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anyone help? re chemical

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getagoldtoof Sun 14-Jul-13 10:10:10

Have I had a chemical pregnancy? I had a light positive on dpo13, another on 14 - then started spotting. Had another light positive on cd 15, and again a bit darker today dpo 16. Last night came full on my period. I'm all over the place.

DH begging me not to test again as I am getting so distressed.

willitbe Sun 14-Jul-13 10:39:13

You may have had a chemical pregnancy or you may have had an implantation bleed.

I would suggest testing again in a couple of days, if it is negative then yes you have had a chemical pregnancy. If it is still a stronger positive then you can have hope that all could be ok despite the bleed.

Try to take one day at a time, and distract yourself with other things if you can. I hope it turns out ok for you.

RaRaZ Mon 15-Jul-13 17:13:44

I wouldn't have thought so given your tests have got darker, but it's possible. As Willitbe says, take another test in a day or two. Best of luck for the result you want x

getagoldtoof Mon 15-Jul-13 19:38:01

Thanks the bleeding stopped this morning, it was overall a little lighter than a normal period but not by much.

I am feeling waves of nausea every now and then, but don't want to get my hopes up. It's made me realise how much I want another baby, which has been helpful in knowing we're doing the right thing trying.

I will test on Wednesday, but am not expecting a positive. Will report back.

CorporeSarnie Mon 15-Jul-13 21:07:55

geta am in roughly same boat. AF was due Fri, pos test sat pm as I got impatient, very light bleed started this evening. Am still testing positive, but not holding my breath. Will keep testing and see if signal improves. If it is any consolation, I did have an implantation bleed last time, DD is snoring away happily. But have to say I feel like it was earlier on... Brain may be fried tho. Thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed.

getagoldtoof Tue 16-Jul-13 10:06:18

Well fingers crossed for you sarnie have you tested today? I am on holiday and back tomorrow at which point I'll test. I am not at all hopeful, but need to know either way, a negative test would be ok at this point as I really want to move on.

CorporeSarnie Tue 16-Jul-13 22:02:48

Fingers crossed for you too. I tested positive this morning, but am going to try to make myself wait a few days before testing again now. Still bleeding, more than yday but much less than a real period. Dh trying best to help but doesn't know what to say. Know exactly what you mean re just wanting the waiting bit over. Good luck & try to enjoy the rest of your holiday xx

getagoldtoof Wed 17-Jul-13 12:34:47

Hey sarnie how are you doing today? I am feeling pretty sure I'm not pregnant and am looking forward to taking a test to get this whole experience over and done with.

Are your tests looking darker each day? That might be an indicator. I had some bleeding with my last pregnancy and found out ds was a twin which we lost early on. It wasn't as heavy as this, though but that could be what's happening to you?

Are you going to go to your gp?

CorporeSarnie Wed 17-Jul-13 13:14:48

Hi toof, hope you are doing ok, I stupidly called my surgery Mon am before this all started to ask whether I needed to see the gp for confirmation. My midwife called back this morning and got the whole sorry mess. She's advised to leave off the testing for a week, made me a booking apt in case I am pg for 2wks time and told me to cancel if not. I did test this am, was a lot darker than previously, but may be due to catching proper fmu vs having a 5am wee before other tests, so may be nothing to get excited about.
mw also said that hcg levels take a while to drop, so not to test every day. Still bleeding, still in dark.
So for now will try and be good and leave the cheap eBay tests alone until at least the weekend.
Met with a new contact this morning whose wife is imminently due, managed to contain myself reasonably well, so proud of myself for not imploding too much. Anyway enough of my day. Hoping you get good news, and that you're getting plenty of hugs from your dp and dc.

getagoldtoof Wed 17-Jul-13 16:53:49

Well done on keeping it together today sounds really tough. I am seeing bumps everywhere at the mo.

I too booked a confirmation gp appointment before I started bleeding, felt a bit embarrassed thinking I'd have to cancel.

I have stopped bleeding and had a totally normal period. I got a very strong line when i tested today. Feel absolutely mad. Going to epau tomorrow morning and reckon they'll do a blood test which would need another follow up appointment. So guess both of us are in limbo for another week or so.

Hope you are getting comfort too sarnie.

getagoldtoof Wed 17-Jul-13 17:30:44

Well done on keeping it together today sounds really tough. I am seeing bumps everywhere at the mo.

I too booked a confirmation gp appointment before I started bleeding, felt a bit embarrassed thinking I'd have to cancel.

I have stopped bleeding and had a totally normal period. I got a very strong line when i tested today. Feel absolutely mad. Going to epau tomorrow morning and reckon they'll do a blood test which would need another follow up appointment. So guess both of us are in limbo for another week or so.

Hope you are getting comfort too sarnie.

CorporeSarnie Wed 17-Jul-13 23:12:43

Ach, he wasn't to know, it was very sweet seeing such an excited dad-to-be. Am trying to resist endlessly testing, although did formulate then abandon plan to get some clearblue digi tests as they're rather more quantitative. Dh has been a pain and is due back very late from a work function so am feeling thoroughly sorry for myself, but no use in dwelling. Good luck for tomorrow morning, at least a blood test should give an indication of progress and two should tell you if all ok.

CorporeSarnie Thu 18-Jul-13 11:43:07

Am trying to look at the positives of not being pg - work is tough at the moment, and dealing with morning sickness on top would be harder still, I wouldn't have to have another 8mo of not drinking at all, having to think about what I eat and so on, dealing with telling line mgrs and my reports, and then dealing with both toddler + newborn in the new year.
But... I can't help hugging my tummy and thinking 'hang on in there'. I'd forgotten how hard and conflicting early pregnancy can be.
So far today still going with the bleeding, still a little lighter than a regular period but more than I can convince myself is all OK, and couldn't resist another poas (dark +). Would be nice to know one way or another regardless.
How was your EPU visit? Hoping that they've been able to help you.

getagoldtoof Thu 18-Jul-13 19:15:52

Hi sarnie had bad news at epu, nothing visible on scan and bloods said hcg 15 and progesterone 15, so no baby for me.

Going to take one last test next week and hope this awful bloody experience is over and done with for all.

I am feeling drained. How are you today? I know what you mean about the practicalities, but then I know there is never a perfect time.

A dark line sounds good, though. I am hopeful for you. There are so many stories online about women who've had bleeding and everything has been ok, so things may turn out well. I'm sure like me, you just want to know as that is the most frustrating thing.

CorporeSarnie Thu 18-Jul-13 21:59:05

Oh, toof, I'm so sorry to hear that. I had everything crossed for you. The only positive is at least you know for certain now & can try to put it behind you.
No end in sight to bleeding here, so I'm losing any remaining hope that he or she is still in there. Will try to wait until after the weekend to test again now.
Like your earlier posts, I had been uncertain that this was a good time to try, but now I realise I do want another baby. When my body settles down we can try again.
I will check back in with you when I know one way or the other, fx for you that you are pg again soon. xxx

getagoldtoof Sun 21-Jul-13 13:21:23

Hey sarnie. How are you? I hope your bleeding has stopped and your tests are still dark?

I am driving myself mad as when I poas (yep, spent my entire income on preg tests!), the line appears to be a tiny bit darker each time. My temps have gone super high, too. I think I'm worried I'm having an ectopic, although no pain. Will poas on Wednesday and go back to epu if line is darker.

I really hope your little one is clinging on in there. You nust be feeling emotional. That is an understatement for me I sobbed for an entire 3 hr train journey on friday!

Take care X

CorporeSarnie Sun 21-Jul-13 16:07:21

Hi toof, was writing a reply a couple of hours ago and came away mid-box, got distracted, then think that I finally miscarried. A lot of blood, clots etc. So I think is all over for me. Will try & speak to someone when I can to make sure that I don't need to 'do' anything.
Frankly am shattered. Big deadline at work next week and DH away two nights last week would've been bad enough alone, but this has taken up all spare mental capacity - have been speaking to people as though I'm brainless the last few days, forgetting words, drifting off mid-sentence, all the usual pregnancy nonsense, but for so much worse a reason. I never thought before that a MC doesn't just happen overnight but could take a week. Just had to send DH out for maxi-pads as my usual ones won't do the job, he's come home with flowers and taken DD to the park for me. So sad, but we will get through this.

getagoldtoof Sun 21-Jul-13 21:56:06

sarnie I am just so desperately sorry to hear that. I was really rooting for you. That sounds so dreadful for you, I hope you're not having too much pain.

I agree - I thought MC would be a conclusive event - turns out it is a roller coaster. I also never before felt able to identify with the emotions - and naively wondered in the back of my mind why people got so very upset about early losses. It's partly the not knowing. It's partly that your body isn't doing what it's supposed to do.

All I can say is your DH sounds wonderful, I hope your week is not too unmanagable - sounds like you are going to have to put on a brave face. Do you feel able?

CorporeSarnie Mon 29-Jul-13 13:30:38

Hi toof, sorry I didn't feel up to coming back last week. I managed the deadline, having told a couple of v good colleague/friends, who've had their fair share of crap to deal with as well, one actually sat with me and helped with the work, which was amazing of him.
I am feeling worse now if that is possible, sad and tearful and like I'm not really coping, still having some bleeding and just ache sometimes. Guess the structure of having to get on with it last week helped to contain it.

getagoldtoof Wed 31-Jul-13 20:37:40

Sarnie I don't blame you. I'm not surprised you are finding it more sad now. I think our bodies do something we don't expect and we go into shock. It all just seems so unfair, and prolonged.

I finally started bleeding again on Monday, and still having some quite bad pains now. Epu said it could have been ectopic, but most has passed.

We've both been through a horrendous fortnight. I'm pleased you got your work done - your colleagues sound lovely. I was desperate to tell my boss as I was a wreck last week, but don't want her to know I'm ttc, so have kept it in. Managing a miscarriage at work is no fun at all. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Thanks for coming back, I've been thinking of you.

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