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BroodyTroody Mon 22-Jul-13 20:27:01

Thanks Choc, i'll come right over!
Thanks wrighty, i'll have a read smile

wrighty2010 Tue 16-Jul-13 20:41:29

Hi, not sure if it will help but I read a post on another site by a natural fertility expert on how to tell when you are fertile. Its all about recognising your bodies signs leading up too and during fertility/ovulation it was quite interesting and well worth a read. Hope it helps, the lnk to the post is Good luck, let us know how you get on xxx

ChocChaffinch Tue 16-Jul-13 10:40:48


ChocChaffinch Tue 16-Jul-13 10:40:03

come onto our thread BT!! all the answers and a unicorn! grin will link hang on

BroodyTroody Mon 15-Jul-13 20:14:28

I've been on the pill for around 7 years and have stopped taking it to ttc #1.

We've been trying for around 5 months, and i have been using OPKs for a few months. There's an obvious peak and we have been DTD before, during and just after ovulation.

I'm just not sure about the time between ovulation and coming on; eg, the first day of my period was 18th May and I ovulated 7th June, so day 20, I came on again 15th June and ovulated 3rd July, so day 18. I came on again 12th July, which means there was only 8 days and 9 days between ovulation and period. Surely this isn't long enough??

Any advice is greatly appreciated- thank you xx

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