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Brook no arguments, smack those rats. It's time for us all to become PSEPP! Come join us, we are getting our BFPs no matter what.

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NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 24-Jul-13 17:11:47

PSEPP = Pee Stick Endorsed Pregnant Person.

Come on Brookers make yourselves at home smile

ScrambledSmegs Thu 25-Jul-13 10:32:54

<marks place on thread>

I've just got my first proper AF after giving birth - excluding the horror that was the 'retained products' <boak> So that means that one of you will not be getting theirs this month, right Cups wink

I made a lamb tagine with flatbreads last night. Was yum. Have loads left over, DD1 informed me that she doesn't like 'sheen' grin

RubberBullets Thu 25-Jul-13 12:02:25

That's great news Smegs

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 12:05:06

I like your thinking Smegs <eyes Cups>

I love tagine!!

Solars Thu 25-Jul-13 12:36:16

I love a tagine too, chicken and preserved lemon is my fav Smegs Your DD1 sounds very cute!

Cups I started my first ever thread and got a BFP so this is definitely your time <bangs gavel> Looking forward to hear your scan news tomorrow and wow if you get to egg collection on Saturday!! Grow follies, grow!

Yes Musical has AF arrived? Exciting times to be starting ttc for number 2!

Maybe when do you start your new job?

Brooking for that egg to pop on Monday nurse

Big waves to all x

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 13:07:20

I start on Monday Solars shock

ScarlettInSpace Thu 25-Jul-13 13:12:47


NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 13:13:31

<bows down to queen Scarlett>

ScarlettInSpace Thu 25-Jul-13 14:22:57

Hehe thank you loyal subject.

When cups gets her BFP next month I'll officially be the only brooker left from when I joined about 2years ago that hasn't got diffed yet, there's a frigging depressing thought sad

I'm ok btw for the people that asked on the last thread, quite disengaged from TTC and trying to accept that it's just not meant to be, which is shit but heyho.

I still have a couple of IUIs left so may as well use them up but not until I've lost another stone & a half or so [10 lbs so far!]. Might have a look down the back of the visa card sofa for pennies to try a mild IVF after the IUIs are gone but feels like a total bit of a waste of money really.

Big love and much squeezing grin


ScrambledSmegs Thu 25-Jul-13 14:34:36

Solars that's my fave too, with olives or artichoke bottoms (Claudia Roden recipe by any chance?) but I fancied a change so did lamb with dried apricots and pomegranate seeds on top. I will be doing it again, it was soooooo good.

DD1 didn't even try it! Ok it was a bit spicy, but whatever happened to my child who used to eat everything?! This must be the start of the fusspot years <sigh>

Just musing - isn't it weird that a load of people that we have never met are privy to some of the most personal information about ourselves that we haven't even shared with our closest friends/relatives? And yet it doesn't feel strange that you all know confused

Hope you're feeling positive about the new job,*Maybe*. Exciting!

nearlyanurse Thu 25-Jul-13 16:58:16

smegs isn't it a total relief to be able to talk about it all without being called a headcase judged. Don't get me started ranting on outwardly supportive friends/family who are actually everything but helpful.

Wonder what culinary delight I'll end up with for tea (you're all show offs with your fancy meals on a school night!!). Cooking for one is dull dull dull, especially when emptying ones fridge freezer - last night was a nut cutlet, grilled courgette and steamed broccoli, night before was battered cod with fried courgette and garlic mushrooms. tempted by mild curry super noodles and fried eggs & sausages tonight

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 17:49:10

A nut cutlet?! I'm intrigued Nurse grin. You should come here for tea wink. I can't be arsed to cook tonight <lazy bitch>

Smegs I know!! Though I feel like I've had the world and his dog up my fanjo of late blush

nearlyanurse Thu 25-Jul-13 18:04:40

maybs I just spat out a piece of broccoli ( have gone for tortellini, broccoli and peas with a dash of balsamic drizzle fo' shizzle my nizzle). Anyways, shall I pop round with a pizza? I could probably be with you in about 7 hours, so it might be a bit cold, but hey ho...

nearlyanurse Thu 25-Jul-13 18:06:35

Now waiting for someone to tell maybs she's not allowed pizza whilst preggers, in which case I officially quit...

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 18:28:33

Pizza is allowed Nurse! Get on your way! and who doesn't love cold pizza

RubberBullets Thu 25-Jul-13 19:32:54

I don't like pizza cold or hot

musicalmrs Thu 25-Jul-13 19:50:13

Scarlett, I hope you're ok <un-MNy hugs>

Smegs, am rather jealous of your return of AF! How old is DD1? I'm not looking forward to the fussy years..!

Maybe and Solars, no, still no AF! Will be cutting down the remaining daytime feed when the hot weather passes, and will see if that kicks it off. Can't start just yet due to a big project kicking off in a couple of months- if by some magical chance it all happened very quickly this time, I need to make sure the due date would be after the project completion....!

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 25-Jul-13 21:01:28

I hope she comes back soon musical!! This project sounds intriguing!!

Cups lovely. Lots of luck for tomorrow, can't wait to hear how you get on x

cartoontrickster Thu 25-Jul-13 21:25:21

just checking in ready for bfpsgrin

SweetieTime Fri 26-Jul-13 07:41:43

cup good luck for the scan today. Hopefully all your golden eggs will be all growing lovely and strong. Cannot wait to hear how it is all going

Imps8 Fri 26-Jul-13 08:02:03

Morning! Just popping in to see how gorgeous all you lovely upduffed people are looking this fine morning.

The O2 show is coming along very nicely you'll be excited to hear. Have all my costume changes sorted now.

NoMaybeAboutIt Fri 26-Jul-13 08:28:06

Morning Imps! Do you have your own entourage?!

nearlyanurse Fri 26-Jul-13 09:23:14

Good luck cups xx

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 26-Jul-13 10:23:59


Sorry work has been keeping me away from mn again! I've had the scan I've got 11 follies on one side and 5 on the other and I've also got 6 smaller ones. So I guess that's good. I've got another scan on Sunday at 11:00.

Scarlett big hugs. I guess it can't hurt to give the IUI's a try. I think the mild IVF sounds interesting. I've heard of some good results from that x

musicalmrs Fri 26-Jul-13 10:45:27

That sounds fab Cups! How does it work - is it like with Maybe, where they'll try to freeze some but only implant one?

Imps have you sorted out your rider yet? Do you have any fussy requirements like M&Ms with all the brown ones picked out? grin

Maybe how're you doing? All will be revealed project wise in a couple of months (on FB!). It's very exciting and should be career changing.. but does mean I need to ensure I don't jeopardise the end of it! grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Fri 26-Jul-13 10:51:00

Cups that's amazing news! Well done smile. Any news of when you can trigger?

Musical I am very excited to hear what this is all about!!

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