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7 days late on period. Negative test????

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Frustrated28 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:52:39

Bad cramps, came on yesterday. No baby this month sad x

xwonderingx Tue 23-Jul-13 10:23:32

Nothing I really thought I was going to come on because the cramps got slightly worse but still nothing , and have no tests in till tomorrow x

Frustrated28 Tue 23-Jul-13 06:09:35

Well start of day 10 did test still bfn, I have no idea???? Do I wait till Friday and try again then book drs? If I'm not pregnant where is af!? Any luck yet wondering?

xwonderingx Mon 22-Jul-13 11:15:16

Still bfn , 6 days late woke with bad back pain not really any cramping today x

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 22-Jul-13 10:19:41

Oh and recommend amazon cheapie tests, I ordered them, the day they arrived I got my bfp. grin

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 22-Jul-13 10:18:10

21 days late, before I got a bfp, doctor told me i wasnt pregnant and wouldnt offer a blood test till over 4 weeks late. I knew i was.i am currently 38 weeks and seeing if he will make an appearance today.

Just try to relax, hard I know. smile

Frustrated28 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:08:21

Thank you, I'm not getting bad cramps just the old niggly ones here and there. But I have no other symptoms no breast tenderness, nothing. I'm gonna test again 1st thing in morning I think that will be day 9 post expecting af. Let me know how you get on wondering.

Girraferama Sun 21-Jul-13 17:22:14

It took over two weeks of negatives after my AF was due before I got a BFP.. The nurse even told me there was no way I would be pregnant. I had a gut feeling all the time and dove myself mad with it. My advice - don't give up until you get a AF or a BFP... Buy the cheapie tests from Amazon and do one every few days. I'm now 32 weeks pg!

xwonderingx Sun 21-Jul-13 12:13:18

I'm 5 days late ,tests are negative aswell but bad cramps , what about you? x

xwonderingx Sun 21-Jul-13 12:13:07

I'm 5 days late ,tests are negative aswell but bad cramps , what about you? x

Frustrated28 Sat 20-Jul-13 21:38:11

Ok so I'm a week late, Iv tested day 1 = neg, day 4 = neg and day 6 = neg. I'm at a loss is it possible to be pregnant? When shall I test again? Do gp's do blood tests? Or will he laugh me out of his office? FINGERS CROSSED I AM smile or am I late because I want it so bad?? X

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