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Ttc for now 30 cycles! Arrrrggghhh loosing the plot!

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TheSecretAgent Tue 23-Jul-13 12:48:33

P.S the sticks come in packs of about 20 - you get the first lot with the monitor and then can get them on Amazon, which I think was the cheapest.

TheSecretAgent Tue 23-Jul-13 12:47:01

Yep, you wee on sticks on the days it tells you, then insert them into the monitor. From what I remember (google this as I may have misremembered), for the first month you may have to use 20 or so, but once it 'learns' your cycle it may only be about ten per month. It measures the hormone levels in your wee so it can predict when you are about to ovulate, and then indicates the three days when you are most fertile. The instructions are clear and I found it easy to use. It just takes the guess work out of the whole thing, so you can focus your DTD efforts on a few days per month rather than trying to do it ALL the frickin' time grin

Just a thought, have you had some blood tests at the GP to check your hormone levels? After 12 months they are usually happy to do some basic checks on you and your DP just in case you need a bit of help. I had them and they came back fine, but it was reassuring all the same.

dildoos Tue 23-Jul-13 11:42:12

Thank you secret I have seen them but I haven't heard anyone who has used one! Do you put sticks in them? Is it a daily use thing? How does it work? Sorry for all questions grin

TheSecretAgent Tue 23-Jul-13 11:38:42

I know that frustration! You will get there, so hang in. What worked for me after what seemed like an age (only 18 months so I know not as long) was the Clearblue Ovulation monitor thingy. I'm sure that was the key to conceiving DD. It is expensive and you need to let it 'learn' your cycle for the first month, but I think we were actually aiming too late and my ovulation was earlier than I thought. At least one other friend was successful with it after a couple of years TCC (she's the one who recommended it!).

Temping didn't work for me as I had a 'slow rise' it seems, hence getting my ovulation days wrong for all that time. The other thing I did was take high strength vitamin B supplements. I can't now remember why they are supposed to help but DD was conceived the month I took them, so who knows, they may have worked. You'd need to google the dose but I think it was something like 200mg a day (there's a limit to how much you should take IIRC).

Good luck!

dildoos Tue 23-Jul-13 11:29:10

To all that are loosing the plot also!
I need tips on ttc!
This month I am going to:
1) temp
2) ovulation test
3) smep
4) use conceive plus
5) watch diet
6) not drink
7) legs up

Please any more suggestions. Please add to my list!

So my stats:

Dildoos 32, ttc cycle 30,dp 30, dd5 . Mental? Tick!

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