we've fallen straight back in to TTC routine.

I tested positive for pregnancy on 15th June (I think). By 1st July I had mild bleeding which was continuous for nearly 2 weeks, had an early scan, all fine & then 4 days later (12th July) heavy heavy bleed with cramping & a scan to confirm MC. About 3 days after bleeding had stopped.

Already obsessing again about dates & testing & pant checking. When can I test do u think???

belle1992 Tue 30-Jul-13 14:02:01

Sorry to hear about your mc :/ I'd say at least 3 weeks after , I know what it's like I had a mc and every day after was torture obsessing about getting pregnant again and 6 weeks later I had a positive test again and now I have a beautiful 13 month old smile

RaRaZ Tue 30-Jul-13 17:42:37

I'm in the same boat. MC late May, unsuccessful ttc June, now waiting for AF to arrive...or preferably not. Fingers tightly crossed.

MrsRV Tue 30-Jul-13 18:01:02

It'll be 3 weeks since heavy bleed on Friday. With last pregnancy i tested positive 3 weeks & 3 days after period. I have one of the posh digital expensive tests left which I hope to save for a special occasion. Whilst I am keen to test I am not keen to see "not pregnant" appear in the little window!! I already have a little girl, she's 16 months. Thankfully she has kept me adequately busy & distracted so I haven't been able to obsess too much.

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