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Brook no arguments, smack those rats. It's time for us all to become PSEPP! Come join us, we are getting our BFPs no matter what.

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NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 24-Jul-13 17:11:47

PSEPP = Pee Stick Endorsed Pregnant Person.

Come on Brookers make yourselves at home smile

ControlGeek Mon 02-Sep-13 17:40:38

Eek! Just realised we are on page 40, and less than 30 posts away from finishing the fred!

Hope nobody minds, I've started the next one here

Fox82 Mon 02-Sep-13 15:02:59

Hi everyone! I've not been on for a few days as had a busy weekend so just caught up. It's been quiet on here for a change though!

Great news the move is all done nurse And congrats on qualifying! Hope you're settling in well with mr nurse.

Glad the scan went well maybe. It seems to be going so quickly for you!

Sorry AF turned up scarlett. I get my hopes up every month even though AF turns up on time month after month, so being in your situation I would've been REALLY excited. It'll happen for you though, keep positive. aloe vera sounds vile btw envy <sick face>

Hope everyone's had a good weekend. We had our nieces 2nd birthday party yesterday. She's so cute! We brought her the biggest present we could just to be impractical grin and made cupcakes with rainbows on which looked amazing even if I say so myself! (They were simple to do but the end result looked impressive). Even a newborn at the party didn't get me down! She looked boring and like she had an attitude although I realise that's not possible!

CD 10 here and already feeling like AF will be on the way later this month, for no other reason other than I'm fed up of getting my hopes up!

keepitgoing Mon 02-Sep-13 12:13:54

or mary poppins' bag!

ControlGeek Mon 02-Sep-13 12:07:40

Just a quickie, waiting for choir to start - nurse I have visions of your car being like a cartoon clown car, never being empty no matter how much you take out of it. Have a really fab holiday!

<waves to everyone>

BlindKitty Mon 02-Sep-13 06:59:41

Ooh where are you going? Hope you have a fab time! grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 02-Sep-13 06:47:42

Have an amazing time Nurse!!x

anactualnurse Sun 01-Sep-13 23:12:23

The car was finally unpacked with some help from mr nurse (super unpacker) on sat morning.

Am off on my jollydays in the morning, so won't be around for a bit, but will be brooking and thinking of you all...if I get a spare minute! Xx

keepitgoing Sun 01-Sep-13 16:32:13

<preens over being faster than an octogenarian>

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 01-Sep-13 15:14:40

grin Keep

keepitgoing Sun 01-Sep-13 13:00:08

Sure was! And yes, I was tougher than him!

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 01-Sep-13 11:40:05

Good for you Keep, was that with your fil?

Kitty I've already been discharged. I had another scan with them on Thursday, but other than that, I'm in my local NHS care now smile

BlindKitty Sun 01-Sep-13 10:32:25

Gosh time has flown! Will the fc discharge you soon then? You excited for your 12 scan?

keepitgoing Sun 01-Sep-13 10:32:00

I walked 7 miles yesterday. Knackered me out though smile

You could snack the rat instead kitty ;)

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 01-Sep-13 10:11:45

Ooh yes Kitty, lots of walking Is good. I walked 5 miles most days throughout my last 2WW. A bit early for symptoms, so I wouldn't worry smile

I'm ok thank you, almost 11 weeks now! Not sure where the time has gone!

BlindKitty Sun 01-Sep-13 09:42:03

Don't worry olives we're here smile. Just hadn't posted as I'd lost the keyboard on my phone. Dh bribed me to make him tea to fix it! and then I realised he just closed the page and reopened it

maybe all good here. Only 5dpo and no symptoms to report, I'm afraid! How are you? Trying to enthuse Dh to go for a work today (to boost blood flow to my uterus as I've given up exercise for the 2ww) but I'm failing miserably!

Where's everyone else today?

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 01-Sep-13 09:17:58

Morning brookers!!

How is everyone today?

Nurse, please say that car is unpacked now....grin. Good move on the OPKs. You'd only end up frustrated.

How you feeling Kitty?

How are things your end Cups? Have been thinking about you a lot.

Still chugging back the old aloe Scarlett?! When can you eat food again?

<waves to Geek and Beedle>

GreenOlives Sat 31-Aug-13 17:16:07

Phew! Thought I'd lost you but here you all are! smile
Waves to all!

BlindKitty Fri 30-Aug-13 18:27:28

Happy Friday peops! Nowt new to report. Anyone for anything exciting on at the weekend? Other than nurse who is probably still unpacking her car!

anactualnurse Fri 30-Aug-13 11:23:14

He's not medical keep, and I really shouldn't moan as he's pretty great. I know it'll take a bit of time for us to adjust. He came home just after 9 last night, so he had some dinner then we watched a bit of tv before bed. I've given up on opk this month because he's working so hard that even if the time is right, if he's not feeling it, its not happening. Oh the joys.

Anyways, this car ain't gonna unload itself. Love to all.

keepitgoing Fri 30-Aug-13 09:03:35

nurse maybe when he comes home from the military he wants to be the total opposite of how he has to be at work! You'll get used to it... Hope you had a nice time once he finally got home. Is he medical too?

scarlett I'm so sorry AF turned up, particularly after teasing us you like that. I think it's good to still have the hope, as it'll happen one day very soon I just know it! Sounds like you are doing loads of great stuff to help your BFP on its way, and we're all here cheering for you.

beedle when are you off on hols? How are the boobies? Sore? Diffed. Not sure? Diffed.

cups if you're there then lots of love and brooking thoughts are always flying your way.

anactualnurse Thu 29-Aug-13 20:19:19

Aw chin up scarlet.

Tell me this, why did no one tell me mr nurse was gony be untidy and disorganised? ? For someone who is so particular and military-minded, I just don't get it. I think what bothers me most is the fact I organise a part of the house, and he goes in at my arse and messess it up. am totally in denial that the reason behind the mess is actually that my shit is everywhere

Mr nurse is still at work. No rest for the wicked apparently. So I've had my dinner on my own and now I'm back to unpacking and checking mumsnet, faceybook, twitter, bbc news, daily mail online, whilst trying to come up with an excuse as to why my car is still full of stuff.

BlindKitty Thu 29-Aug-13 20:14:23

maybe ah they don't really feel tender even if I prod and poke them every 5 mins to make them hurt

scarlett so sorry to hear this sad

geek I'd love to be your trailblazer but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Although the nurse reckons I have slightly higher odds than the average person (they've now put me in the ovulation induction group of stats) i still only have a 1 in 5 chance. Here's hoping though! grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 29-Aug-13 17:08:19

Oh Scarlett. What a shitter. Aloe Vera? Sounds......tasty grin. How long do you have to take it for? Have you heard back from your PCT yet?

Geek lovely, how are you? Thank you for checking up on me. I'm ok thank you, had a scan today, so mind is well and truly at ease smile

Kitty how are those norks?

Nurse, has MrN come back and swept you off your feet?!

ControlGeek Thu 29-Aug-13 16:25:40

nurse congrats on everything! Not to put a dampener on things, but 12 years on and I have yet to get MrG trained in things like putting dirty clothes in the wash basket instead of leaving a trail throughout the house. Also, when I moved house last, I got so fed up of packing the stupid amounts of stuff we'd accumulated that I actually hired a large skip. We filled it to the brim and could have filled it three times over if I had been allowed to throw everything I wanted

scarlett oh lovely of course you are allowed to get caught up in it. I'm on cycle 127, assuming an average of 10 cycles per year, and still have that little twinge of hope when I don't wake up to strawberry sauce on my ice cream I bloody love that phrase, thank you!! Bleeeuuuuurgh to your aloe vera diet though. I've just started the shred again - well, I did it on Monday and have hurt too much every day since to do it again grin

kitty brooking for you, we really need an IUI trailblazer.

maybe is everything ok lovely? I've just seen that you said a few messages back you felt a bit off.

Sorry not to namecheck more, I'm being naughty and posting at work so having to be very subterfuge about my typing grin

ScarlettInSpace Thu 29-Aug-13 15:58:16

Hey everyone, sorry for going off radar, cramps started about an hour after POAS on Monday, right on cue blush - feel slightly stupid if I'm honest that I got caught up in it all, I should know better after all this time. I haven't ever seen a positive pee stick [didn't even see the one the doctor did when I had the ruptured ectopic all those years ago, on account of me being nearly dead hmm ], deep down I don't really think I ever will. I can't do anything more than I am doing, I'm taking a gazillion suppliments, losing weight, getting fitter and none of it makes a difference confused so after 30 odd cycles with not a sniff I really do need a bloody reality check.

Anyway am re-doing the aloe vera -hurl-- detox I did earlier this year as my weightloss seems to have plateau'd in recent weeks, it's Day1 and I'm STTTAAAAAARRRRRRRRRVVVVVVIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG grin and peeing like a racehorse after the 675 pints of water & cammomile tea I've drunk today...

kitty happy 2ww, am brooking you will be the Brookers IUI Poster Girl!

nurse happy new house

waves weakly to everyone else

<goes to make yet another unfulfilling cammomile tea>

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