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55 months TTC - anyone beat that?

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tryingforsolong Wed 17-Jul-13 10:52:31

On 2nd month of Clomid. AF has just arrived. sad

Have I got the record? 55 months and not even a sniff of a BFP. Is there anyone else in this situation?

Yes, we've been investigated, apparently there is nothing wrong apart from my age - I'm ancient 40. We can't afford private treatment and not eligible for NHS treatment.

Cosmos1 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:26:46

Hi there, yes sorry to say that I sadly trump you - this is month 71. I'm in the same position in no bfps, nothing officially wrong. I'm on the ttc 10 months plus thread and there was a lovely lady who'd been trying for 10 yrs and is now pregnant after Ivf. Is there no way you could afford any private treatment at all? The clinics do seem to vary in cost. i'm just about to start 4th go at putting embryos back (lucky with nhs treatment here) - I seem to have a Teflon womb so hopes aren't high. It's crap isn't it - big sympathy hug. (I'm 35 btw).

tryingforsolong Wed 17-Jul-13 11:38:18

Hi cosmos

Thanks for the hug grin and good luck.

It's crap, but so far I've never reached the point where I seriously thought I might never get pregnant. I'm always hopeful that it will just happen, but today I've had a panic that maybe it won't?!

There's no way we can afford to pay for private treatment and as DH has a son from his previous relationship we have been turned down for NHS treatment.

I really hope you get your longed for BFP this time xx

Cosmos1 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:56:18

I know 2 brothers, 18 months apart, born after 13 yrs of trying. Keep going, and I hope we both get there!

auntiemoo Wed 24-Jul-13 08:53:12

I'm just coming up to month 96! Crikey that's a bit scary isn't it! DH and I have also been tested and no issues found with us either, I find that quite frustrating really, don't get me wrong I'm glad that we are both "healthy" but it then begs the question "why is it not happening?"

We have had clomid before which apart from turning me into the devil woman didn't really have any effect....well, no that's lies, I had a scan the first month and was laying 3 eggs rather than one so it did do something lol.

We also attended an appointment at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester about beginning the process of IVF, that was about 5 years ago now and at the time my BMI was too high and we were told to go away and go back to the GP when the weight was lost, as you can imagine I was beside myself as my weight hadn't been brought up when the appointment was made and the info about it provided on one of the many forms you fill in, and I was at a BMI of 30.1, the cut off is 30! I wasn't even allowed to have the blood test and scan at the hospital neither was I allowed to contact the hospital when the weight had come off, it was a real slap in the face when it was such a small amount of weight to lose, but because they have a target turn around of 18 weeks, they wouldn't do anything. My BMI is now 27 but I can't go back, I know that's a bit ridiculous and I'm probably being silly, but my thoughts now turn to the fact that if I found that so difficult to deal with at the time, how will I feel if we do go ahead with treatment and it doesn't work, would I cope? The answer is I'm not sure so I keep putting off going back to the Dr to start the process again.

I'm not bitter about it, but do sometimes get very sad about it, it's hard when people around you don't understand and even after 8 years say stop thinking about it it'll happen, that gets quite annoying lol.

Anyway sorry for the bit of a rant, just thought I would give some background to our situation here, I'm 32 and DH is 32 also, we started trying about 3 weeks before we got married and have been married for 8 years on the 20th August, we have been together for almost 13 years now !

I say we are coming up to month 96 but really, if I'm honest, probably half of those months we didn't really try, but you would think wouldn't you that something would catch in that amount of time.

I am back to a positive frame of mind about it at the minute so heres hoping for those elusive BFP's for all of us, I'm just coming the end of a two week wait where I have tried my best to stay relaxed and not think about it by distacting myself with other things but today arrived and crazy lady is back, I'm bloated and grumpy and am expecting AF either later this evening or tomorrow morning, fingers crossed she stays away.

On a lighter note, I manage a residential home for the elderly, one of my male residents, has this week, despite knowing absolutely nothing about my situation (gotta keep work and life seperate) been telling anyone who will listen that I am "expecting", when I deny this he then goes on to tell them that he doesn't know why I'm hiding it because it's a wonderful thing! hahahaha, goodness me I love my residents, they do make me laugh and keep me going at times, here's hoping he knows soomething I don't eh lol.

Just reading back, quite a long introduction that isn't it hahaha, I don't usually waffle on forever so will leave you with.......

Hi, I'm moo. The nickname comes from my nephew who is just turning 7 and always called me auntie moo!

Take care smile

Buddhagirl Wed 24-Jul-13 10:40:04

My mother took 204 months to conceive me shock

itstooembarrassing Wed 24-Jul-13 13:35:11

If it gives you some hope, I have a colleague who took over 15 years to conceive by which time she was 45. She had given up all hope (and was no longer TTC) and then randomly fell pregnant, Fingers crossed for all of you.

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