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TTC week 2 and imagining symptoms

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Justpenny Thu 25-Jul-13 07:14:05

I've just done ANOTHER test and got another negative sad i'm becomin a little bit obsessed tbh. 13 days after unprotected sex...too soon to check dya think????? xx

Nottalotta Thu 25-Jul-13 01:50:24

Hi! I am trying to play it cool with this whole ttc thing. (!!) but it is a struggle i admit. I have just got af back after years on depo, so have officially had unprotected sex! However, i am well aware that my cycle will almost certainly not be regular for a while so have determined that i won't test until day 28. Not sure what i will do after that though!!

Justpenny Thu 25-Jul-13 00:28:50

omg snap!! TTC week 2 too and i swear my boobs are sore and my back is aching. And have already done 6 tests...all negative sad i know it's too soon but i cant help it! Good luck!!! When are you going to test?? xx

Cupcake11 Tue 23-Jul-13 11:58:48

Hi Danni, I think you're asking the wrong people! The ones who manage not to think about it are going about their lives happily - us obsessed ones are on here smile

We've just started ttc and am going through the same thing - Good luck!

shellmck Tue 23-Jul-13 11:27:23

Hi DanniFudge its hard not to think about babies and pregnancy when your TTC. It plays on your mind all day, every day. I thought I was going mad so had to test four days before AF was due to arrive. I got my BFP. Good luck to you.

DanniFudge Tue 23-Jul-13 10:19:01

Hi All, Im new to Mumsnet so great to meet you all. I'm TTC week 2 and already imagining nausea and dizziness! Any tips on how to stop thinking about babies and pregnancy!!? - Although a secret part of me hopes that I am pregnant, I know it's very very unlikely!!!


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